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The 100 Adjustment Protocol and Blood of Sanctum Review

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100

In honor of tonight’s The 100 season 7 premiere, I composed a two-in-one review of the last two episodes of season 6.  As I had a rather difficult year last year in a personal sense, I didn’t get to embark on the task.  With that being said, I hope that you’ll enjoy the piece! It won’t be perfect as it was written quickly.

The 100 Adjustment Protocol and The Blood Of Sanctum Recap-Review

From Gods To Godless

Aired July 30th, 2019 & August 6th, 2019 respectively

As we approach the season 7 premiere today (May 20th), I thought it would be beneficial and recollecting to revisit the last two episodes of season 6.  As they are adjacent, this review will be combining the two.


Adjustment Protocol

Adjustment Protocol was an episode that was filled with action, suspense, and Clarke kicking butt.  Clarke is still in Sanctum, fooling everyone once again, as Josephine-including her mother, who threatens Russell for taking her child away.

I cannot blame her at all.

The 100

That soulful interaction between mother and daughter is electrifying because the grief is tremendously felt, but Clarke is feeling her own pain as she is partially responsible for that grief.  The same applies to Clarke as she watches her own daughter, Madi suffers from Sheidheda’s toxic control.  There is not a thing that Clarke cannot do because she is in disguise, and any leak will kill her family.

Yet, Clarke lets Abby, Raven, and Jackson in on her secret, and all is better.   She continues the façade so that she can free Skaikru and reveal the truth of Sanctum.  She meets up with Echo, Gaia, and Miller after finding Ryker, dead, stealing his drive, and saving their lives from Sanctum guards.  It is a wonderful reunion between them as we all now that Clarke and Echo had a rocky past.

One of the highlights is that Raven and Abby reconciled-something that both the women wanted, and that Abby tells Raven that she is her family.

The 100

The magic did not last long, because unfortunately for Abby, she became Simone, and from there, all hell broke loose in Sanctum.   Russell has gone full crazy as Gabriel, his Children, and Priya reveals the truth about their “Gods”.  Nonbelievers are gassed, and Bellamy and O try to corral their people to safety.

In the process, we lost Priya.

It is not to go unnoticed that Murphy and Emori have joined in on the” Naming Day” fun.  They are now known as Danial and Kaylee Prime but they are still Murphy and Emori. They are just playing the “Fool Everyone” game, just like Clarke.

And just like other family members, they know that it is really Clarke as Murphy told her that Josie called him “John”.

Russell, Simone, Clarke, Jackson, Gaia, and the rest of the Primes (minus Murphy and Emori) have zipped into space to destine to another planet.

Surprises wait for them in space!

The Blood of Sanctum

The heart-wrenching season finale is filled with disappearing acts.  And, yet I think it was the perfect close.  Again, there was tight action and suspense, a softer moment, and then a hard edge.

The Primes, Jackson, and Clarke have entered the ship, and waves of shock from the inhabitants greet them.  The biggest one comes from Indra as she watches Clarke point a gun to Gaia’s head.

The 100

The Primes’ (Russell’s pretty much) is to take over the ship and destine to another planet.  They will use the sleeping prisoners as hosts once their owns ages.  Clarke remains neutral and even falsely complies, but I can clearly see it in her mind that she wants to kill them all.

Sheidheda is still in the highest force, even going as far as knocking out a few people, but thanks to Clarke’s love and desperate pleas, Madi was able to eliminate him.   She had just lost her mother, but damn, if she was going to lose her daughter.  He is erased from Madi for good.  However, Raven must kill his code to be rid of him forever, but he manages to be uploaded someplace else.


Back in Sanctum, Bellamy, Octavia, Echo, and Miller, along with Layla and Nelson, are tied up and about to be converted.  The lady in the cloak (I believe she is a Prophet) is one scary being as she looms over the prisoners.  Fortunately, Emori, Gabriel, and Murphy save the day by pretending to seize control (by which they did) of the situation and pretends to escort Bellamy and co. to death.

We did lose Layla though, and Nelson is pretty much faux zombified.

The 100

However, the convinced attacks them, and again, all hell lets loose. They barely escape to the palace where Gabriel is waiting.  From there, the group acts out an elaborate plan, but some of it went a bit unscrewed as the Prophet wanted to purify Sanctum by torching the palace.  Bellamy tries to stop her but fails and it is Echo who does.  A fight breaks out between the two groupings, and Murphy is quick to knock out some of the divines.  Witnessing this, it leads to the Prophet sacrificially torturing herself in purification, and while it is a stark and rather crucifying movement, it also draws to the fact that cults can indeed have an overpowering of self and body.

Octavia decides to try to save her by letting out the flames, but in the process, she too is nearly engulfed.  She is fine though, just a little winded, and loses her cool jacket.

Then, Gabriel notices the Anomaly code tattoos on her back and is mesmerized by it. What could the mean?  Octavia knows that she must go back into the Anomaly.

Oh, we also lost Jordan of whom is frozen with the weird beliefs.

Sunset finally descends over the mess, and Clarke and her crew, plus a sad Russell, come back from space.  Everyone embraces each other, and there are beautiful reunions and hugs all around.  Jordan is still lost and confused about certain things, and I hope that he snaps out of it.

Bellamy and Clarke share a tender moment in the sun as Bellamy consoles her for she is heartbroken and is having a conscience dilemma.

Give that girl a break!

To find out the mystery of why the Anomaly wants Octavia, she, Bellamy, Echo, and Gabriel head into the forest.  Below his domains, the Stone lies, and together, they try to crack the code and its meaning.  Octavia presses her finger on the “O”, which calls the Anomaly.

It is a pivotal and suspenseful moment for her.

Then, something unexpected happens as the green clouds emerge.  An adult Hope Diyoza comes out and without any explanation, she stabs Octavia.  Bellamy is beside himself, and before long, Octavia is swept into the Anomaly.

The finale closes with hoards of questions and confusion, and a distraught Bellamy finding his sister.

It looks like a mystery to be solved.  The 100 wouldn’t be The 100 without a mystery or two.

That covers my recap-review of both episodes.  What did you think of them?  How do you feel about losing Abby?  Clarke and Raven renewing their friendship? What about Octavia getting lost?  Were you surprised or upset about it?

The 100 season 7 airs tonight on the CW

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