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The 100 From The Ashes Recap-Review

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 From the Ashes

This week, The 100 From the Ashes premiered.  It is the first episode of the seventh and final season.  As a The 100 normalcy, the action and suspense was packed and moral compasses were heavily explored.  From the Ashes was the perfect way to debut the new season-despite a painful takeaway.  Read the review for From the Ashes.  Be advised that it contains spoilers.

The 100 From the Ashes Recap-Review

Episode 7×01

Written by Jason Rothenberg; directed by Ed Fraiman

Aired: May 20th, 2020

We’re Back Fankru!

After a lengthy hiatus, The 100 has returned.  The seventh season premiere From the Ashes gave us a new setting while keeping a continuance.  For months, we have been impatiently waiting for Clarke, Bellamy, Echo, Raven, Murphy, and everyone else to continue their journeys.  Yet, I was quite taken by surprise a certain, unplanned journey.  It was one of the premiere’s core arcs, and it set off an interesting turn.

The 100 From the Ashes

The performances given were phenomenal and I felt the effort the cast placed into their work.  If anyone knows their roles and how they execute them, it is this one talented group of individuals. Eliza Taylor gave it her all and then some with one of the toughest deliverances to date.  The beauty of watching Eliza is that she never fails of bringing her skills to the table and captivates all with her talent.

From the Ashes not only gave us that overall The 100 feel that we all know and love, but it once again explored moral compasses and conscience.


Home Sweet Hell

After the traumatic and turbulent events in 613, Clarke and her family try to live a normal life in Sanctum.  It is not an easy transition, but at this point, everyone just wants to have a semblance of peace.   A significant new start requires a home, so Clarke and crew moved into the farmhouse that was once Simone’s.  I don’t know about you but moving into the place that once belonged to the one responsible for your mother’s death possesses an eerie ambiance.

I just hope that a ghost story does not unfold here because that is the last thing these people need.

Oh, and a flat-out war within the Sanctum compounds because those outside Clarke’s inner circle are on edge.  At least Murphy and Emori will still charade as Primes to settle the dust.

The 100 From the Ashes

Carrying on, all seems to be going well, especially for Madi, who now has a “normal” chance of being a young girl and not under the realms of being a Commander, albeit still being followed by Wonkru.

For Madi to explore and experience childhood is relaxing.  Her scenes with her newly adopted puppy, Picasso warms the heart because what sweet dog with child moment does not?  Madi is happy and free for the time being, and right now, that is all that matters.  She is even keen on being tutored by Gaia, filling her mind with art rather than former Commanders.

Speaking of Gaia, she herself must rebuild her faith and soul because the Flame is no longer in existence.  The reason why she became Fleimkepa is because of her father’s death and grief was not allowed.  Now that there is no Flame, what new path will be paved for Gaia?  She has only known of being a main principle among her people, so getting adjusted to a new lifestyle and mission will be challenging.

The 100 From the Ashes

Clarke is going through her own adjustment—moving on without her mother.  Everyone is feeling the loss, (Looking at you Jackson and Murphy) but Abby was Clarke’s last surviving family and her mother.  Over the years, she becomes desensitized to death, thus, it is one of the sole parts of her grief expression.  Grief comes in several forms and Clarke holds hers in.  She has placed everyone first before herself, never had a minute for herself (apart from Eden), and now she is left with an internal powder keg.

Even with the consolation of Madi’s sharing her own story of her birth mother, Clarke dismisses it as she does not want to be burdened by pain.  That she needs some sort of distractions to take her mind off it.

At any given time, she will explode, releasing all her pent-up feelings and I will cry for her.

Clarke continues to put on a brave face so she can handle the rising conflict among the factions of citizens and tries to make peace.  Between her people, the Believers, the non-Believers, the Children of Gabriel, and now the newly awaken prisoners, it is a tight web to untangle.

The 100 From the Ashes

And most of the webbing is tangled around Russell as his own life hangs in the balance.  The nonbelievers and Children of Gabriel want him to burn, but Clarke does not as she wants to set a better example for everyone, especially for Madi.

What better way to justify that example by honoring life, even when that person was solely responsible for countless others?

Russell himself desires death, as he finds it the only escape from his personal hell.  He has lost everything—his family, his home, his religion and God-like persona, and his dog.  How can someone move on after losing everything that made them whole?  The truth is, not very many can, but somehow the pieces are picked up and a new leaf turns over.

Jordan even said that he was just a man who lost his way and tries to find the good.  Ah, sweet Jordan.

Clarke goes in to see him inside the palace after being escorted by herself and Miller from his cell.  After a few minutes of trying to negotiate an order to be given, he hands Clarke her mother’s personal effects, and that triggered the combustion of anger and grief.

The 100 From the Ashes

She lets out the pain, the caged-up sadness that was eating her within onto Russell, who just takes as a welcome gesture.  It is a powerful outlet, underlying the circumstances that led up to this point.  While this anger storm is not an easy thing to do unnaturally, Taylor flows it naturally into her craft.  That takes immense and passionate talent, so please just give this woman an Emmy already.

An incredible scenic symbolism, the palace burns, due to a fallen gaslight from Russell’s beating.  The intensity and bright flames connect with a now enraged Clarke and it could not be more perfect.

To top it off, she gives a very impending announcement on the freedom of Sanctum with no Primes or royalty, and that Russell Prime will finally get his wish.

Or will he?

While much of the crowd approves, Clarke’s call, those who know her best are shocked and confused.  At the beginning, Clarke was firm on positive changes and doing better, but now, they saw her transform her mind and agenda.

