The 100

The 100 Season One Poster

The 100 is a post-apocalyptic television drama show created by The CW, first airing Wednesday March 19, 2014. After a nuclear war wiped out almost all life on earth, the only survivors are those residing on twelve space stations in orbit prior to the war. These stations banded together to create what is known as “The Ark” where over 2,400 people live. With oxygen and resources in the ark depleting, any crime no matter how serious is punishable with death by “floating”, essentially being forced out of The Ark into space. The only way to escape this punishment is if the perpetrator is under eighteen years of age. With resources critically low, The Ark’s council makes the choice to drop one hundred of these juvenile prisoners onto the earth in a last chance attempt to see if the earth is survivable. After being dropped onto the earth, the teenagers must battle for their lives and learn how to survive. They also learn they are not alone.

The show is the most watched show in its time slot for The CW since 2010. Diane Werts from NewsDay says The 100 is a “strongly acted thriller, which seems to add another intense dimension weekly.” Jeff Korbelik from The Lincoln Journal Star reviewed the show saying, “[the show] has promise because it’s not formulaic. I have no idea where it’s headed, which is kind of nice for a change.” Finally USA Today’s Robert Bianco commented on the show stating, “it gets better, digs deeper and reaches farther than anyone might have predicted.”

The 100 Season Two Poster