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Grounders Source is the most popular website regarding the CW post-apocalyptic show, The 100.  The site is fan-orientated, meaning that the creator has complete control over the content, and not by some corporate mogul or company.  I love what I do for the site, as well as connecting with the fandom, cast, and writers through social media such as Twitter and Instagram and outside of it.  Grounders Source intends on giving the best and doing the best when it comes to creating and keeping you readers and fans in the know.  It’s what makes Grounders Source unique and set apart from other similar websites.

However, with the online world quickly evolving, it’s hard to keep up with the costs of running a site, and getting an income.   Ads don’t pay very much, and I don’t like them.   They’re time-consuming and annoying.   Not only that, they slow down a website, and visitors often become frustrated and leave.  As a writer that provides great, high-quality content, this is disturbing.  Grounders Source provides the essential promotion for The 100, and it’s highly important and valued that the series gets that.  The costs are important to have as they cover the host, SEO, and welfare.  Additionally, they help pay for things like contest and giveaway prizes, as well as exclusive content and features.

You can help support Grounders Source and get exclusive stuff by becoming a Patron on Patreon, a fundraising site that helps web creators and artists for their sites and services.  No amount or pledge is too small and is always appreciated.

But, you won’t leave Patreon empty-handed as there will be rewards for your pledges.

Patron Rewards:

  • Exclusive content on the website.
  • High-quality created articles and content.  No more worrying about those barbaric ads.
  • More contests and giveaways of The 100 stuff!  Yay! Free Stuff!
  • Super, hyper, and crazy fast speed on the site.
  • Patrons will also write articles for the website, as well as running the IG account for a full day.
  • Exclusive fanart thank you cards and your name on the “thank you” page.
  • Exclusive The 100 content not found anywhere else
  • And more!

Where the Pledges Will Go

  • The overall upkeep of the website, including hosting, SEO (search engine optimization), and virus protection.
  • High-resolution photography
  • Exclusive material
  • Prizes for giveaways
  • Media coverage (Conventions)
  • Print advertisements for the site
  • And more

For just $1 a month, you’ll help keep Grounders Source afloat and in return, Grounders Source will continue on delivering the best The 100 content and news.

Thank you for the love and support!  It is truly gratifying!