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The #WhereIsBellamyBlake Crusade: Where Is Our Hero?


Bellamy Blake, portrayed by the charismatic and multitalented Bob Morley, has been an integral figure of The 100 since day one.  Through Bellamy’s trials, tribulations, and joys, we have witnessed them all and fallen in love.  With his ever-growing heart, his character has become a legend-ensuring his worth throughout.

But as season seven in is full swing, Bellamy Blake has gone AWOL and the question that is at the tip of everyone’s mind is, #WhereIsBellamyBlake?


Bellamy’s Beginning


Bellamy Blake has been the core and heart of The 100 the moment we laid our eyes upon him.  That precise moment was the pilot, taking complete control of the situation; he just clicked and connected and that was it.  There has been no other character that can take up Bellamy’s form and rangeability and no one has lived up to the challenge.

But why would they even try to challenge when they know they cannot win?

In season one, Bellamy was the epitome of the rebel hero, eliminating all authority and creating his own.  The delinquents followed his example and he somewhat became immortalized.  It must have felt liberating to be freed of the prison-like system of the ARK as Bellamy and the others tried to established the “whatever the hell we want” order.

But having a reckless order could only lead to chaos and misconduct.  Which it did.

After the near-lynching of Murphy, Bellamy realized (thanks to Clarke’s knowledge) that some law and order must put into place so that the group survives.  It is a hard compass to follow because following up to episode nine, he had done a few slipups.  It was all done for the sake of his sister because he encompassed this belief that she wouldn’t survive without him.

Season one was about the guardianship of Octavia, with the growing establishment of righteous leadership.  It was also when Clarke and Bellamy formed that special, magical bond and since then, we cannot get enough of the platonic soulmates.  It is a friendship (a very close friendship) that has faced many obstacles with the peaks and will continue moving mountains.

Day Trip was the golden moment for them.  It was the beginning of the “Heart and the Head” legacy.

As we progress into season two, Bellamy’s heroic side was shown to high volumes.  Upon learning about the fate of their friends and Grounders being under inhumane treatments inside Mt. Weather, Bellamy risked his life to rescue them.  Of course, he had many accomplices, but he put his heart into it because he cared.  He cared about life values, the young children, the situations, and even going as far as saving a life outside his group.

Yet, Mt. Weather was not without its trauma and scars.  After its exhumation, Clarke heads out on her own for a while to clear her mind, whilst Bellamy stayed at Arkadia and dealt with his own pained issues.  It’s no secret that he has been keeping his moods well under wraps as some do with trauma and heartache and once unraveled, it becomes volcanic.

Bellamy’s pain was a main turning point in season three.  He joined Pike’s army in alignment with his anger towards the Grounders-and he had concrete reasoning-for they have been targeting and betraying them early on.  But nothing amounted to the execution of 300 defenseless warriors, and it was too late for Bellamy to realize that he made a grave mistake.  When Clarke arrived back to Arkadia, their reunion was a tense one; he tossed his anger at her, enunciating the blame of his downfall.  Realistically, it was a combination of grief over Gina’s loss,  failure to save Clarke in episode one, responsibility placement all on him, and having a breakdown.

However, the scene executed Bellamy’s vulnerability, and viewing his pain with bottled-up emotions released an arc; he was allowed to unleash what has been in his mind, and while it was shocking, it was not surprising.  It was another complex layer to his character.  However, his range stretched out further than our imaginations can allow,  This was a side that was deeply expressed, and Bellamy-being human-deserved every right to be volcanic.

As season three strolled along, Bellamy became a scapegoat to Lincoln’s death, allowing Octavia to physically harm him.  While he was partly responsible, he definitely did not deserve that treatment.  The action caused a tear in their close bond, but being siblings, they manage to stitch it up.

For the time being.

In the season three finale, Clarke entered the City of Light and found out some heart-wrenching news.  Bellamy remained close by her side as she needed him, despite the salty outburst earlier.

It is poignant to know that Bellamy will always be a huge portion of Clarke’s life and they had many moments that their history cannot be erased.  No matter what their relationship classifies as.

A natural ecosystemic disaster happens in season four and once again, Bellamy is in the heart of it.  Grounder clans and Skaikru all fight for survival in the bunker as the world is going to be immersed in unsurvivable radiation.  Bellamy and Clarke race against the clock along with Roan to come up with a valid plan that would save everyone.  It was not until the Final Conclave that things took a dramatic turn.  Octavia has won the Conclave, allowing the losing clans to join in the bunker, and formed Wonkru.

Yet, another twist happens as Clarke takes the bunker just for Skaikru, locking out Octavia and Kane.  Bellamy refuses to let this happen because it is not right, according to his mindset.  He attempts to get her back in, but Clarke keeps him from doing so.  Her method is a pointed gun, but you just don’t shoot Bellamy; she just couldn’t bring her heart and mind to it.

With his heartfelt and mindful persistence, Octavia and the others flowed in.  No one could stop Bellamy from getting the important matters accomplished.

And nobody should try to tear away family just like that.

Clarke staying behind in Praimfaya exploited Bellamy’s broken heart.  It conveyed a raw performance by Morley as he allowed his soul to take part in it.  Of course, he places his soul in every talented piece, but we were able to see it in its entirety.  Furthermore, when the head and the heart split, we felt that.  It felt incomplete and hollowed, but it also gave Bellamy an independent push in his leadership role.

