Kass Morgan’s The 100: Homecoming Cover! By: Lucy Blackwell


Kass Morgan’s The 100: Homecoming Cover!

Written By: Lucy Blackwell

Originally published on November 19th, 2014  

Last Monday, Kass Morgan, the author of The 100 and Day 21, released a picture of her new book! The 100 Book 3: Homecoming, which is set to be released in February 2015 and is the follow up to Day 21. The cover features Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Finn (Thomas McDonell) and Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos). Check out Homecoming’s cover below:

It’s brilliant isn’t it?!  Clarke, Octavia and Finn are all staring up into the sky with wide and fascinated eyes, The cover fits in with the storyline: they are watching the rest of the people on the Ark coming down to the ground. Their eyes are glistening like diamonds in the night’s sky and they all look so gorgeous! Finn, who isn’t a character in the book appears on the front cover. Does this mean Finn could be in Homecoming? On Morgan’s original version of The 100 book cover none of the characters appear on it, because the book came out before the TV show – but when the TV show came out the cover changed to Clarke, Bellamy, Wells, Octavia and Finn on the front.  Finn wasn’t in the book then so we shall have to wait and see if he appears in Homecoming or if he’s just there to promote the TV show!

The 100 book is where it all started, without Kass Morgan’s amazing imagination and beautiful writing skills we wouldn’t have our beloved TV show! The book does not feature some of the main characters from the tv show, as for example Finn, Raven, Jasper, etc aren’t featured in the book, but it is still absolutely breathtaking! (Plus, Wells is alive in the books)! And for the Bellarke shippers, it is filled with Bellamy and Clarke romance! So if you haven’t read The 100 and Day 21, go read them ready for February!

Day 21 left us on a cliff-hanger with Bellamy and Clarke watching a drop ship flying down to the ground. Homecoming should pick up right where it left off just like Day 21 did. Glass and Luke are on the dropship, will they make it safely to the ground? Will love continue to blossom between Bellamy and Clarke and as for Wells, he’s just found out he is half-brothers with Bellamy!  How scandalous! Wells is also developing feelings for a Grounder named Sasha.

Will there be new characters in Homecoming? New Grounder clans? New romances? The 100 fandom has complete faith Kass Morgan will deliver an amazing book, as she always does! Kass’s books are available to buy from Amazon and other large book sellers. They are also available for digital on the Apple Store and Google Play. If you haven’t read them, be sure to give them a read to dig deeper into The 100’s world!

What lies in store for The 100 now? Unfortunately, we will have to wait until next year! Be sure to watch The 100 every Wednesday on the CW at 9/8c and tweet along using #The100 and #100GSLT. Please let us know your favourite quotes, characters and relationships from the books at @GroundersSource on Twitter or drop a comment below! Grounders Source out