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The 100 A Little Sacrifice Press Release

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 A Little Sacrifice

The CW has launched the official press release for The 100 A Little Sacrifice.  This is the tenth episode of the last season and things so far have been more than surreal.  See what the writeup says about it below!

The 100 A Little Sacrifice Press Release


Shiedheda will no doubt continue his terror in the confines of Sanctum and perhaps tragic endings will be made.  Hopefully not, but that’s my theory.  Indra will have hell on her hands for sure because she is the only one who knows the full Sheidheda and his capabilities.

The Disciple could very well be anyone.  It could be Levitt as he allowed feelings to consume his head and heart, which goes against Bardo’s rules.  Or it could be Echo, who is fooling everyone with her guise as a top Disciple-only to turn on the cult.  It can be Octavia, who allowed herself a moment’s peace with Levitt.

Diyoza might be go looking for her daughter who refused to follow the cause and might be in grave danger.  Hope, on the other hand, might be the most surprising one and saves her mother and family, and maybe even Clarke and her kru as they are on Bardo.

Or Clarke will be the little sacrifice herself, though that is highly unlikely.  But her heart was sacrificed when she heard about you know who’s death.

Anything is possible and anything this season can be alarming.  Who or what will be the little sacrifice?

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