A six-year time jump occurred during the gap between the season four finale and season five premiere.  Bellamy has taken up a life of his own, created a family unit with Monty, Harper, Murphy, Emori, Raven, and Echo, and has been in a three-year relationship with Echo.  While the two had their past transgressions being enemies, they did have a connection and bond with Mt. Weather-something that will always be a part of them.

Bellamy forgave Echo and found something admiring about her.  I’d like to theorize that she saved his life (as he saved her from suicide) on the Ring and helped him cope with leaving Octavia behind, amongst other things.

For Echo, Bellamy was responsible for the light in her heart and show her a life that she thought she’d have.

Bellamy’s narrative in season five was not much different than his former ones, but he had matured and was not as reckless.  After the intimate and warm reunion with Clarke, the two were back on page one.  They had to win back part of Eden from Diyoza as the rest of the world was ravished after Praimfaya.  Then, it was the battle against Octavia’s terror reign, and as much as it hurt Bellamy, he poisoned her to end it.

Again, this caused a rift and because of her sentencing him to death, Bellamy broke away from his responsibility.  It took him more time to forgive Octavia, but they were back on smooth grounding.  It took a whole season though to reach that peak.  More on that in a bit.

Then Earth was once again destroyed, only this time, by McCreary.  After a battle between Wonkru (led by Madi) and the prisoners, everyone was swept into the ship to live.

But that is a typical office day for The 100.

After 125+ years in cryosleep, Bellamy and Clarke are awakened together to some surprises that awaited them.  It was one of the most beautiful and orchestrated Bellarke moments that were ever created upon our eyes as it symbolized their strength and unity.

With the death of Marper of whom gifted us with a lovely son and the discovery of a new habitable planet, Bellamy, Clarke, and the others were given a new fresh start in season six.

The fresh new start is indeed an understatement.  After Russell Lightborne and his wife resurrected Josephine into Clarke’s body- byways of a mind drive, Bellamy stopped at nothing to bring her back and only Clarke from the inside will only notify him.  In a clear perspective, he is the only person that she completely trusts, with the exception of Lexa.

A good chunk of the season was spent on getting the princess back.  While most hopes were erased when Octavia said that she was gone, Bellamy took it to another level when he performed CPR, which saved Clarke’s life.  It was an exciting moment for the fandom.

Another season six portion of Bellamy’s arc was the breakaway of responsibility for Octavia; he’ll always love her as he is her big brother, but she has to be responsible for her own person.  He has forgiven her, but he won’t forget.

After the downfall of Sanctum, Bellamy went with Echo, Octavia, and Gabriel to seek out what the Anomaly’s purpose was.  At first, it is a mystifying outlet but ends in tragedy.  An adult Hope emerges from the Anomaly and stabs Octavia.  It was definitely a weird situation because it came out of nowhere, thus raising several questions.

To make matters worse, Octavia was then consumed by the green vortex.  Again, this prompted a headache of questions because it was just very random.  Bellamy, getting back on good graces with his sister had to watch it, and just by his performance alone, a piece of him shattered.

Bellamy, who placed all others before himself is a remarkable and significant hero.  Sure, he made mistakes; they all have to be fair, but without his heart, we would not have such a mesmerizing character.  And without Bellamy, we’d have no show.

And we do not deserve him.

Then a change happens in season seven.  With only a forty-second sequence in From the Ashes-the premiere-, Bellamy disappeared right from under us.

It was a harsh blow, especially when he himself carried The 100 for nearly a decade, only to be dispensed in such an injustice.  It’s unfair to all of us because we grew to love Bellamy Blake and I guess we took him for granted.  Yet, he didn’t deserve to be evaporated without answers.

Which begs the question, #WhereIsBellamyBlake?

#WhereIsBellamyBlake The Search Is On

With four episodes under its belt, season 7 has been so far a collection of perspectives from Clarke, and her crew, Echo, Gabriel, and Hope, Octavia, and Diyoza.

That blend of characters was gorgeously conveyed as it catapulted the narrative; there is no denial in that.  It just didn’t feel the same without the Rebel.

Bellamy has been erased from that, but it does not go unnoticed.  Echo made it her mission to bring him back as well as Octavia-despite her close familial connection with Hope.  These are two otherwise sensible women who are willing to die for Bellamy Blake.  Both have very concrete and affirmed reasoning to be reunited, even if it takes years.

Because of time dilation, it is years on one planet, days on another.

Echo and Octavia are not the only ones feeling the absence.  The viewers are ingrained with it, as mentioned above that Bellamy is somebody that we all grew to love and appreciate.  The 100 is not The 100 without its male lead and without any explanation of when he’ll return (Do not worry.  He will), it is going to cause turbulence.

I will tell you this though.  A section of season seven will be focused on Bellamy’s disappearance and finding him.

Yet, a few clues were given of Bellamy’s possible whereabouts.  One possible location is Bardo-one of the new planets in the Anomaly or he could on a different one.  My hopes are placed on Bardo as my mind refuses to let it be anywhere else.   I also hope that he is being treated humanely and not horribly.

That would be a double blow.

When Bellamy arrives back on our screens again, it will be a historic moment.  I just wish that it is soon, rather than later.

I know that this has been asked before, but where do you think Bellamy is located?  Do you think that he’ll have a happy return or a sad one?  Additionally, when he does come back, what will your reaction be?  Where do you think his story’s headed?

What is the answer to the question, #WhereIsBellamyBlake?

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