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Sneak Peek Of The 100 Season Three Trailer

by Evelyn Ulrich

OH.MY.GOD!  I have absolutely have no words!  This evening, a twenty-one second promo for The 100 season three was released via social media.  It reached over 10K views on Youtube already, and placed the fandom in pure euphoria.  And this is just the sneak peek.  The whole trailer will debut Monday.  I was just like a child at Christmas time when I seen it, even if it was just twenty-one seconds.  Absolute hysterical, and since I was driving home from work, it was hard staying focused!  Don’t follow my example though.


Y’all are probably want to view the promo (again) so here it is!



Wow!  Just. . . .wow.  So many different emotions, and it looks like Kane is trying to out-reign Bellamy again.  Well, that is my outlook.  And what is the deal with Jonty?  Are the Grounders at war again with the Sky People?  Well, these questions and theories shall be answered when The 100 returns January 21st, 2016 on the CW for season three.  What do you think of the sneak peek?  Discuss your theories and thoughts in the comments or tweet them @GroundersSource via Twitter.


And where did the jeep come from?

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