by Evelyn Ulrich


*Takes a very deep breath*  Okay, I am calm and ready to recap.  Oh, my God.  Just, oh my God.  Can you believe this?  Today, the brand new The 100 season three trailer has fallen, and it has already created a wave of excited media frenzy.  It has beaten out Star Wars on Twitter!  Yes, Star Wars!   And, I happen to be a Star Wars freak, but I could not help but feel over ecstatic!  Who would have thought?  Well, anyways, I am going to write the recap, and lastly,  the plane wreckage of my emotions.

The trailer as you can see, is quite graphic and gruesome.   Lexa is indeed back, and it appears that she and Clarke are once again allies. Bellamy is over distraught and guilt ridden over what had happened at  Mount Weather.  Yet, it looks like he is at his own personal war with his sister, as she pummels him in the end.  Although I do not approve, she is a strong little thing.  Then, you got that huge guard, trying to take over the camp like he is God, and if anyone dares to disobey or revolt against his ‘laws,’ then the answer will be death.  Ohhh, rough.  Poor Raven is being experimented on, and for what, I do not know, but please, leave that poor girl along already!  I can’t stand to watch her being tortured!  Now, Abby and Kane finally share a kiss together, and it is like the only light in the dark cyclone.  Hey, it cannot not all be death and destruction right?  Jaha is finding out what has caused the apocalypse with A.L.I.E, and Murphy is reunited with Emori.  There is a sex scene thrown in there for good measure, and I think it is a split of two different affairs. One of the lovers though is Clarke.   Ah, my heart has definitely died, and that is a very good thing in this case!

Those were some of the few key highlights, and my emotions and my mind are seriously gone.  Boom!  Gone.  You tried to mentally prep your body for something like this, but in reality, it does not work.  The scene that got me the most though is the feud between the Blake siblings.  They were always so close, always, looked out for one another, and had each others’ backs.  Something must have came between them to cause such an explosion.  There is no other explanation  for it.   Hopefully, they will reconcile their differences and be strong once again.   THEY HAVE TO BE!  I am still very much breathless after viewing the trailer multiple times. I don’t know for certain if I will ever recover.

Be sure to check back tonight as I will have screen caps of the trailer up in the gallery, and tweet your reactions and feels to Grounders Source or leave a comment.

The 100 returns Thursday, January 21st, 2016 at 9/8 CT on The CW.

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