Learn all about the main and recurring The 100 characters!

The main characters

The 100 Characters

Clarke Griffin

Age: 24

Hair and eye color: Blond, blue-green

Aliases: Princess, Wanheda, Clarke of the Sky People, Mountain Slayer, Prisoner 319, Clarke kom Skaikru, Fleimkepa

Relationships:  Abby Griffin (mother), Madi Griffin (adopted daughter),  Commander Lexa (former girlfriend)  Niylah (on again, off again lover),  Finn Collins (ex-boyfriend, deceased)

Bellamy Blake (platonic soulmate)

Clarke is a woman who is strong minded, dedicated, and willing to do anything for her people.  Yet, she can easily become a bit broken when trying to pursue a relationship, and when she has done something unfathomable to save her people.  However, Clarke will rise from the ashes, and comes back more fierce then ever.  She is intelligent and mature beyond her years, and aims for the best option in the worst case scenario. She has the advanced medical knowledge, and will aide for those who need it.  Clarke is also an artist, and took passion in it whilst living on the ARK.  When a certain survival goal has to be met, Clarke will not sleep until it is reached.  However, her leadership accelerates when she is working along side with a partner.

“There has to be more to life than just surviving.”

The 100

Bellamy Blake

Age: 30

Hair and eye color:  Black, dark brown

Aliases:  Bell, The King, Big Brother

Relationships:  Octavia Blake (sister), Roma, random girls, Raven (quick flings), Gina (former girlfriend, deceased),

Echo (long-term girlfriend), Clarke Griffin (platonic soulmate)

Bellamy Blake is not one of The 100 but sneaked on the dropship so he can watch and protect his younger sister, Octavia.  He is also the oldest.  He is strong, sometimes ignorant, but he always does the right thing.  After a few misdirections, he has changed his perspectives on life.  Bellamy will do anything to protect his people, especially Clarke.  Yet, he also saved others outside the Sky People, and will become fractured if he failed at his goals.  Bellamy is a very proud man, and will not let anyone else fight his battles.  Bellamy holds a strong bond with Kane, who is like an unintentional father figure to him.  He is, along with Clarke, the leader of the Sky People.

“Leaders do what they think is right.”

The 100 Characters

Octavia Blake

Age: 23

Hair and eye color: Dark brown, green

Aliases: O, Sky Girl, Pocahontas, Oktavia kom Skaikru, Red Queen, Blodreina, Skairipa

Relationships:  Bellamy Blake (older half-brother) ( Lincoln (former boyfriend, deceased) Atom (former boyfriend, deceased) Ilian (lover, deceased)

Octavia is a very free-spirited girl, who only has a deep commitment to a select few.  She has been an ‘outsider‘ all of her life, so it is not unusual that she wants to expand her horizons.  Her older brother, Bellamy is the most important person in her life. despite their disagreements.  Octavia is a warrior, but sometimes she tries too hard to meet the approval of her Grounder elders.  Yet, she is very brave and is not afraid to step out of bounds.  She is quickly adaptive and has embraced the Grounder culture.

“Grounders don’t give up. We fight. Either you get up and we fight this, or you crawl away and die alone like a coward. It’s your choice.”

*Finn Collins*

Age: 18

Hair and eye color: Dark brown, dark brown

Aliases: Tracker, Spacewalker

Relationships: Clarke Griffin (love of his life) Raven Reyes (ex-girlfriend)

Finn is adventurous, troubled, but can show affections to those he cares about.  Finn is remorseful when he crushes both of Clarke’s and Raven’s hearts, and he tries fruitlessly to make amends. His whole mental demeanor transitioned after the Grounder and Sky People conflict.  And, unfortunately, not for the better.  Finn suffered from a dangerous episode of PSTD, resulting in the deaths of eighteen innocent Grounders.   To avoid an extremely excruciating painful death, ordered by Commander Lexa, Clarke gave him a mercy killing.

                            “Nobody thought any of us would survive, but we did. You should take a minute to appreciate that.”

Raven Reyes

Age: 24

Hair and eye color:  Dark brown, dark brown

Aliases:  Little Bird, Reyes

Relationships: Finn Collins (ex-boyfriend), Kyle Wick (ex-lover), Bellamy Blake (comfort quick fling) Zeke Shaw (boyfriend)

Raven is sassy, a bad-ass, and overall, is ‘one of the guys.’  She is gifted in mechanics, along with data processing and technology, and used her talents to construct working radios, and a voice over the system to contact the ARK.  In addition, she had rebuilt a pod and made a bomb out of a simple tin can.   She can throw a punch when she feels like it is deserved, and has a short fuse.  She faces her hurt by temporary physical comfort, resulting in a negative backlash.  However, Raven is willing to sacrifice herself, for the sake of others.  Although she is disabled, she does not let it come in the way of her ambitions.  Raven is a strong representation for the challenged and those with chronic pain.

