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The 100 False Gods Preview

by Evelyn Ulrich
False Gods

After Octavia’s incredible new life and Aunty O glow up from last week’s The Garden, we’re back in Sanctum this week with False Gods.  The characters all take interesting turns, especially after that twist ending in the premiere.

We came up with a preview to better prepare you.  Why?  Because we enjoy doing the kind thing.

False Gods is a bit on the dark side as we further explore Sheidheda as he makes his home inside Russell.  This is one former Commander that one should not mess with.  It’s a very creepy scenario.

Then,  if that was not dark enough for you, Raven makes a grim discovery in Sanctum’s lab.  In fact, in the sneak peek, you can find out what it is.

Sneak Peek

Additionally, Clarke will face the aftermath of burning down the palace (though that wasn’t her fault) and sentencing Russell to death.  She isn’t alone with the action as friends weigh in on it.

Inside False Gods

Are you ready for  episode 7×3?  It airs tonight!  To help you catch up, read our recap of last week’s episode, The Garden!


*Will provide update if more sneak peeks are released.*

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