At the look of those facial expressions, I fear that nothing great will come out of this choice.

The Great Blake Race

Here is where the real suspense begins.  At the closure of The Blood of Sanctum, Octavia was in her brother’s arms, struggling for life after being stabbed by Hope, and then suddenly, she evaporates into the Anomaly.

As we all know, Bellamy is in tears, but an unknown force drags him away into the Anomaly.  To witness our favorite male lead being deeply damaged and his story whittled down is just a travesty.  Without a solid and well-developed male influence to carry out the heart, the show loses some of its magic.  It loses a portion of creditability because fans who adore Bellamy Blake and idolize him as the “Rebel Hero” will have an understandable range of anger.

The 100 From the Ashes

The quick thirty seconds of Bob Morley was so extraordinarily little, but it laid out half the episode’s storyline.  Secondly, even without Bob’s physical presence, his spirit carried on in the episode, and it was felt generously.

That is the power that Bob Morley holds and each season, it gets more powerful.

With Bellamy now gone, Echo, of whom is still in the forest with Gabriel and Hope, goes to investigate.  As a genuinely concerned girlfriend, she scopes out the perimeters for his whereabouts.

Those same forces are keeping Echo and now Gabriel–who just learned that Bellamy is gone, are being violently pushed back.  Whatever or whoever the forces are, they certainly do not want Bellamy’s allies in.

Echo clears a path so they can continue their search and catch up with Hope, who ran from the tent earlier.  Unfortunately, Hope lost all memory from the Anomaly and Gabriel is both confused and fascinated.

The 100 From the Ashes

But Echo is not buying anything Hope is saying, but when Hope said that they need to find Bellamy after showing them a “Trust Bellamy” note in her arm, she changes her tune.  From there, the three form a triumvirate and it is a wonderful dynamic.

As nightfall descends, they are faced yet again by the same invisible forces.  Once they take shape, (thanks to Echo), they form hallucinating holographic images of Roan (welcome back, Zach!) and young Echo, and they penetrate Echo’s wellbeing and mind.

Roan does make a solid point though in his confrontation.  Who is Echo without her leader?  And without the man, she “claims” to love?  Other than a follower, what is Echo’s identity?

The 100

There is no doubt in my mind that she loves Bellamy unconditionally as he was the one who taught her about love, family, and a less hostile life.  He is her star and she is afraid of losing him.  Bellamy is what taught her to become someone better, to have hope in life, and to lift her from the darkness.

When she betrayed him in season three, it was one of her deepest regrets and by pointing that out, he became a major part of her identity.

Without having Bellamy now, Echo must do a bit of soul searching.  However, even before Bellamy, she was fierce for the survival of Azgeda.

And herself.

Hope is also feeling the hallucinations as her childhood is brought up by other than Octavia. It is a not a shock as the two already have a connection, but what does Octavia mean by telling Hope to keep quiet?  And why is Hope afraid of this?

The hallucinations became actual people when shot dead, and Gabriel makes a discovery that the Anomaly is not a natural phenomenon; it is controlled.

Season two, Mt. Weather radiation fog anyone?  That is what this thing is reminding me of.

Just before it closes, the three jumps into it to seek its mystery and to bring back the Blakes and Diyoza.

I’m all for it.

The 100 From the Ashes

Russell Prime, Hallowed Be His Name

Rest in peace, Russell Lightbourne.  Hello, Sheidheda-although we particularly do not like you.  I got some bad news for you.  Sheidheda has uploaded into Russell’s mind drive and has every intent to take over.  For Madi’s sake, I sure the hell hope that he leaves her alone.

With the bad guy becoming a more dangerous bad guy, it is a The 100 first.  JR Bourne transitioned into the role smoothly and while we may not have Russell anymore of whom he portrayed wonderfully; I am enthusiastic to mold Sheidheda. The guy has a rich and dark history with the Commanders that even Indra is afraid of him.  If she is afraid, then I guess there is no hope of having peace this season.

Bonus Bullets

  • According to a TV Guide interview, Bob Morley requested some time off and that is why Bellamy’s screen time has been limited early in the season. The WB studios made accommodations for the request.  Don’t worry.  Bellamy is not dead, and he will return.  You just need to ‘trust him’.
  • Are Clarke and the rest of Skaikru going to acknowledge that Bellamy is missing? As well Echo and Octavia?  It feels out of character and misplaced with this behavior.
  • Secondly, without the head and heart being aligned and no mentions, it did not feel as right as it should have been.
  • Clarke and Raven, Clarke and Gaia, Clarke and Madi, Gaia and Indra, Echo and Hope, Gabriel and Echo. So glad to see new and old dynamics flowing seamlessly into the narratives.
  • Shannon, who was given little screen time and a partial storyline last season, has been blessed with more this season.
  • Who else enjoyed the dynamic of Russell and Jordan?
  • Indra is just an amazing woman, with her head filled with rational intellect.
  • I can watch an hour of just Picasso and nothing else
  • Murphy being the classic snark shark and we love to see that.
  • Also, please give me more Memori being ridiculously adorable. Please and thank you.
  • We got a peek at Alaina Huffman’s character, Nikki, along with Chad Rook’s Hatch
  • The picnic scene was a stark contrast as it was peaceful to the chaotic hell burning of the palace.
  • Clarke’s breakdown and her grief for her mom Abby broke me.
  • Clarke stepping down the stairs is a major, major mood.

The 100 From the Ashes

What did you think of The 100 From the Ashes?  How do you feel about Bellamy’s disappearance and search?  Will Clarke ever have a moment’s happiness?  What do you think is in store for everyone at this point?



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