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The 100 Welcome To Bardo Promo & Stills

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Welcome To Bardo

The 100 Welcome To Bardo will be the next and fifth season 7 episode.  Basing on the connected promo material, Octavia will have one hell of a ride on the planet.  Meanwhile, some drama unfolds inside Sanctum.  You can access the content below!

The 100 Welcome To Bardo Promo Trailer

Octavia getting memory-capped, Murphy getting battered and bruised, Sheidheda in full reign.  The trailer eliminates Clarke and the traveling kru as they’ve been transported to Nakara, but maybe it will be to spoiling to reveal.   In the last episode, Hesperides, Clarke found out about the whereabouts of Bellamy, Echo, and Octavia, took down Anders and his Disciples. and planet-hopped through the Anomaly.   Fun times are ahead, I am sure.

As Welcome to Bardo was not a screener, I have not seen it prior to the live airing.  However, I do believe that it will follow in the footsteps of its predecessors.  Let’s see if it will.

Promotional Stills

Octavia is looking rather apprehensive as she is taken into the lab.  By fair judgment, she might be getting memory-capped, so that cult officials can seek out information.  What purpose they’ll use for it for, that I do not know.  If Bardo resembles Mt. Weather, then we are in some deep trouble.

And, personally, I am afraid of those dudes in white.

The stills are also in high-resolution in the gallery.

Welcome To Bardo Album

What are your theories for Welcome To Bardo?  Will this be the episode where Bellamy Blake returns?  What will happen to Octavia?

The 100 airs Wednesdays on the CW

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