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The 100: 21 Snippets Of Bellarke

by Evelyn Ulrich

When you are an iconic and well-beloved duo, you are going to have plenty of memorable moments, substantial development, and legions of fans.  The 100‘s Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) and Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) are that beloved duo.  They are Bellarke.  Together, they’ve encountered pretty much everything, as well as going to such dangerous and soul-twisting ways to save lives.  Hope and determination drove the two to the core, never giving up.   Additionally, they are the very best of friends, or “platonic soulmates” as officially dubbed.  It seems like everytime the two leaders appear side-by-side on screen, magic resonates. There is often a shortness of breath, a quickening beat of the heart, or a joyous squeal from one who has just witnessed Bellarke’s endeavors. Throughout five seasons, Bellamy and Clarke butted heads and hearts, as well as intertwining them.  They were indeed destined to be “the head and heart”; their missions and interludes never ceasing to end.  Why should it?  Without Bellamy and Clarke, the show would not have structure; it would lack depth; it would lack emotion, and it would not have a poignant and a well-developed partnership.  Those who follow their journey, whether they’re together or separated, always nearly conclude with a sprout of emotion and feeling.  Sometimes, it’s joy, sometimes hope, anger, love, or a unique cocktail of all. In reflection, I have chosen twenty-one iconic Bellarke snippets, from the past 5 seasons, sure to turn even the grimmest and renew the faith of Bellamy and Clarke.

Season One

Season one was the beginning of a beautiful, yet stormy relationship.  Bellamy was an arrogant, inconsiderate, pompous, and impulsive man of very little regard for the others.  His entire purpose was to protect and watch over his sister, Octavia.  Clarke, on the other hand, was learning and discovering the treachery of the Ground.  Although Bellarke may have had angst and disagreement in the early stages, they nonetheless fell on mutual terms.  Here are a few scenes from season one that gained momentum.


Bellamy Saves Clarke

Earth Skills

I will forever have this moment from Earth Kills locked in my mind.  It was partially because of the bond formulating between the Brave Princess and the Rebel King and the gradual chipping of Bellamy’s “macho” persona.  It also opened the floodgates for many a Bellarker.


Clarke Steps In

Contents Under Pressure

Clarke’s seemingly intimate gesture was actually her stepping in to stop Bellamy from torturing Lincoln. Yet, even Clarke couldn’t persuade Lincoln to reveal which vial was the anecdote, needed to save Finn. Despite the very harsh explosion of desperation for saving a friend, both Bellamy and Clarke realized that desperate times call for desperate measures, even though that no one would ever even think of doing it. Bellarke

The Entire Episode Of Day Trip

Day Trip

There is no description needed to describe the essence and overall perfection of Day Trip.


Bellamy Expresses Great Concern

I Am Become Death

If there ever was a scene of Bellamy reflecting genuine concern and fear for Clarke, it would be the one from I Am Become Death.  In his eyes, Bellamy thought that Clarke was in immediate and grave danger when she was tending to Murphy.  Clarke gently pushes him away, saying that she is fine.  But, she was actually protecting Bellamy from catching the illness.


Clarke Thinks That Bellamy (and Finn) Are Gone

We Are Grounders Part One

Reeling from the Grounder attack in the season one finale, Clarke wanders to the sight where she last saw Bellamy and Finn-who were battling Tristan.  When her eyes fell on the charred remains, she is hit with grief and confusion.  Fortunately, the bodies were not of Bellamy and Finn, but the expression on Clarke’s face assuming that they were, just rips our hearts.

Season Two

In season two, Bellarke amped up their teamwork to save their friends barricaded inside Mt. Weather.  It was a very dangerous situation, both leaning on the other for visceral support.  Clarke counted on Bellamy to get inside the demonic mountain, her anxiety up a few notches.  When he did, (though it was a very traumatic entrance) Bellamy found his friends and new ones live the horrors inside.  Yet, Bellamy’s and Clarke’s one-on-one attention never faltered.


The Hug

Human Trials

After a few weeks of being separated, Clarke and Bellamy finally reunited.  There was a hallelujah from all corners of the world when the two leaders embraced in a tight hug.  It was something out of the ordinary as the two previously had different perspectives on how to manage leadership.  The hug represented a strong turning point in their relationship; it emphasized trust and security.  Additionally, it was the central climax of Bellarke’s development up to this point.


