Con-Geda A The 100 Convention

Con-Geda A The 100 Convention By The Fans For The Fans

If you have ever been to a convention filled with fellow passionate fans, then you know just how fun, exciting, and life-changing it can be.  Interacting and bonding with your favorite talent from a show is also a big bonus!  

What if there was a convention that was designed by a fandom for that fandom?  Fans engaging with fellow fans to give them what they want at this unique con?  

Well, there is one, and it’s called Con-Geda, a The 100 convention.

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The 100 Season 5

A Preview Of The 100 Season 5

In seven days, a mere week–The 100 will air its fifth season premiere of Eden.  Yes, I know it has been a very long wait, eleven months to be exact since Praimfaya, but that wait is nearly over and we will be absorbed in a new expedition of our characters and dynamic narratives.  I have held off on spoilers-and unfortunately, you will not find any major ones here.  I am going to try to keep the preview spoiler-free as much as possible.  Yet, I will keep it exciting and edgy in preparation for the upcoming season.  There are vague spoilers below, so if you do not want to continue, please feel free to disembark.

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The 100 season 5

First Four Episode Summaries Of The 100 Season 5 Revealed

The CW has released official summaries-or synopsis for the first four episodes of The 100 season 5.  They create a mind illustration of what is to come for each episode-and they’re pretty surreal!  You can see each one by continuing below.  *Be aware that the descriptions will contain mild spoilers.  Read at your own risk.*

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WonderCon 2018

On Friday, March 23rd, The 100 cast, and executive producer Jason Rothenberg attended the annual pop culture event, WonderCon.  Members of the press asked questions about the upcoming fifth season, in which will probably be the most insane one of all, and had a panel filled with fan questions.  Additionally, the audience was treated to a 20-minute preview of the April 24th premiere, Eden.

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The 100

The New Promo For The 100 Is Forbiddingly Beautiful And We Love It

Talk about presenting and promoting one of the best shows on current television, and amplifying that promotion to define the show of what it truly is.  The CW Network has decided to finally rev up the promotion for The 100-in which doesn’t get much, and the results are simply stunning.  I believe this is one of those “quality over quantity cases” and in defense, it works.  Really works.  On Wednesday, a new 60-second trailer for season five was released, showing four of the main characters questioning their conscience and selves with the tagline, “Who Am I?”

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ConAgeddon Ships Out To Boston

The United States premiere of The 100 convention, ConAgeddon had its debut in the city of Boston over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  The two-night, two-day event, pieced together by The 100 cast themselves, and the dedicated ConAgeddon team who hope to deliver exclusivity and intimate, one-on-one appreciation and life event for the fandom–and they have done it.  Very successfully.

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The Launch Of The 100 Season 5 Trailer

Today was the OFFICIAL launch of The 100 season 5 trailer, and it is completely out of this world.  No really, it is.  Our heroes are encountering new enemies, grasping on what little hope that they have, and find themselves at ends with one another.  The trailer is the best one yet, in my opinion, and I can fully see why the wait was so long and tedious.  It incorporates all of the emotions and mind skills The 100 is well known for and had us gripping the edge of our seats as each exploding frame played.  But you don’t have to take my word for it.  You can continue on to see the trailer below!

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