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The 100 Damocles Part Two Recap-Review

by Evelyn Ulrich

The 100 season five has come to a close and with immense heartbreak.  Damocles Part Two succeeded as a finale with its strong character deliverance and action.  It was emotionally packed as well.  Read my recap-review for it below.


The 100 Damocles Part Two Recap-Review

“From the Garden, We Shall Rise”

Episode 513 Aired August 7th, 2018


The 100 season five finale.  What an explosive, emotionally driven, and compounding way to end the season!  I was completely blown away by just the magnitude and transcendence of Damocles Part Two.  When my poor heart was not crying (there was not a moment it didn’t shed a tear), my head was absorbing all the sequences and the powerful narrative.

The 100 knows how to tell a story, knows how to emulate real life in a fictional world, and delivers the momentum of it.

Damocles Part Two was a finale like no other The 100 has done before.  It was a literal restart of the series, as one character thrived effortlessly to give a gift (or two) for life again.

It was concrete proof that we can live on into elderly years; doing our very best to find a way to find something better for those that will live on.  That is what we all want in life, but very few often get that wish.

Damocles Part Two

Monty and Harper breathed a peaceful and wonderful journey together without the violence or the moral dilemmas that haunt.  They got the fairy tale happily ever after they always wanted.

While their journey ended and as heart-breaking as it was, Marper was the essence of the perfect couple.  They had it all: love, support, hope, family, and joy.

Nothing broke them.

Monty Green devoted his life to finding the solution, so his family can have a better tomorrow.  He has found it, but in exchange, he will no longer have a tomorrow.

But not without a special gift from him and Harper; their son, Jordan Jasper Green.  From the ten-minute screen presence that Jordan had, he is already a strong, HOPEFUL influence upon the never-ending ominous storyline.

I already love this character, though, it may be too early to tell.

A son?  (Still cannot believe it myself) Well, like Monty and Harper said, there is not much to do in space.

Damocles Part Two

And the dude is smooth, a much-needed ingredient that I believe the series needed.  He will be the successor that will make his parents proud and be the light of humanity.

To live on this new planet, there must be new changes.  People must learn to harmonize and respect life as this is an opportunity to start with a clean slate, to chase the “elephants out of the room”, and maybe, just maybe, there will be new wars.

That is the hope that everyone wants, but will the third chance be the charm?

I hope so.

Then, there is that present war going on for the valley.  Will anyone get out of that alive? (!!!)

Here is my recap-review of the season five finale, Damocles Part Two.

Let’s take off!  Don’t forget the tissues and a bowl of ice cream.  You are going to need them!


Monty Green: Bringer of Peace; Gift To Humanity; Seeker To See Light Among Shadows

Monty Green was the emblazoning symbol of peace, trying to make a “greener” alternative, and just finding his humane balance.  With so many grievances and fighting never ceasing, it is difficult and exhausting to obtain such a mental facet.  So many of the characters often fell under the cracks, often cycling into their own world of destruction, Monty kept his mindset.

And, it is very imperative to hold on to some level of ethics because there needs to be a balance.  Unfortunately, in several post-apocalyptic mediums, it is always the good and pure guys that go first.

With this evidence, the send-off of “angelic” characters can be a devastating loss, especially when the audience invested in their arcs, persona, and overall build of a human being.

It additionally makes the gratitude of these characters that much more appreciated.  Without a real character build, the plot is less interesting, and it will hold no value if the characters are epic failures.

The same application is true for plot buildup.  You can have the most dynamic and complexed characters on ANY spectrum, but without a suitable, invested plot, the characters will have trouble trying to find their place.

One cannot work without the other; it’s simply un-doable and invalid.

Monty’s importance throughout his five-season run was shadowed, but the man was always there for his family and friends.  His genius, masterful attributions and contributions enhanced everyone’s wellbeing in some impression.  He helped connect the telecommunications systems in season one, so the kids can contact their families.  In season two, he helped in the Mt. Weather revolution so that his friend could be free.  Season three introduced a more broken Monty, but nonetheless, he still embodied heroic strength.

Damocles Part Two

Jasper Jordan, a dear friend whom he called his brother was always his partner in crime.  Whenever Jasper had an issue that he was coping with, Monty was there for him and vice-versa.  Even though Jasper had the most tragic case of PTSD, Monty tried to be his comrade, trying to understand his viewpoints on the world.