“I Knew You Would” 

Coup de Grace

I think that the true reason why Bellamy went to complete the threatening task was of Clarke’s confidence and faith in him.  She has not seen or heard from Bellamy since their departure, so hearing his voice through the self-sourced radio lit the sparks within.  As for Bellamy, his expression remained impassive, but his own anxiety and fear was present.  Nonetheless, that little conversation between them was sweet, yet brutal.



Blood Must Have Blood Part Two

Pulling down the Mt. Weather in Blood Must Have Blood Part Two, the season two finale, lever to irradiate innocents to save their friends was a very difficult choice.  Skaikru tried to give other options and trying to make deals with Cage, but they fell on deaf ears.  Bellamy and Clarke saw no other option, but in the end, the people were rescued.  However, the entire mission caused great trauma and loss for everyone.  No one was the same after that.


The Kiss

Blood Must Have Blood Part Two

That one little kiss stimulated a very powerful reaction from both parties-and a squeal of joy from the fandom.  Or was it just me?  Well, anyways, Clarke knew it would be a while before she would lay her eyes on Bellamy, or the rest of Skaikru, so she made sure that their goodbye was imprinted and meaningful.  It would be three months before their reunion.  So, not only was The Kiss a symbol love (however you want to interpret it), it was also probably the last time they’ll be together.  Whatever the case, it was sure heartbreaking.

Season 3

At the beginning of season three, Bellarke was put on the backburner for a while.  They led different lives, even trying to move on.  Despite this, however, Bellamy never stopped his devotion to Clarke.  After a few turbulences, they managed to work together once again.


Bellamy Saves Clarke…Almost

Wanheda Part Two

Bellamy disguises himself as an Ice Nation warrior to save Clarke in Wanheda Part Two after he spotted her with Roan.  It was a very careless, reckless act for him to do, but that is one of the essences of Bellamy Blake.  Add that he did the sweet gesture of pushing her hair back and that little smirk, you have a dynamite encounter.  It also helps that Clarke’s adorable “Oh, my God!  It’s you!” expression when she sees him again.  While the whole rescue event didn’t follow through-due to King Roan, it was still a memorable highlight.


Finding His Feelings


In Hakeldama Bellamy vented out his anger at Clarke for not only leaving him but everyone else.  This was one of the few times that he became unleashed, but it was completely understandable.  He was left with the burdening weight of Mt. Weather, Pike’s army, the killing of 300 innocent Grounders, trying to lead without his partner- and Bellamy just needed to let Clarke know exactly how he felt.  Clarke left for good measure; she had to recuperate from everything.  Was it a selfish move?  While I don’t believe that you should run from your problems, but in Clarke’s case, she had to find who she was as a person, as a leader. With life naturally occurring, separation is an initial part of the growing process. We learn on how to sculpt life with that separation, but we can also sculpt it again to fit that person back into our lives.  That is what made this scene between Bellamy and Clarke so important in the series; they needed to have this trial just to see if they can handle life without each other. Nearing the end of the season, Bellamy and Clarke are back into their comfortable-not-comfortable leading regime.


She Needed Him

Perverse Instantiation Part Two

When Clarke entered the City of Light in the season three finale, using Ontari’s Nightblood, naturally, she needed her friend’s support.  She knew that he wouldn’t be with her on “The Other Side” so reaching for his hand was the next best thing.  Last time, in the end, Bellamy and Clarke were together inside Mt. Weather, saving their people.  She wanted him to be by her side once more because he helps her through the emotional weight, along with providing her the courage to make the hard choices. Fans are aghast when Bellarke are separated, but they have to remember that they will always be together when there is a major conflict or a harsh outlook that cannot be solved by just one.

Season 4

Reflective of season two, season four emphasized Bellamy and Clarke’s natural balances.   It had the emotional buildup, narrative, and chemistry.  It was one of their strongest; there were even not-so-subtle cues that there could be the possibility of the two becoming canon.  There were so many wonderful and admirable sequences that it was tedious to pick the few to fit into this article.  There was also some opposal of opinion regarding war sides, but I am not going to elaborate on that.


The List

The Four Horsemen

After a disheartening check that Arkadia will only hold 100 people in the event of Praimfaya, Clarke had to debate and write down the most worthy people to make the cut.  She wrote down “Bellamy Blake ” for number 99, but she didn’t place her own name because maybe she thought she was not worthy to be saved.  Yet, Bellamy made sure that she was on that list as he was on it.  He couldn’t face a future without her, and that no Clarke was not even a possibility.  However, this was actually a clever and ominous foreshadow in disguise.


