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The 100 Season 6 Soundtrack Is Here (Finally)

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100

Nearly a year after The 100 season 6 ended, its soundtrack has finally been released.  Composed by the very talented Tree Adams, the soundtrack completes the world and mystery of The 100 in a beautiful and relaxing aura.  There is something about the music that sets you free, albeit that the series is anything but finding freedom in a compromised setting.

To celebrate season six’s soundtrack launch, listen to one of the mesmerizing tracks.  We swear it will blow you away!

To briefly summarize The 100 season 6, Skaikru was dropped onto yet another planet, dealt with body-snatching people and false gods, and sucked into an anomaly.  And do not forget the Bellarke moments because that’s important stuff right there.

That’s the gist of it.

The music within the season matched its ominous tone but allowed a sense of nirvana.  With each magical and transcending piece, you are transported back to the moment where it took place.  Who can forget when Bellamy saved his best friend, or when Jordan found his first love with Deliah?   Or how we felt when we lost Kane and Abby close together and shed tears?  The music is just as important as the narrative; it connects everything together and brings out its reality.  Without it, The 100 may lose its momentum and may not be as memorable.  The music has indeed allowed us to explore The 100‘s territory on a more sobering note.

The 100

In a press release provided by the soundtrack’s label, Water Tower Music (which Warner Bros. owns) Mr. Adams said this about the newly released soundtrack:

“The latest official Soundtrack of The 100 (Season 6), features an expansive new palette as we introduce some new characters and explore some mysterious new worlds”… says composer Tree Adams.

The 100

Admittingly, the soundtracks have made their way into my regular listening rotation and aid my always scared chihuahua by putting her in a peaceful slumber.

But the stories of her being scared will rest until another day.

The tracklisting of the album includes nineteen impressive pieces and there is something for everyone.  Even if you are not a fan of the show, and just like the music, then that’s fine too.

  1. Hope Stabs Octavia
  2. Kane’s Fight Isn’t Over
  3. Planet Alpha
  4. The Anomaly
  5. Sheidheda
  6. Clarke’s Struggle
  7. Cillian is the Mole
  8. Echo’s First Kill
  9. Delilah & Jordan
  10. Of Xavier and Gabriel
  11. Russell & Sanctum
  12. Clarke’s Naming Day
  13. Anomaly Stone
  14. This Is How We Get Our Humanity Back
  15. Escape Swarm & Find Empty Compound
  16. Josephine Takes Over Clarke’s Body
  17. My Sister is Not My Responsibility
  18. Discover Neural Lab
  19. Octavia – The Battle Within

We included a special, handpicked track for you to listen to.

The 100 Season 6 Soundtrack-Clarke’s Struggle

Seriously, I cannot get enough of the soundtracks that Tree Adama composes as they are unique and places me into a new and curious world.

The 100 season 6 soundtrack-as well as the previous ones (season three through five) are available to stream or purchase on your favorite music platforms.  Or if you just want to jump right into the music, you can click on the link provided!

Stream The Season 6 Soundtrack

After you gave the album a fair listen, what are your favorite pieces?   What song is on your loop?

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