“This is Raven Reyes. I’m from Mecha Station. I’m transmitting from the ground. The hundred are alive.”

*Jasper Jordan*

Age: 17

Hair and eye color: Dark brown, dark brown

Aliases: Goggle Boy

Relationships: Maya Vie (former girlfriend, deceased), Octavia Blake (crush), Monty Green (best friend)

Jasper is outgoing, loyal to his friends, and tends to be reckless.  While in Mt. Weather, he felt comforted by the ‘enclosure,’ until he discovered their true atrocities.  With that, he had a change of heart, and along with the other Delinquents and Maya, they revolted.  After the death of Maya, and the fall of the Mountain, Jasper’s PSTD kicked in again.  Yet, there is always the hope that he will get better.

“She is the reason why we survived.” 

Abigail ‘Abby’ Griffin

Age: 46

Hair and eye color: Light brown, light brown

Aliases: Dr. Griffin, Doc

Relationships: Jake Griffin (former husband, deceased), Clarke (daughter), Marcus Kane (boyfriend)

Abby is devoted to her daughter, Clarke, and to her people.  She tends to be more of a peacemaker and tries to do what is best.  She is a very talented doctor, and like Clarke, she will give them exceptional care.  Although she and Clarke often butt heads when it comes to leadership, they have a strong bond.   Abby can be persistent, especially when she wants to help, or when it comes to her child.  Although she is still finding out the tedious new occupation of Chancellor, she is proving to be a resourceful leader.

“Hope is everything.”

Marcus Kane

Age: 49

Hair and eye color:  Dark brown, dark brown

Aliases: Marcus of the Sky People, Marcus kom Skaikru

Relationships: Vera Kane (mother, deceased) Abby Griffin (girlfriend)

Marcus Kane is willing to sacrifice himself in order for salvation.  Although at first, he was more self-absorbed, he has been redeemed and is remorseful of his prior actions whilst living on the ARK.  On the Ground, some of that high ego came again, but again Kane cooled down and took a more righteous approach.  It seems that he will accept peoples’ trust if they have proven themselves worthy to him, such as the case of Bellamy.  Kane overtime became involved in a long-term relationship with Abby Griffin.

“Salvation comes at a price.”

*Monty Green*

Age: 17

Hair and eye color: Black, black

Aliases: Genius

Relationships:  Hannah Green (Mother) Jasper Jordan (best friend) Harper McIntyre (long-term girlfriend, life partner) Jordan Jasper Green (son)

Monty is extremely intelligent, can be caustic, and is self-reserved.  He can be very helpful and will use his ingenious to benefit everyone’s safety.  Although Monty tends to be soft-spoken, he is not afraid to stand up for himself and does not favor in being pushed aside or neglected.  He is gifted in engineering, computer tech, and can have a sixth sense about others.  Monty is loyal to those he loves and cares about and is very easily likable.

“Be the good guys.”

John Murphy

Age: 18

Hair and eye color: Dark brown, dark blue

Aliases: Cockroach

Relationships:  Emori (girlfriend)

John Murphy, who goes by the latter, is vengeful, hateful, and is brash.  Yet, Murphy can also be empathetic, sympathetic, and has a softer side.  He has shown compassion towards Raven and Emori (He overlooked her defect), and was absolutely disgusted when Jaha killed another to save himself.  He tends to get angry quickly and will act on impulse.  Yet, throughout his course, he became sharper, and self-reliable.  Murphy is also learning that some people are worth fighting for.

“No. Pain, hate, envy those are the ABC’s of me. Hey, get rid of them and there’s nothing left.” 


The 100 Characters


Age: 28

Hair and eye color: Brown with bronze highlights, hazel

Aliases: Echo kom Azgeda, Spy

Relationships: Bellamy Blake (long-term boyfriend)

Echo is an Ice Nation warrior and is loyal to the Clan.  Yet, she has reached out to Bellamy Blake whilst they were both in the Harvest Chamber in Mt. Weather, and they both saved one another’s life.  Later, she followed the orders of Queen Nia, by telling the Sky People the Summit is a trap and indirectly blowing up Mt. Weather.  However, Echo done it to follow orders, and has good intentions for Bellamy, as she got him out of the mountain before the devastation.