The Monty/Jasper friendship was the genuine definition of human enticement.   Season four was for the books for the two.  Jasper, ending his life because of his belief that life will only be filled with disappointments and suffering.  Monty than and there vowed to make humanity a peaceful one; no wars, just hope and “togetherness.”

In distinct contrast and a beautiful assembly, Monty passed on with his wife (Harper is his wife) preserving the human race and giving that gift to be reborn.

To link the adventures, the experience, and plights from Jasper, Monty proudly named his son after him.

What a noble assertion to do to honor your brother.  I always believed that Jasper deserved better in terms of his death as he suffered, but I think now he can finally be at peace.

The hope of a humane world was Monty’s initial goal in season five.  From his bad-tasting, but nutritious algae, to growing apple blossoms in the bunker (Octavia later set the garden ablaze) and cracking the code for Eligius III.  The case took thirty years, but in the end, life can be sustained once more.

The surprise twist in this is that Eligius III was for the miners to find another planet resourceful with oil as the earth was completely tapped out.

Way to go government.  Another reason to despise you.

People will not be going back to earth because it is no longer habitable or sustainable for existence.  Instead, they’ll live on this new planet located in the Goldilocks system, abundant with sun-like stars.

Damocles Part Two

It is a restart to try to be the “good guys.”

Jordan woke Bellamy and Clarke after 125 years (!!!) of cryo-sleep to watch and listen to Monty’s instructions.  Shocked by the discovery of Jordan, they viewed the vlogs of Monty’s and Harper’s life and his dedication for hope.

Not without the tears, however.  Bellamy and Clarke share the wonderment of the new “earth” with two suns.  They embrace as they will venture off to a new journey.  No doubt that it will be eluded with challenges like before, but at least it is a chance to be better and do better.

Monty and Harper passed on with saving humanity and living their dreams out.  It’s sad to say that we will never see them again, especially when they’re such great, loving. and wonderful characters.  Their son (!!!) Jordan will carry out their legacy to make sure that his parents’ wishes remained fulfilled.

Monty: I hope we do better there. I hope Jasper was wrong, and we aren’t the problem. I hope your lives there are as happy as mine has been. Be the good guys. May we meet again.

May we meet again Monty and Harper.  May we meet again. ❤💔

One Garden, Two Serpents. Eden Never Stood a Chance

Wonkru and the prisoners are fighting for the land; who’ll be the strongest will win it.  Stepping up as Heda, Madi leads them to confront the enemy.  In a bold and unexpected move, Octavia (and others) bow down in respect and honor.  Their lives are entrusted in this young girl’s faith and they follow her commands.

There is a lot of activity going on, and as always, my brain is trying its hardest to wrap around it.   Some of the fighting highlights are dazzling and stood out in comparison to previous war sequences.  Bellamy’s and Echo’s battlement together was phenomenal.  They complimented each other’s skills, and proof that they make one another stronger and solid.

Damocles Part Two

The two already have that mysterious chemistry and bond between them and seeing them in action once again, they nailed it.  To think that it all began with Mt. Weather.  Even in seasons three and four when on opposing sides, Bellamy and Echo resonated appeal and conviction.  There was always something there between them, and I enjoy trying to piece it together.

I just wish Echo’s redemption was shown because she is an incredible and diverse character and without having that backup, it’s rather difficult for others to understand her.

Hopefully, season six will clarify some of the confusion.  As well as some other glossed areas.

Another thing is the empowering speech that Bellamy gave to Madi, that she can be better than them when it came to winning the war.  She can use her power and massacre all the “bad guys” or she can advance it to stop the violent cycle and begin something better.

Madi Griffin (squee!) chose the latter.  She latched on to Bellamy’s advice and ended up saving everyone.  The Flame didn’t control her thoughts, and now she may become the greatest commander in history.

Damocles Part Two

Let’s see what season 6 does for her.  She will be a leader in a new world obviously, so her arc next season will be an interesting one.

Madi also shares the radio calls with Bellamy, a rather large balloon this season, only to be popped without so much a mention or a response.

Hmm, this scares me.

And I wonder if Clarke would have pulled the lever on Bellamy, leaving him and the others behind.

That is a provoking thought and would be unacceptable.

