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The 100 Perverse Instantiation Part Two Top Ten Moments

by Evelyn Ulrich

This season, and the past seasons, The 100 has delivered some pretty epic and intense moments on our small screens. In fact, lots of those moments left us on the brink of our seats, our hearts beating a mile a minute, and the little squeals in the back of your throat just wanting to escape.  Ha!  I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but I think that we can all agree on this.  We are only human.

Usually, I do the top five, where the shock and the feels are at their highest peek.  Since Perverse Instantiation Part Two was the season three finale, I thought that it deserved having the top ten because, there were so many great ones!  Well, maybe “great” is not the optimal word, as this show is meant to boil your blood. Okay, without further ado, guys, here are the Top Ten Moments For Perverse Instantiation Part Two.


10.  Chipped People Climbing On The Capital


I have only one question: How the hell did they reach the top so quickly?  Were these people on Red Bull that made them fly up there?  Yet, I have to say from a perceptional viewpoint that the emphasis of just how dyer the situation was when Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia, Pike, and Abby looked down. There are people who are being controlled by a digitally created avatar who wants your soul.  Your soul+free will+vulnerability= an eternal pass to the City of Light.  A place you can have peace, perfection, and solitude.  All of this is fine and dandy, but you do not have to harm and manipulate others for it.  Then, it becomes more of a contradicting and hypocritical issue.  Okay, whatever it takes to follow ALIE’s orders, and for happiness.



9.  Bellamy Realizes The Error Of His Ways

When it comes to survival, trying to figure out what is best for your people, and in the duration of war, your choices will sometimes be unfathomable.  Of course, these decisions can also be the core of brainwashing and manipulation.  In Bellamy’s case, his acts were based on past experiences, and Pike’s fascist brainwash.  After the massacre, Bellamy is gradually putting the pieces together of what he has done.  Yet, it is psychologically understandable of why Bellamy went through with it.  Since The 100 cascaded to the ground, the Grounders have been nothing but trouble, despite a few who tried to help.  In Bellamy’s case, all the Grounders did to him was abandoned and manipulated him.  Hopefully, now he is on the road to rectification.


8.  Clarke Enters The City of Light

When the plan to put The Flame in Ontari failed along with Raven’s computer fails, Clarke had no other choice to put it in the back of her neck.  Of course, she is not a Night Blood, so the risk is extremely high for rejection.  But, that does not stop the brave princess to do what she has to do to save her people.  Dear old Clarke, always trying to find the most best thing for everyone.  So, she takes the first AI, and with the transfusion, and ascended the Flame, she is in the City.  Her goal is to find the kill switch, and to “alt-control-delete” ALIE, and stop her reign.


7.  Ontari’s Open-Heart Surgery

As I said prior, Clarke had to take Ontari’s blood in order for The Flame to work.  However, Clarke’s body was already rejecting it, and Ontari was clamping up as she was passing on (She was already brain dead), so Abby had to perform emergency coronary surgery to pump the blood into her daughter.  Murphy takes over of resuscitating so that Abby can keep her eye on Clarke.   The emergency proved to be successful, in Clarke’s case. For Ontari, however, I don’t think we will see her again.  Such a shame, as I would like to see her progress more of an enemy  in season four.


6.  Lexa The Legend

I am not going to lie, but the return of my beloved “Baby Raccoon” was one of my favorite scenes.  How beautifully Alycia entranced the screen with her entrance, her complex and well-choreographed fighting skills, and her unrequited love for Clarke, and to save the Skaikru.  Lexa’s performance and presence (She is in the sub-conscience of Clarke) makes up for the death she had received in Thirteen. (No one is safe on the is show)  At first, I did not quite like Lexa, but once I got to know her and give a full analysis, I really liked her and enjoyed her character.  May we meet again Heda.


5.  The Realization Of Surviving Together

Jasper was finally free of his pain, and was happy, but not in the best of ways.  Taking something (unnaturally) to ease your emotions is not the correct way.  Thank god for Monty, Harper, and Raven to be there for their friend.   They are all in the world together, and they are going to continue experience it through the good and the bad.  I actually thought that Jasper was going to commit suicide after the embrace, but I am glad that he didn’t.  Also, did anyone else have a major feel meltdown when Monty and Jasper hugged?  Those two are the essence of “bromance.”


4.  Everyone (Literally) Snaps Back To Reality

Okay, this should probably be number three on this list, but I had a difficult time trying to chronologically order as it is.  After Clarke pulled the lever (continues next), everyone got their own mindset back.  Hooray!  We seen Emori run to Murphy and is beside herself, Jaha feeling the worst physical pain, and Kane giving Bellamy a very surprised expression after trying to choke him to death.  Um, no!  These are just a few, but you get the idea that when chipped, they don’t care what the others’ are feeling, as long as they try to recruit them.  Plus, all the conscience is devoid.  But, it is nice to see the people free again.


3.  Control-Alt-Delete ALIE

With Lexa’s help, and her unperturbed persistance, Clarke found the “Kill Switch” to delete ALIE forever!  She meets Becca Pramheda in the Polaris Station, and she guides her to the lever.  ALIE tries to talk Clarke out of it, saying that if she pulls the lever, then more travesty will follow.  She tells that they will find a way to survive, as they always do.  With that, Clarke pulls the lever.  My theory about the lever, as the writers have used this symbolic ending, to end the chapter.  Once, it is over and pulled, there is no going back.  Sure, the City of Light was beautiful, and seemed peaceful,  but was it worth the price of your soul?  I didn’t think so!


2.  Octavia’s Brutal Avenge

Although Octavia and Pike were teamed up together to stop ALIE and her army, she could not let go of the fact that this was the man who executed Lincoln.  She had every reason to though.  Yet, it was both a bit of a shock and to be expected.  Pike saved Octavia’s life when a chipped guy try to kill her, and you’d think that she give him some sort of leniency.  Not in this case, as she was angry and hurt about Lincoln.  When Pike went over to Octavia to commend her for her hard work (This is just a probable guess), she put her sword through him, and gives him his fate.  However, this really doesn’t ease things with Octavia, as she will have a dark path ahead of her.


1.  The World Is Doomed (Again), Or Is It Really?

Before Clarke pulled the lever, ALIE was speaking that the whole concept of the City of Light was to save humanity.  There are several nuclear reactors melting on the earth, thus only 4% of the earth would be habitable.  The other 96%, no one, even the people born in the stars would survive it.  The world will be devastated again in four months.  How much ALIE is supplying the truth, well that is a long stretch.  But, if  Clarke quips with a sharp reply, “We will figure something out.”


The finale also opened a lot of questions that will keep us asking until the fourth season:

  • Will we ever see Luna again?
  • How will our heroes find a way to survive a nuclear war?
  • What happened to Roan and Indra?
  • Will Bellamy and Octavia reconcile their relationship?
  • Will the Grounders get a new Commander?
  • What happened to Echo?
  • How will Jaha cope with what he has done?
  • How will anyone rectify with what they had done?

I am sure that a lot of other questions bubbled to the surface, but we will not know the answers until mid-season.  You can also use the GIFS for your own social media, Tumblrs, and profiles.  Just link back to Grounders Source as they were created by me.

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