“You’re not dying for me.”


Age: 25

Hair and eye color: Bald, dark brown

Aliases: Linkoln kom Trikru

Relationships: Octavia Blake (girlfriend)

 Lincoln is a Grounder who has loyalty to the Sky People.  Although he and The 100 didn’t start on the right foot, they became strong allies.  Lincoln went against the brutal customs of his people,  so that he and Octavia can be together.  Plus, what the Grounders were doing to the newcomers was wrong.  Lincoln believes that there can be peace between the two groups, and tries very hard to establish it.  Like several other characters, Lincoln too suffered from mental duress but got cleaned and sober0.

“The world has been trying to turn me into a monster for as long as I can remember.”

*Thelonious Jaha*

Age: 46

Hair and eye color: Black, dark brown

Aliases: None

Relationships:  Wells Jaha (son, deceased)

Thelonious Jaha is the former Chancellor of the ARK.  He had to make rash, and unpopular decisions during his reign, so the strict laws of the ARK can be met.    However, Jaha was remorseful, and thus, tried to be a stronger leader.  It is possible that due to the loss of his only child, and oxygen deprivation, Jaha’s mental state declined.  Yet, he has great determination to save the human race, despite others’ arguments.

“To survive, we do what we must.”

Supporting Characters

The 100 Characters

Madi Griffin

Age: 12

Hair and eye color: Brown, blue

Aliases: Madi kom Louwoda Klironkru, Heda, Hobbit Little Nightblood

Relationships: Clarke Griffin (adoptive mother) Abby Griffin (adoptive grandmother)

Madi is the last Nightblood.  She has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor, eager to learn from others, and has a mother/daughter relationship with Clarke.  In Eden, she is a young girl, defending herself from Clarke until she is won over by a sketch of herself.  At such a young age, the Commander role was forced upon her, something that her mother does not want, but accepts it eventually.  She has admiration for Octavia, of whom is her favorite among Skaikru and The 100.

“Skairipa is a beast.  Of course, she’d win the Conclave.”  

The 100 characters

Jordan Jasper Green

Age: 27

Hair and eye color: Brown with blond highlights, brown

Aliases: Son

Relationships: Monty Green (father) Harper McIntyre (Mother)

Jordan Jasper is the only biological son and child of Monty and Green and Harper McIntyre.  He was born on Eligius IV spacecraft when all of the others were in cryo.  Jordan is viewed as sweet, and a very loving young man with a subtle dry sense of humor.  He had made quite the impression with only ten minutes of screen time, making his debut feel very natural.  Jordan will bring hope and carry the legacy of his beloved parents.  He is the first child to be born out of The 100.

“I never met anyone before.  I clearly suck at it.”

The 100 Characters

Charmaine Diyoza

Age: 43

Hair and eye color: Light brown, blue

Aliases: Colonel, Navy SEAL

Relationships:  Paxton McCreary (ex-boyfriend) Hope (unborn daughter)

Charmaine Diyoza is a former Navy SEAL and a Colonel in the United Liberation Army.  She is also a terrorist and has many significant kills with the title.  She came down to earth as a prisoner on Eligius IV -or the- Gagarin, along with others.  She is cold and considered very heartless, but has shown strong maternal instincts for her unborn baby.  Diyoza likes to be in control, taking people by groups and using them to strengthen her army.  She does share the same hopeful beliefs

“All we ask for is a second chance, peace is up to you”

The 100 Characters

*Paxton “Graveyard” McCreary*

Age: 40s

Hair and eye color:  Brown, blue

Aliases: Graveyard

Relationships:  Charmaine Diyoza (ex-girlfriend) Hope (unborn daughter)

McCreary was given the nickname “Graveyard” due to his mass murders and sociopathic personality. He was sent to Earth with Diyoza on the Gagarin, after being imprisoned with hard labor and mining with Eligius Corporation.  He is heartless, cold, calculating, and very senile with absolutely no remorse with how he viciously treats his prisoners.  Before the Earth landing, McCreary was once the leader of the prisoners, but that shifted to Diyoza, who successfully led the revolution on Eligius IV.

“I say we kill him now.”