The other thing was McCreary’s selfishness to NOT share the valley.  Damocles the missile was launched and fourteen freakin’ minutes were to spare before it went BOOM!  Of course, this puts the people in great peril as they scramble, but not without their loves.

Which brings me to a sweeter moment.  Murphy was injured, and he begged Emori to leave him behind.   But Emori is not going anywhere without the man she loves.   Like Murphy saving Monty in the season four finale, Monty paralleled the sequence.   It was a great element to be added as it triggered that connection and remembrance of six years ago.

Similarly, Abby was not about to leave the doomed planet without Kane.  Octavia tried to get her to leave but wounded up taking him back to the ship with her and Abby.

Octavia has been the more “subdued and meek” character in Damocles Part Two, completely making her Blodreina act and psyche a disappearing act.  She had shed its skin, but the actions that she has done are still implanted and will not be forgotten that easily and quickly.

Season six will explore Octavia’s shift to redemption while coping with many of the harsh grievances that she has placed on people.   Her agency was not developed at random, as it was a series of personal misfortunes that have acclimated.  It’s a very grave place for a young girl and the aftermath will be haunting.   Yet, Octavia has always been one of the “wild” ones on The 100 and her arc always raised questions.  She has never been tedious or lacking.

Damocles Part Two

I am always up for Octavia’s arc; it was very strong and heavy this season, and no doubt will it be next season.

Zeke was threatened and tortured in front of Raven.  It will be stopped if she piloted the ship.  In which she conveys.  His life as she saw it was just as important and well as hers, and she is not going to allow it end by a crazed lunatic madman.

While the women on The 100 show intense feminism, I am glad that they think of the men as equals or not weaker than they.  Sure, men can be brutish and well, dumb at times, but they’re still human, and if they’re pure of heart and serve a meaningful purpose, then yes, they deserve to be there.

Back to McCreary-whose launch act seemed to be of the childish sort, was killed off by Clarke.  Yay!  McCreary may have been one of the more rich and in-depth villains in the history of the show, but I am glad that he is gone.  The man had no mercy, not even for his daughter.

Do you want somebody like that in your life?

Speaking of great animosity, the Blakes are still in rough waters.  Octavia still loves her brother, probably regrets sending him off to die, and now she is trying to make amends with him before going to Dreamland.  Bellamy does love his sister as she is his sister, but a part of him hates her because she did send him off to die.

But for now, Octavia accepts his answer.

Damocles Part Two

With everyone in the ship to leave, the options are discussed of what to do.   For two weeks, they can live off algae (much to Murphy’s objection) and use the recycled water systems (if you must because recycled water ain’t pretty to think about).  After two weeks, then it’s off to a very long nap.  At first, it’s only ten years, then it turned to thirty, then one-hundred and twenty-five years.

Waking up over a century later only to discover that life will be altered.

Just what will be the new challenges that everyone will face?  Will their dream of amity be granted?  Or will the fight for it still be in order?

The Beat and Wave of Bellarke

For the course of The 100, I have been pretty much a ship neutralist, appreciating all of the ships the show has presented and the fan-created-i.e. Sea Mechanic or Murphamy.  I focused on the positivity on each one, while most carried a bad aspect.  In the end, the ships gave a sense of joy and gratification to the audience.  I also focused on how the characters entwined with each given situation and their conclusions to said situations.  That may not work for everyone, but it does for me.  When it came to Bellamy and Clarke, my thoughts on them are of a strong friendship.  The glances exchanged, in my opinion, were of admiration and awe as one does when a person does great merits.  It’s simply human nature to so.

Some can be interpreted as love and maybe they were.  It is quite possible.  After all, they do love one another.

Anything is.

Damocles Part Two

While I may ship them platonically (even without Echo, Finn, and Lexa), I won’t object if the series course them romantically.  Yet, what Bellamy and Clarke have now is wonderful and encouraging.  There is nothing like it on television, and it works constructively on the show.

How many productions in the entertainment industry have a bisexual female and a male of mixed race been the successors?  Very few, and that is one of the things that make The 100 so different and positive.


Bellamy and Clarke are the core and center of The 100, and they’ll always be.  Both are perpetual, and dynamic leaders and wanting to do right for their people.  It’s been there since day one and each season enhanced the friendship.

Season five took the head and heart to separation, only to be reconnected in the finale.  There were opportunities for them to conversate, to get caught up, and vent out their feelings and built-up discomfort, but that never happened.