“Do You Still Have Hope?”

The Four Horsemen

In the same episode, the subject of hope emerges.  Given how dire and dim Praimfaya was going to be, hope was the only thread of light.  It was what kept Bellamy and Clarke going-whether they will still be alive.  The very passion for life, that hope and strive is what keeps us going. As long there is a breath, there is life.


The Hug 2.0


Connections were lost after the first fire fiery wave hit and those who wanted to speak with friends or loved ones didn’t get the chance.  All that Clarke wanted was to say “goodbye” to her mother.  But when that didn’t happen, she was at a loss.

As a means of comfort, Bellamy embraces her in a hug, and she poured her tears.   Like the hug in Human Trials, it was a representation of just how far these two came.  There is a definite stability and trust that seems to be unbreakable.  As I stated before, Bellarke is always together in the midst of crisis, whether it’s personal or going to harm and destroy people.

But their hugs are one of the best.  In fact, any hug given by Bellamy and Clarke will be the best.


The Heart and Head


Clarke gave her own little “Bellamy” speech to encourage Bellamy himself to use more of his head when it comes to leading.  It was his oversized heart and his compassion that people listened to and followed.  However, the touches unveiled something deeper and more potent; Was Clarke trying to reveal her blossoming feelings for him, or were her gestures simply done to get her point across?

Whatever the reason was, Bellamy did latch on to Clarke’s advice, using more of his head throughout the rest of the finale and beyond.  This scene is also a parallel of the speech Clarke gave Bellamy in the season one finale before they stepped out of the dropship to deal with war.


Saying Good-Bye


In order to save everyone once again, Clarke made the ultimate sacrifice.    She climbed up the tower to align the panels so that Raven can take off with the others.  Doing this mission, Clarke was left behind as there was zero time to get back to the ship.  Bellamy felt the loss the most because he and Clarke have been through so much; he was afraid of a future without her.  But without Clarke doing what she did, none of them would have survived.   While gazing at the radiating Earth with Raven, Bellamy made a vow that they wouldn’t have Clarke’s “death” in vain.

They didn’t.

Season 5

Season five was a shifter for Bellamy and Clarke.  They both had different lives, different priorities, and different people.  While the separation may seem a bit unfair, as they are the center of the show, it also gave them growth as we witnessed how they handled life separately.  In my opinion, Bellamy became a great leader all by himself, with the help of Echo and Spacekru.  He had taken Clarke’s advice about using his head more to heart, thus preventing some major conflicts and damages.  Clarke, on the other hand, was transitioning into first-time motherhood, trying to figure out what was best for everyone, and getting her own feelings in order.

Despite the separation, Bellarke did have some golden moments together.


“She Is”

Sleeping Giants

For the exchange of 283 prisoners, Clarke’s life was spared.  When Bellamy found out that she was alive, thanks to Madi, he rushed to her.  Although the reunion consisted more than his negotiations and their gazes, it was a triumphant emotional success.  It also built up a climax to see just what direction they were going in.  I thought it was a clever way to reintroduce these two prominent characters after a six-year reset.


The Hug 3.0

Pandora’s Box

Right after the soft reunion, came the hostage visit.  Clarke was in such shock and disbelief that she had to touch him just to be sure that Bellamy was there, was real, and not just a fantasy.  She is also astounded to find out that everyone was alive and well.  I believe that Bellamy felt synonymous about the hug; he felt physical proof that the woman was right there in his eyes.  A woman who sacrificed herself so that everyone else could have a chance.  That is who Clarke is:  Someone who will put the sake of others before herself and will do anything to protect those she loves.  She may have made mistakes-as anyone will-but that doesn’t erase all of the heroics that she has done.

Bellamy is one of few people who understand Clarke as a true person.  He knows that she is humble, very noble, and generous to a  fault, but he also knows that she can become aggressive and persistent when she needs to.

The hug translated into devotion and comfort, deepening the bond the two share.


Catching Up

Shifting Sands

There is nothing more romantic and secluded than sitting in front of a crackling, warm fire, talking about your day.  Bellamy and Clarke had their most personal and meaningful conversations around a campfire, which causes a stir within the fandom folds.  Clarke shared what she has been up to in the past six years, never feeling completely alone because she had Madi.  Bellamy is impressed that she managed to survive, but if you are Clarke Griffin, you survive.