The 100 Characters


Age: 22

Hair and eye color: Bleached blond, dark brown

Aliases: Seda

Relationships:  Indra (mother) Madi (student) Octavia (Leader)

Gaia is the daughter of Indra, who follows the religious, spiritual path of the Grounder culture.  Her faith and honoring the Flame is very important to her, as well as training young Nightbloods such as Madi.  Indra, although separated from the faith aspect, supports her daughter, proud of what she has become.

 “The blood of our enemies is your armor.”

The 100

Miles Ezekiel Shaw

Age: 23

Hair and eye color:  Black and dark brown

Aliases:  Zeke, Pilot

Relationships: Raven Reyes (girlfriend)

Zeke Shaw is a pilot on the Gagarin and the only prisoner who has NOT committed a crime.  He agreed to be Diyoza’s pilot if it meant sparing his life.  Shaw is cheeky, an expert in computer engineering and data encryption, and has a yearning to explore the mysteries of the universe.  Like Diyoza, Shaw was also a Navy SEAL, but it was not disclosed on the show.  He is also very caring and kind, protecting those he cares about.  Especially Raven.

“I was an altar boy in a church just like this. Saginaw, about two hours outside Detroit. On my Harley, I’d make it in one. God, I miss that bike… More than I miss most of the people.”

The 100

*Kara Cooper*

Age: 40s

Hair and eye color: Black and dark brown

Aliases:  Cooper

Relationships: None

Cooper is an individual who is egotistic and conniving.  At the beginning of season five, she started a coup in the Second Dawn Bunker, endangering the other citizens.  As punishment for her crimes against Wonkru, Octavia orders her and a few others to participate in a gladiator fight.  Cooper is shown to have remarkable fighting skills and somehow in the six years, became Octavia’s closest guard.  She is also very knowledgeable in hydroponic farming, thus, being in charge of it.  She was also the mastermind of experimenting the parasitic worms on live subjects, the conclusion being taking over Shallow Valley with Wonkru.  However, she met her death in an ironic twist with the same worms.

The 100

*Michael Vinson*

Age: 40

Hair and color:  Dark blond, blue

Aliases:  Mike

Relationships: Abby (obsessive fixation)

Vinson was introduced as a “generally a nice guy” with a taste for human flesh.  In other truth, he is a creepy manifestation of Abby’s addiction.  Vinson provided her pills, in exchange for medical treatments.  He compares his own addiction to murder and cannibalism to hers–a common characteristic in addicts and the mentally ill.  Vinson is shown to have an extreme fixation on Abby, and dislikes Kane as he “is in the way” of her addiction; Kane is her symbol of sobriety.  In an attempt to kill Kane, Vinson was killed by Abby, thus ending her own addiction.

“If only a conscience was a free pass, and not just a voice in your head you pretend to listen to between unspeakable acts.”

*Commander Lexa*

Age: 21

Hair and eye color: Medium brown, green

Aliases: Heda, The Commander, Traitor

Relationships: Costia (former girlfriend, deceased) Clarke Griffin (girlfriend)

Lexa can be both merciful and ruthless when it comes down to the vital protection and safety of her people.  After the death of her girlfriend, Costia, Lexa shut off all emotions as she believed that they will ‘weaken’  her, and be an obstacle to her leadership.  Yet, it is to be questioned that when Clarke appeared, feelings have erupted from Lexa.  Nonetheless, the Grounders still respect her and will follow her.  Sadly, our beloved Heda passed away, but remember that she died knowing that Clarke will be safe.  Lexa has also become a vital representation for women in the LGBTQ community, as she will continue to be their flame.

“Victory stands on the back of sacrifice.”

The 100


Age:  20

Hair and eye color:  Black, dark brown

Aliases: None

Relationships:  Octavia Blake (lover)

Ilian is a farmer and warrior from the Trishanakru Clan or the Glowing Forest.  He has a deep despise for technology as it was responsible for the deaths of his family.  Additionally, Ilian burned part of Arkadia down in vengeance.   As a result, he is locked down by Skaikru and nearly executed by Octavia.  Yet, the two bonded and formed a passionate relationship.  When fighting in the Conclave to win the bunker, he is met with Echo’s arrow.

“Do not fear death for it is only the beginning of the next journey.”

Nathan Miller

Age: 24

Hair and eye color: Black, dark brown

Aliases: Nate, Miller

Relationships: Bryan (ex-boyfriend) Eric Jackson (boyfriend)

Nathan Miller is loyal to those that he loves, and will fight for justice if things are immoral.  He is extremely close with his father, David Miller.  He has been noted as the ‘best thief‘ on the ARK, but he used these skills to his advantage to help save The 48 in Mt. Weather.  Miller can be a little sarcastic, but in the end, means well.  Miller is in a committed relationship with his boyfriend, Bryan.

