Grounders Source has created some very interesting podcasts (More to come) just for The 100 fans.  Sit down, take a break from your busy lifestyle, and take a listen to one of the entertaining podcasts!  If you have an idea for a future episode, please contact.


Episode One:  We Are Grounders!

Published: 6.9.2014

Join us as we recap and discuss We Are Grounders Part. 1, Ricky Whittle’s role in the TV show, “Mistresses”, and the world of The 100.

Episode Two: Tristan Just Needs A Hug

Published: 7.17.2014

Join us as we go over the news, recap “We Are Grounders Part. 2” and explore Devon Bostick’s role in the movie, “Small Time” in the cast and crew other projects segment.

Episode Three:  Ricky Whittle Is My Husband

Published:  8.18.2014

Join us as we discuss the latest news, rant about Bellarke and Linctavia, and highlight Marie Avgeropoulos’s movie, Fugitive at 17 in our Cast & Crew other projects segment.

Episode Four:  Love or Survival?

Published: 9.17.2014

Join us for the fourth episode of Grounders, where Emily goes over the latest news, takes discussion topic requests from Grounders Source twitter followers, and talks about Henry Ian Cusick’s movie, “God VS. Frank”.

Episode Five:  Interview With Kim Shumway

Published: 10.8.2014

Join Emily as she interviews Kim Shumway, one of the incredible writers on “The 100“. Find out how she got her start, her favorite moments they have written, and even if the character Commander Shumway was named after her!

Episode Six: Kane, THERE ARE NO RULES!

Published: 11.14.2014

Join Emily as she goes over The 100 news, recaps and discusses the latest episodes in season 2, announces a contest, and talks about Marie Avgeropoulos in another CW show, “Cult“, in the Cast and Crew Other Projects segment.

Episode Seven: Slow Clap for Prez Dante

Published: 12.29.2014

Join Emily as she goes over the news, recaps the latest episodes of The 100, gets a wee bit emotional, and talks about Marie’s new movie, “Tracers” with boyfriend, Taylor Lautner!

Episode Eight: Clarke is Co-Co for Coco Puffs

Published: 1.31.2015

Join Emily as she discusses the latest news, the return of The 100 season 2, and Adina Porter’s role in the hit HBO show, True Blood.

Episode  Nine: Try To Love One Another Right Now

Published: 6.26.2015

Join Evelyn as she discusses intolerance, The 100 ‘shipping wars,’ and hopes for season three!

Episode 10: Say A Prayer For Peace For Season Three

Published: 1.15.2016

Join Evelyn from Grounders Source as she talks all things season three of The 100!

Episode Eleven: #UnitedForever

Published: 1.31.2017

Grounders Source’s Evelyn recaps her time and experience at Unity Days 2017.

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