Friend or Foe? Clanya’s Journey by: Lucy Blackwell

Friend or Foe? Clanya’s Journey

Written By: Lucy Blackwell

Originally posted on November 15th, 2014


22Well, last Wednesday was a huge shocker for Clanya shippers. Clarke and Anya’s journey ended with a bang… of a bullet. Clarke and Anya had never liked each other, but there was a connection between them somehow. They were both such strong female characters with huge strong personalities, which is probably a reason they didn’t particularly like each other but the obvious reason was that they came from two different worlds and didn’t understand each other. Here is a quick brief of their journey:

Unity Day (season one, episode nine) is when Clarke and Anya first meet and as we know, it didn’t go too well… another reason why they both hold grudges against each other. Clarke and Anya actually want the same things: to survive but Clarke wants to survive as a team whereas Anya is not too keen. Anya wants war, Clarke wants peace = major clash.

We see Anya again in The Calm (season one, episode eleven) when she has captured Clarke and Finn in attempts to get them to save Tris, a young Grounder who had a blow to the chest from The 100’s bomb. Anya shows emotion for the first time in this episode, when Tris is dead she cuts one of her plaits and places is in her pocket with watery eyes. I think this is where fans (including me) actually started to the100109_1014realise that the Grounders have feelings too, and are not crazed murderers.

In We Are Grounders, Part One (season one, episode twelve) Clarke is recaptured by Anya’s clan of Grounders and is tied up. Anya orders for her to be executed (as usual, Anya orders Clarke to be killed or tries to kill her many times but Clarke is never seen trying to kill her until Many Happy Returns). Anya hesitates most of the time to kill Clarke which could be because she actually doesn’t want to kill her, she wants to make her suffer or she doesn’t care what happens to her, (I think it’s the first one!).

Things turn around for Clarke and Anya in the last episode of season one, We Are Grounders Part 2 (season one, ep
isode thirteen). This time Anya is held hostage by The 100 (or what’s left of them). When Anya see’s that the drop ship door is closing she charges and throws herself over the door and holds up two knifes in an attempt to fight but she is outnumbered and starts to get beaten up by The 100. Clarke orders them to stop and says “We are not Grounders!”

Anya is found by Clarke at the end of Inclement Weather (season two, episode two) but she is only on screen for less than five seconds. Anya is in a room called the ‘Harvest Chamber’ in Mount Weather where they keep Grounders to kill and use their blood. Grounder blood is resistant to radiation which is why the Mountain Men use it as a cure.

In Reapercussions (season two, episode three) Clarke rescues Anya by breaking the lock on her cage and escaping through a room called ‘End Containment Area’ where there is a trap door that drops into one of the Reaper tunnels. Trollies full of drained Grounder bodies are there waiting for the Reapers to eat them. Anya tells Clarke that Clarke wouldn’t make it out of the tunnels without her and then disappears leaving Clarke alone with Reapers on their way but when Clarke is captured by the Mountain Men Anya rescues Clarke and takes her to a way out. If Anya did not care about Clarke she would have left Clarke behind, she clearly wants Clarke out of there. Once they are out Anya ties Clarke up to keep her prisoner (big surprise there…).

And finally, here we are: Many Happy Returns (season two, episode four). The one where the Clanya journey ends. In this episode Anya still has Clarke tied up until Clarke earns Anya’s trust for one second and then smashed the trust by shoving a tranquilizer -that one of the Mountain Men had fired into a tree and Clarke grabbed- into her neck. Clarke takes Anya back to the dropship where Anya wakes up and starts a physical fight with Clarke. Clarke wins and is about to kill Anya (for the first time, hooray for Clarke!) but stops when she sees Raven’s beacon. Clarke then takes Anya to Camp Jaha with her but sets her free before she enters. They both arrange to
get both their leaders to agree on working together against Mount Weather. And then the sad part… as Anya is walking away a shot is fired and hits her. She drops to the ground, says “My fight is over” in Grounder language (heart breaking, right!?) and dies.

The Clanya journey was an emotional rollercoaster. When Clarke and Anya first met Anya wouldn’t take Clarke’s hand to shake and the last time they met she took her hand to shake. Also the first time they met Anya didn’t want peace and on the last time they met she did. Just when Clarke and Anya were on the same terms she dies which to a lot of fans, was devastating. Fans took to Twitter and other social media sites stating how upset they were by the death of Anya. It’s amazing how fans can go from hating Anya to loving her. Anya wasn’t a bad person, she was protecting her people just like Clarke was, and they just used different techniques to do so.

With Anya gone the remaining delinquents and Ark survivors will have to either find a way to contact the Grounders and get them to work together against the Mountain Men (Kane’s attempt at contacting the Grounders seems to go downhill as he is seen getting beaten up by the Grounder prisoner in the Human Trials trailer) or work alone against Mount Weather. Will they find a way? We’ll have to wait until next Wednesday at 9/8c on The CW. Tweet using #The100 and #100GSLT or tweet us @GroundersSource. Grounders Source out.