“I say, if we’re going to die in here, we might as well die trying to escape.”


Age: 24

Hair and eye color: Black with blond highlights, hazel

Alises:  Grounder Princess

Relationships: None

Anya was a former leader of the Woods Clan.  She was devoted and loyal to her people and acted out of vengeance when something went wrong in the Clan.  Despite this, she and Clarke worked out an agreement to stop Mt. Weather and their grave infractions.  Anya can be brutal, but has shown an affectionate, motherly side as well when Tris was lost.  It has been revealed that Anya was the instructor of Lexa until she became the Commander.

“You started a war that you don’t know how to end.”   

*Wells Jaha*

Age: 17

Hair and eye color: Black, dark brown

Aliases: The Prince, Chancellor of Earth

Relationships: Thelonious Jaha (father), Clarke Griffin (best friend)

Wells was the peacemaker among The 100, and was one of the mains in the first season.  He made Clarke believe that he was the one who went to Jaha to tell that her father was going to go public about the oxygen dilemma on the ARK.  This was because so Clarke wouldn’t despise her mother, and when she later found out that it was Abby that went to Jaha, she forgave Wells.  Wells was loyal, protective, and wanted to maintain order, and before he tried to progress, he was murdered by one of his own.   Since his death, the show has completely turned into a dark and deep world.

  “This is Earth, Clarke. Anything’s possible.”


*Maya Vie*

Age: 18

Hair and eye color:  Black, dark brown

Aliases: None

Relationships: Jasper Jordan (boyfriend), Victor Vie (father)

Maya was a sweet, and kind-hearted girl, and like her mother, revolutionized using Grounder blood.  She had a loving relationship with Jasper Jordan, and aided with him and the 48 to stop the bone marrow drills.  She had a dark expression in art, helped saved Bellamy Blake from being a human blood bag, and looked out for others.  She passed away during the Mt. Weather revolution, but staying true to what she believed in.

“None of us is innocent.”

 *Dante Wallace*

Age: 63

Hair and eye color: Withe, dark blue

Aliases: The President, President Wallace, Dad

Relationships: Cage Wallace (son)

    Dante Wallace was calm, understanding, and would ultimately put his people first before anything.  Like Clarke, he is an artist and has painted many landscapes of the outside world.  He was the father of the very devious Cage Wallace, and often had bitter arguments with him.  Although he had told Clarke that she and the rest of the 48 that they’d be safe in Mt. Weather, she greatly disbelieved him and escaped.  He was against the usage of Grounder blood, and would rather live underground.  Dante was later forcefully resigned as president by Cage, who took over.

“I bear it, so they don’t have to.”

*Loralei Tsing*

Age: 38⭐

Hair and eye color: Black, dark brown

Aliases: Doctor

Relationships: None

Loralei Tsing was the chief doctor in Mt. Weather who specialized in bone marrow extraction, the Harvest Project, and the Cerberus Project, in which transformed Grounders to Reapers.  She was very calculating and cold, with absolute no remorse.  In fact, Tsing is considered a ‘sociopath’ and had no respect or care for others.

“I hope you know… You’re all incredibly special to us.”

*Cage Wallace*

Age: 36⭐

Hair and eye color: Dark brown dark brown

Aliases: Mr. President, President Cage Wallace

Relationships: Dante Wallace (father)

Cage was manipulative, malicious, and filled with pure evil.  He went against his father’s orders of not harming the 48 and put his own people in danger to satisfy his own theories.  He often paired with Dr. Tsing and Lt. Carl Emerson to further his power and to promise to put everyone on the Ground.  His reign of presidency faltered, as did Mt. Weather when his power was abused.  He had a sick grin, and seemed to enjoy the tragedies that he created for others.

“We’ve been bleeding people to stay alive for generations. That’s our legacy.”


Age: 40s⭐

Hair and eye color: Black, dark brown

Aliases:  Indra kom Trikru, Chief of TonDC

Relationships: Gaia (daughter)

Indra can be described as wise, regal, and strict with her beliefs.  She possesses affluent leadership roles, and is often seen alongside Lexa.  Although at first Indra was cautious and distrustful of the Arkers, she later does and helps them in the upcoming battle of Azgeda.  She was the Chief of the now fallen TonDC, and trained Octavia Blake to become a warrior.  Indra speaks with a beautiful accent, and has proven to win any battle.

