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2014 Birthday Art

2014 Birthday Art

On December 20th, it will be Bobby’s 31st birthday!  So, Grounders Source would love to do something special for him.  Like Eliza Taylor’s birthday, fans sent in their own favourite photos, fan art, and personal messages, and they all created a video.  Now, I like to be as creative and expansive with any project.  This is what makes it fun and more sentimental, and personal.  You can all send in a special piece, whether it would be your own fan art, messages, favourite photo of Bobby, video clip, etc.  Here are the guidelines:

  • All fan art, photos, clips, messages, and the like must be sent to the following email: grounderspodcast@gmail.com or through DM on Twitter 
  • Everything must be in by 5:00 PM (Central Time) on Sunday, December 19th.  This is so I can put everything together and have it ready in time.
  • NOTHING DEGRADING, INSULTING, OR SEXUAL IN YOUR PIECES.  I am going to emphasize this because there are just too many attackers.  For the reason of why, I have no idea.  But, please be kind, nice, and sweet.
  • Is there a hashtag?  Yes, there is.  #bobbysbirthdayproject Use this while tweeting your pieces.
  • Try to keep the project a secret!  We want Bobby to be completely surprised!
  • Have fun, and put your heart into it!


I cannot wait to see all of your lovely work!

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