Murphamy: The Hottest New Bromance By: Lucy Blackwell

Murphamy: The Hottest New Bromance!

 Written By: Lucy Blackwell

 Originally published on: December 2nd, 2014

A new bromance has arrived on The 100, Murphamy! Bellamy and Murphy’s friendship seemed like an impossible one but it has actually happened… surprisingly. Murphamy really shined their blossoming friendship on ‘Many Happy Returns’ (Season two, episode four) when Murphy helped Finn and Monroe save Bellamy’s life, not because Murphy had to, but because he wanted to.

Of course, we all know Bellamy and Murphy have had their differences, like when Bellamy hanged Murphy and then Murphy hanged Bellamy… can we really blame Murphy for, well, being Murphy?  Eh, no. We see an emotional side to Murphy on ‘The 48’ (Season two, episode one) when he tells Raven about the death of his parents. The poor guy was blamed for the death of his father by his mother who he finds dead in a pool of her own vomit.

Bellamy didn’t have the best upbringing either, his mother was floated for having a second child (Octavia) and his sister was taken away. Bellamy’s family was completely split up just like Murphy’s. Aurora (Bellamy’s mum) is in ‘His Sister’s Keeper’ (Season one, episode six). We find out she is sleeping with a guard to get Bellamy’s recommendation so he himself can become a guard, Bellamy is in the room when the guard asks Aurora to come to his quarters later on which clearly upset Bellamy.

Murphy and Bellamy have a lot in common: both of their parents were killed on the ARK, both tried to kill each other (many times), both have very strong, leader-like personalities and both are devastatingly handsome!  Will we be seeing more Murphamy this season? Let’s hope so!

They have had their differences but now, finally they are working together! Can the boys keep up their teamwork or fall back into their old ways? Find out by watching The 100 ‘Fog Of War’ (Season two, episode six) this Wednesday at 9/8c on The CW and tweet along using #The100. Also tweet us at @GroundersSource using #100GSLT. Grounders Source out!