“You have courage, but courage isn’t justice.” 

*Jacapo Sinclair*

Age: 37

Hair and eye color: Salt and pepper, dark brown

Aliases: Chief

Relationships: Unnamed wife, Raven Reyes (student)

Sinclair was the chief engineer of the ARK, and now of Arkadia.  He is easygoing, respected, and loyal to his colleagues and residents.  Although he seems neutral when it came to the conflict between the Sky People and Grounders, he has proven that he wants peace recently.  He has a special ‘father-like‘ semblance to Raven Reyes and takes her under his wing and guides her.  Sinclair can also be a little humorous, but mostly serious.  It has been shown that he is dedicated to doing the right thing, and it must be justified.

“Ladies and gentlemen the fence is hot. Trust me you do not want to go near it.”

Eric Jackson

Age:: 34

Hair and eye color: Black, dark brown

Aliases: None

Relationships: Abby Griffin (mentor) Nathen Miller (boyfriend)

Jackson is easygoing, loyal, and as a fellow Arker, abides by the strict codes and rules.  However, he will go against protocol if needed to save a life.  Abby is his constant companion, and will follow her lead.  Jackson has a bit of a humorous side, which has been expressed occasionally.  He has loyalty for his fellow Arkadians, and will be a comfort to those who need it.

“What’s falling apart now?”



Age: 20

Hair and eye color: Dark brown, dark brown

Aliases: None

Relationships: Otan (brother, deceased) John Murphy (boyfriend)

Emori came from the Dead Zone, extradited because of her disability.  She is a thief, specializing in “tech theft” just so she and her brother can survive.  Despite this, Emori does have a caring heart and will watch out for the ones she loves.  When it comes to romance, Emori has no trouble expressing it.  She can be a little seductive and sultry, but I think that she is afraid that people will turn from her.  Just because she is a little different. Yet, she is a strong representation for the challenged.

“He said that you are pretty cute, for a thief.”


Age: 20’s

Hair and eye color:  Dark brown, hazel

Aliases:  King of Azgeda, Prince of Azgeda, Bounty Hunter

Relationships: Queen Nia (Mother)

Roan is the newly appointed King of Azgeda, thanks to the death of his mother.  He was previously banished from the Clan, but he been accepted back in.  Why he was banished by his mother, is not known, but may have something to do with Costia.  Roan is a ‘rogue’ Grounder and tends to be a loner.  With bringing Clarke to Lexa, he hoped that will lift his banishment, as promised, but Lexa declined it.  He has been sent by the Commander to bring Clarke back to safety, and that Azgeda would not harm her.  Roan has great fighting skills as he fought with Lexa in a death match.

“The Great Wanheda, Mountain Slayer.” 

*Zoe Monroe*

Age: 18

Hair and eye color: Red, green

Aliases: Monroe

Relationships: Harper (best friend)

Zoe Monroe, better known as Monroe, is athletic, good-natured, and brave.  She is also very caring for others, and like many of the others, wants to do the right thing.  She has a deep friendship with Harper, as well for the other delinquents.   When one needs saving, Monroe would try her very best to save them.  Such examples include when she joined Bellamy to search for Octavia, when she successfully talked Bellamy, Finn, and Murphy to save Mel who was hanging on the crevice of a cliff, and when Tristan took Finn and Bellamy and she and Sterling went after him.  Monroe was tough, and will always be tough.

“We are warriors. We are Warriors! We are WARRIORS!”

*Charles Pike*

Age: 45⭐

Hair and eye color: Bald, dark brown

Aliases: Chancellor

Relationships: None

Pike is irrational, power-hungry, and selfish.   He is also manipulative and brainwashing.  If anyone goes against Pike, well that is their end.  He has pure hatred to all Grounders, regardless of whether or not they’re good.  This is due to the fact that two-thirds of Farm Station were brutalized by Azgeda when he and the other people landed.  Since, then he has a strict, anti-grounder policy.  On the ARK, he was an Earth Skills teacher, and now on the ground, Chancellor.  How Pike was voted in as Chancellor is questionable, as it occurred off-screen.  He along with Bellamy Blake, Hannah Green, and a few others killed 299 Grounders that were sent to protect them after the Mt. Weather tragedy.  Kane unsuccessfully tried two overthrow Pike, due to his monstrosities, and as a result, resulted in Kane’s death sentence.

“Anger…is our policy.”