Unless, of course, some of it happened off-screen, but if we don’t see it ourselves, then it’s not believable.

There could be an underlining to that though, something bigger that may be in the works for them.  Then everything will make sense if that is the idea.

Six years is a long time, and people tend to change, but they should not be neglected.

Damocles Part Two

However, it’s unfair to fans and viewers of Bellarke to have them hanging on for so long, then confirming that a romance may not be possible.  This is not, by any means, professional or trustworthy to the audience.  In fact, it can be an exhausting and draining process for them.

Which can decrease interest and love for the show.  Which can intoxicate creators’ credentials.

Creators and writers have the control and influence on the characters and the story.  No one can tell a creator how to set the path.  Yet, it is also their duty to make sure that the characters intentions are clear and concise.  People want to invest in them because of development and connections, and their own emotional value.

The same rule applies to any medium, whether it’s books, film, radio, or even a poem.  You cannot have a character with weak development and a strong plot or a strong character with a weak plot.  The two must be equally balanced or it just won’t work.

As one who does ship Becho, I don’t want pain inflicted on the Bellarke shippers because at the end of the day, we share the same love, and it’s awfully petty to separate or break away due to favoritism.

Whatever the stars may lead any character, it’s imperious that their story is to be followed accordingly.

All I can say is cheer up and don’t let others destroy or sink your preferred ship.  We all love the ships for different reasons, and we should hold on to that.

Ship away!

Final Verdict

Damocles Part Two envisioned heartbreak and hope, and it delivered the two perfectly.  It was also very reminiscent of Praimfaya and how the characters reacted to yet another D-Day.

Then, there was the infamous lever, tying all the finales together.

Jordan is just a precious human and he sounds very promising both as a character and substance for the upcoming season six.  I am ecstatic to see him in play and observing how he never experienced what his parents and the others have, the possibilities are endless.

Bellamy’s, Clarke’s, and Echo’s interactions were enjoyable. The face-to-face with Clarke and Echo certainly has improved from the previous episode.  I hope that we get more of this next season.

I will forever miss Monty and Harper, but their legacy will live on.

Damocles Part Two

Bonus Bullets:

  • Jordan Jasper Green.  Just look at Shannon Kook, a mirror image of Christopher Larkin and Chelsey Reist.
  • “I’ve never met anyone before, so I clearly suck at it.”  Best introduction ever.
  • Diyoza and Octavia sharing a moment and Diyoza pointing out the power was Octavia’s mistake. Do I envision Diyoza guiding Octavia next season?
  • Bellamy putting Echo in her pod was simply sweet.
  • I also stan Echo with a bow and arrow.  Hello!  The girl detonated a sonic cannon with her superb archery.
  • How did Miller recover from his wounds that quickly?
  • Emori and Murphy are back together!
  • Madi Griffin
  • Harper should have received more screen time this season.
  • Diyoza has been pregnant for 200+ years. I think it’s about time that Baby Hope is born.
  • Will there be any more babies I wonder?
  • The Goldilocks Zone has several habitable planets and several sun-like stars.
  • I wish Gaia had more of a presence.
  • Book One as I am interpreting is like the Book of Genesis. God created Earth, then created man so they can flourish.  However, it took man to destroy Earth.  Monty and Harper are the cosmic Adam and Eve.   They brought life back down to a new plant so that they can flourish once again. Book Two would probably be like the Book of Exodus.
  • McCreary is gone.

Damocles Part Two

Season 5 In Retrospect

The 100 season five as a whole engineered some pivotal character developments, a strong plot, and released some memorable scenes.  It did have a few flaws such as lack of backstory for Spacekru, Clarke’s cray moment with child abuse, and too much violence.

There is an explanation for the backstory loss; editing can be a bear and not always give what the series needed.  Plus, there is only so much that you can package in a thirteen-episode block.  I am hoping that the DVD features will be the answer for this or it could be discussed next season.  There is great potential for this.

The child abuse segment is something that I will not go into.  But, it should not be done.

Sometimes, talking about the violence and cannibalism and not seeing it will prove the point.  The subject of cannibalism should not have been shown.

Overall, it was a fabulous season and I hope that season six will be just as grand.

Damocles Part Two

Lastly, but not least, what you think of the season 5 finale?  What are your hopes for “Book Two”?

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