Contribute To Grounders Source

At Grounders Source, we encourage people to express their artistic and creative talents.  This can be either writing, photography, making videos, press coverage, or a mixture.  Whether contributors are amateurs or professionals, all levels are greatly encouraged.  If you have a passion for The 100 and its cast, then contributing to Grounders Source is the place for you!  See the guidelines below on how you can share your thoughts and art.



Writing is a major aspect of Grounders Source as it features the latest news and exclusive articles.  Writers can choose from an assortment of topics that revolves around the show the cast, and they can also voice their opinions on characters or the subjective storylines.  There really is no limit when constructing a piece-yet, professionalism is key.  If this is the forte, then it is strongly encouraged.  When submitting an article, be aware of the fact that editing and polishing will be done and it will become the property of Grounders Source.  The latter simply means that the article cannot be on any other website.  Writers will get a special guest writer spot for their contributions.


Those who enjoy taking photographs at conventions or events are encouraged to submit them to Grounders Source to be used as exclusive coverage.  We are looking for high resolution, DSLR photography from panels from cons (if the event will allow it) and press.  It does not matter what the photographer’s entry-level is because Grounders Source does not want to exclude anyone’s talent.  Be in mind that further editing might be done if appropriate-only to naturally enhance, and will be emblemed with the Grounders Source watermark.  Photographers must also watermark their work as well.  When it comes to photographs, there is the potential risk of being shared and edited on other sites, but Grounders Source will take all necessary precautions to prevent any copyright infringements or dismantling.  Additionally, photos will be used as featured images for articles and content.

Graphic Design

Grounders Source is also seeking out graphic designers to create themes and layouts for the website.  Designers must know digital coding, CSS, HTML, graphic/photo editing programs such as Photoshop, and working with Word.  High-quality work is required and can be nothing less than that.


Videography such as recorded panels (if the event company will allow it) and press interviews are encouraged to be featured here at Grounders Source.  The videos will be uploaded to the Grounders Source Youtube channel and will get the promotion they deserve.  They can also be fan art videos and may be used for future fan days, and any level is fine.  Credit will be given to the videos and all other contributed material.

Press/Media coverage

Grounders Source has been incorporating media and other site partnerships to cover material and content at conventions, especially The 100 conventions.  Now, the main journalist has been doing this, but in the events where I cannot-say that I am ill, or have an emergency, then, another party will be assigned to fulfill.  Press coverage is included but not limited to: interviews, panel summaries, photography, videos, and the like.


Donations and/or sending items for future contests and giveaways are appreciated beyond gratitude.  Prizes may include Funko Pop! figures, fan-created Funko Pops!, fan art, autographs, books, shirts, DVDs, and more.  If senders preferred to be reimbursed for their items, including shipping costs, then that will be no problem.  To do this, senders must have an active Paypal account and a copy of the invoice/receipt.  If preferred to make a monetary pledge, then head on to the Patreon page and do so.  Pledges will go to the upkeep of the site, the income of writers, and much more.

A few ‘golden rules’ when submitting work:

-All pieces must be The 100 themed.

-There will be zero tolerance for harassment and be hating on those involved with the show.  If writers/artists have a certain issue that needs to be expressed, then constructive criticism is fine-but don’t threaten or harass.  It will not do any good, won’t do you any good, and your professionalism may be compromised, and just makes the whole company discrediting.

-All work must be original.  Plagiarism will not be accepted and if suspected, then Grounders Source will investigate into it and the contributor will be prosecuted and forever banned from the site and social media channels.  This goes for photography and videos.  No stealing of others’ work other the above penalties will be applied.

-If you have a social media handle, then you must include it in your submissions.

-Please include a few samples ofyour written work when want to write for us.  This is only to get an idea of what your writing style is and can assist you if need be.

-Send works to

We are looking forward to see your creativity and passions!