*Hannah Green*

Age: 40⭐

Hair and color: Dark brown, black

Aliases: Mom

Relationships: Monty Green (son)

Hannah Green is the mother of Monty Green, and they appear to have a very close bond.  Like Pike though, she too holds an anti-grounder policy and was part of his militia to murder 299 protective Grounders.  Hannah shows no remorse for her actions and will continue to follow Pike as long as he is Chancellor.  Hannah is quick to blame, as she blamed Octavia for the deaths of Monroe and another guard.  It also appears that Monty is afraid of his mother, but she doesn’t realize this.

“Monty, being down here I’ve learned that if something helps you survive, it’s always the right thing. Pike taught me that. He taught all of us. It’s what kept us alive. You do what it takes.”


Age: 30’s⭐

Hair and eye color: Bald, dark brown

Aliases: Flamekeeper, Fleimkepa (Old Guard)

Relationships: Lexa (student)

Titus is an embodiment of the Old Guard, who works to preserve and protect his Grounder civilization and the fate of his people.  He is extremely protective of Lexa, and that alone ended up tragically.  Titus is also responsible for the aide of the next Commander, making sure that the spirit will carry on. Although that he means well, and good intentions for the welfare of his people, he is still one to be cautious for.

“May her spirit choose wisely!”


Age: 97 (digitally created by Becca)

Hair and eye color: Black, dark brown

Aliases: A.I., Red

Relationships: None

A.L.I.E. was created by Becca, a doctor who was trying to make life better on the lone ARK station, Polaris.   In fact, A.L.I.E made herself into an avatar into the form of her creator. However, this digitally made silicon hologram was the destroyer of the world.  A.L.I.E. had set off an array of nuclear bombs, thus killing 99.9% of the earth’s population, and a war.   She has been recruiting people to join the City of Light, where there is no death or pain.  A.L.I.E wants to end end the world again, but in her point of view, she believes that she is saving it.

“It’s refreshing to be around people who understand technology again.”


*Carl Emerson*

Age: 30’s⭐

Hair and eye color:  Light brown, blue

Aliases: The Last Mountain Man

Relationships: Father to two deceased unnamed children

Emerson was a lieutenant in Mount Weather until Bellamy and Clarke irradiated it.  He has shown deep loyalty to the mountain, and was considered Cage Wallace’s henchman.  Emerson survived the outdoors due to being cured with the accepting bone marrow, and has vowed revenge on Clarke Griffin, who not only took away his home, but his two children who were burned to death.  In a turn of events when he and Clarke met again (not your typical reunion, by the way), Clarke lets him live.  Now, his whereabouts are unknown.

“What’s the matter? You don’t like to be faced with your demons?”

*Queen Nia*

Age: 40’s⭐

Hair and eye color: Light brown, blue

Aliases: The Queen of Azgeda

Relationships: Roan (son)

Queen Nia was ruthless and cold.  She has shown no affection towards her only son, Roan and was the one behind his banishment.  Nia murdered Costia, the love of Lexa before entering the coalition.  She wants Azgeda to rule the clans, and for Lexa to die.  Right before the death match ends, Lexa spears Nia in the heart, instantly killing her, and making Roan the King of the Ice Nation.

“Everything I do is for Azgeda. But, what’s good for Azgeda, is good for you.”

*Gina Martin*

Age: 21

Hair and eye color: Dark brown, dark brown

Aliases: None

Relationships: Bellamy Blake (former boyfriend)

Not much is know on Gina Martin, but from what was shown, she seemed to be giving, sweet, and a bit sarcastic.  She met Bellamy Blake on the ARK, before the ground, and over some point of time, they became a romantic couple.  Gina seems to be on friendly terms with Raven, and with Sinclair.  Yet, she passed trying to help her people in Mt. Weather and is later remembered by Bellamy at the memorial.

“Don’t do anything stupidly heroic.”


Age: Early 20’s

Hair and eye color: Dark brown, hazel

Aliases: None

Relationships: None

Ontari is a secret Nightblood, as she was being trained for Commander-ship in Azgeda, and not the traditional way in Polis.  She seems to be loyal to her clan and was favored by Queen Nia.  Since Ontari is a Nightblood, she will be attending the Conclave and will be one of the novitiates for Commander.  Ontari is cold, sadistic, evil, and seems insecure.  She is willing to do whatever it takes to get her way.

