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Finally! Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor Become New Parents

by Evelyn Ulrich
Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor

Welcome to the world Baby Morley!  On Saturday, Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor (well Eliza) presented their new little human on Instagram!  And can you just say, peak adorableness?  This is the moment that the Morleys dreamed of, and with all that’s happening, a new baby always renews the joys.

Peak adorableness truly!  Eliza posted her (and Bob’s) finally arrived baby’s foot on Saturday.  The photo is simple, with a sweet baby foot and a softened nursery background.  Despite that, the pic definitely caused a happy stir on social media.  The announcement came a little over a month after Bob and Eliza revealed that they were about to become parents.



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“Though sleep is well and truly a thing of the past, we could not be happier 💗,” Eliza scripted describing her elated mood as well as describing a related stage of new motherhood.

Their former The 100 costars, Lola Flannery, Ivana Milicevic, Erica Cerra, and Zach McGowan sent their congratulations through a series of comments and emojis.  Just as a curious, harmless insight, Eliza’s use of the pink heart emoji may reflect that the baby could be a girl.

Or could by very well be a boy?   All that we know is that the child will receive plenty of adoration and love, not just from the family, but from the fans too.

Speaking of fans, Conageddon is still very much happening this year, after being postponed due to the pandemic.  No words can articulate just how incredible and memorable the event encapsulates as both fans and The 100 cast share a weekend together.  Tickets are still available as well as extras.

As for after work from The 100, Bob and Eliza will be starring in the sci-fi thriller, “I’ll Be Watching” that should premiere theatrically later this year.  In the Georgia-set film, the couple plays a married ‘dysfunctional’ version of themselves.

Again, sending off more rounds of congratulations to Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor on their new arrival!

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