However, I wonder if Bellamy had much to say in the conversation besides the question of how she survived.  This was an opportunity for him to divulge what he shared with Spacekru in six years, including his amorous relationship with Echo.  Clarke would have loved hearing about his time up there, as well as the others.  After all, Spacekru were the people she nearly died for; I think it would have been a gratifying gesture on his part to fill in some of the blanks for her.  And for us, as we can have a better understanding and view of what went on up in the stars.

Though the scene was only a minute, it impacted heavily on the hearts because this is one of the few times in season five that Bellarke was alone.  Clarke was busy with Madi, and Bellamy had his own priorities.  Their “togetherness” and one-on-one partnership other than the hug has been limited, so it was nice to have that campfire parallel retrospecting season two and three campfire scenes.  They seem to be one of their best.


End Book One

Damocles Part Two

As you may or may not have noticed, I purposely steered away from 506-512 as these moments held a lot of angst and indifference.  I am primarily focusing on the good ones-though the angsty ones did hold lots of emotional value.

Moving on.  After finding out the deaths of their good friends, Monty and Harper, meeting their son Jordan, and watching the vlogs of Monty finding out the old Earth is forever destroyed by Damocles; spending three determined decades of cracking the Eligius III code, and the remarkable finding of the new Earth with two suns, Bellarke were immensely heartbroken.  On the flip side, they were also presented with a new wave of hope and life.  Monty and Harper chose Bellamy and Clarke-despite their severed threads this season, among changes as well, to lead their people on the new planet.  They knew that they will lead with indisputable honor, along with using their experiences to rekindle life.

That is Monty’s last hope, to be the “good guys” instead of the constant warring and divide.  Will Bellamy, Clarke, Echo, Octavia, Abby, and the others follow his hope and last wishes so that humanity could have a positive chance? I certainly hope so, otherwise, their deaths would all be in terrible vain and waste.

Bellarke’s tearful embrace confirms that they are in this journey together, no matter what the future holds.  They are each other’s heart and head, each other’s spirit.  If either or both of them crumble into the abyss, then everyone else will.

It was a beautiful send-off though, a promise unfurling into a new book.  The chapters and content are to be written by those given the plume of destiny and life.


The story of Bellamy and Clarke does not end here.   They have many new adventures waiting ahead of them, which means more head and heart moments.  Their personification and multi-faceted dynamics is one of television’s best, no matter how the relationship is interpreted.  I personally see it as a very strong and unbreakable best friendship, which is wonderful all in itself.  If it ever does become canonical, it has to happen for all the right reasons and at the right time.  There is no denying that there were many scenes for which for romance to emerge in our eyes.  But what about them?  Perhaps they didn’t feel that it was the right place nor time to reveal their feelings.  Or maybe they’re afraid to because it may make things between them awkward or break the friendship mold.  Or maybe, just maybe Bellamy and Clarke are content with one another about their friendship and don’t need a romance.   They love each other no doubt and that will never go away.  So, whether or not a pairing happens, they will always have each other.

Season 6 will bring them back to leading together–as they will be two members of the small group to disband from the Gagarin to explore the New World.  They’ll stay be faced with past issues, but they will also try to move past them.  It won’t be a simple swipe, but it will be an improvement.


Bonus Bellarke


Bellamy Is Slammed With Reality

Season 1:  Earth Kills

Bellamy’s carefree and rebellious ways on the Ground came to an abrupt stop when he had to witness Clarke mercy-kill Atom.  He didn’t have the heart to do it.  Watching Clarke made him realize the potential dangers on Earth and that it takes a certain kind of person to do such an unfathomable act and the courage to do it.  It was the last thing that Clarke wanted to do; her heart was probably shattering into a million fragments but her mind told her that she had to do the humane thing.

At this level, I believe that Bellamy has developed a whole new level of respect for Clarke.  He no longers see her as a “spoiled princess” but someone who is level-headed and can keep calm under pressure.  A real survivor who can fix or treat just about anything.

At least in that particular moment.

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That covers our “21 Snippets of Bellarke“.  What did you think of the content given?  What are your expectations and hopes for Bellarke in the upcoming season 6?  Or do you have a favorite scene that was not mentioned in this piece?

The 100 season 6 will air midseason 2019 on the CW

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