*Harper McIntyre*

Age: 17

Hair and eye color: Light brown, brown

Aliases: None

Relationships: Monroe (best friend) Monty Green (long-term boyfriend, life partner) Jordan Jasper Green (son)

Harper is tough, willing to do the right thing, and is willing to do whatever it takes to help others.  She also has a very caring heart for her friends and family and is obedient.  She is dedicated to doing the right thing, as well as her life-partner, Monty.  While everyone else was in cryo, she and Monty raised a son, Jordan.  He will carry out their legacy in season 6.

“Take care of our boy.”


Age: 21

Hair and eycolorur: Auburn, dark brown

Aliases: None

Relationships: Unnamed brother (deceased, murdered in the Conclave)

Luna is the leader of the Boat Clan, or Floukru.  She fled the Conclave as she did not want to live a life of violence.  In addition, had she not have fought Lexa, Luna would have won the Conclave, and would have been awarded as the new Commander, a status that she did not want.  She accepts people and war orphans into her clan after they escaped the Grounder lifestyle.  Despite her deep Pacifist views and beliefs, Luna is a strong fighter, and has displayed this when she defended herself from Clarke (who tried to ascend her without her consent), and her chipped partner, Derek.  She has a loving fondness for children, and has expressed deep grief.  Luna only wants to live in amity and safety, and not want to get involved with others’ conflicts.

You believe that to defeat an enemy who will stop at nothing, you must stop at nothing. How is that different than blood must have blood?”

Other Supporting Characters


Age: 22

Relationships: Clarke Griffin (on again, off again lover)

Niylah is viewed as a sweet, but dedicated woman.

Trading Post Recipient

*Becca Pramheda*

Age: 27

Creator of A.L.I.E, and first Grounder Commander


Age: 22

Emori’s older brother


Age: 18

Miller’s boyfriend, and Farm Station survivor


Kyle Wick

Age 24

ARK engineer and Raven’s former boyfriend


Age: 17

Bellamy’s advisor and Octavia’s first boyfriend


Age: 12

Troubled young girl, and Wells’s murderess

*David Miller*

Age: 41

Relationships: Nathan Miller (son)

Nathan Miller’s father, and chief Arkadia Guard


Age: 17

Arkadia lounge singer


Age: 16

One of the original delinquents

*Aurora Blake*

Age: 40

The mother of Bellamy and Octavia Blake


Age: 17

Part of Bellamy’s militia and tried to save Mel’s life.


Age: 17

Only Factory Station survivor and friend of Sterling.


Age: 25

Grounder healer, and Lincoln’s ‘brother’


Age: 13

Most promising Nightblood novitiate

*Major Byrne*

Age: 30’s

Head guard in Arkadia, and throws her power around


Age: 10

Banished to the Dead Zone with his parents due to his radiation mutation


Age: 20’s

Grounder General and Lexa’s core soldier


Age: 20’s

Lexa’s devout bodyguard

*Diana Sydney*

Age: 42

Former ARK Councilwoman

*Shawn Gillmer*

Age: Late 20’s

Arkadia Guard, part of Pike’s militia, and Farm Station survivor

*Jake Griffin*

Age: 41

The father of Clarke Griffin and husband of Abby Griffin

*Vera Kane*

Age: 65

The mother of Marcus Kane, and spiritualist


*Tor Lemkin*

Age: Mid 30’s

The father of Reese Lemkin.  He sacrificed himself in the culling so that his daughter can have her life extended.

Reese Lemkin

Age: 9

A vivacious nine-year old girl on the ARK who is going blind due to oxygen deficiency.  Her father, Tor, gave up his own life so she can live longer.

Season One Minors

 *Cuyler Ridley*

Age: 30’s


Age: 17


Age: 17


*Roma Bragg*

Age: 17


*John Mbega*

Age: 17


Age: 15


Age: 16

*Commander Shumway*

Age: 40

*Callie Cartwig*

Age: 38


Age: 17


Age: 40

 Season Two Minors


Age: Mid 30’s

*Vincent Vie*

Age: 40


Age: 15


Age: 30’s


Age: ?


Age: Mid 30’s

*Sargent Scott*

Age: 38

*Keenan Mykulak*

Age: 17


Age: ?


Age: 19


Age: 30’s


Age: Late




Season Three Minors

*Peri Gordan*



*Cole McAdams*


Symbol Legend

Those marked with an asterisk (*), implies that this character is no longer among us.

Those marked with a small gold star (⭐), implies best guessed age of this character.

Note: The character section will be edited as season three continues, and season four airs.