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The Four Horsemen Recap-Review

by Evelyn Ulrich
The Four Horsemen

I do apologize for the lateness for The Four Horsemen recap-review.  Yet, here it is in all of its glory!  Enjoy, and if use snippets, please credit.  *Recap-review will provide major spoilers of the episode.  Continue at your risk.*


The 100

The Four Horsemen Recap-Review

From The Ashes We Will Rise

Aired February 15, 2017

Evelyn Ulrich


Another spectacular episode again this week!  It is like getting a new gift to unwrap and you love it.  However, The Four Horsemen delivered and handed out a world of emotions.  I can confirm that the main one is “hope.”  After all, hope is what keeps us alive and living.

The radiation is coming in quickly then The 100 originally believed.  Instead of six months, people on the earth have two. Yes, two!  Now, Raven is in an accelerated speed and is a bit cranky because it seems like no one is following.  Must be one of the side effects of the ALIE 2.0 upgrade.  But Raven knows how to own and steal a scene.  There is something about her presence that combines surrealism and tranquility on the screen.  She is a strong woman figure, but at the same time, she can bring naturality and peace.  Yet, she is also pressuring Clarke about “The List” but Clarke does not want to have to choose who lives or died.  Bellamy believes that he does not deserve to be on “The List,” but Clarke thinks otherwise.  But there was also a bite about Raven in The Four Horsemen that seemed out of place.

Water grounder Luna and what is left of her people arrive at Arkadia in hopes that they’ll be cured for acute radiation poisoning.  With her, is Nyko, who is the healer, but even he cannot treat his people.  It’s up to Raven to hand over the medicine to Abby as she oversees the supplies.  This is the part where Raven pissed me off.  I understand that supplies will be crucial, but when you have the life of a young child is in your hands, wouldn’t you bend the rules a little?  I certainly would in a heartbeat.  Not all hope is lost though because Murphy, who overheard the conversation between Abby and Raven, swipes the pills and handed them over to Abby.  Jackson administered the medicine to Adria, the little girl who Luna worships.  If it works, then the doctors will give the other ill people the medicine.  However, Adria passed and Luna reveals her deep grief.  It seems like Luna is the only character who openly expresses raw sadness.  I am not dismissing anyone else who suffered loss, but Luna stuck out in that predicament.  Raven’s eyes tear up when she witnesses Adria’s death, and she realizes that perhaps she should not have been so rash prior.

Speaking of Murphy, he really portrayed himself a hero in this episode.  He only wants to protect Emori, like he tried to save Adria.  He is still on his own with Emori, and things are looking dismal as food is scarce in the woods.  The radiation is killing the fish (the reason for the acute radiation poisoning) and insects, and it probably killed off many the woods animals.  Yet, when Murphy tells her that need to go back to Arkadia because they need to be “on the right side of that door.”  Emori is a little nervous about this as she does not know if Skaikru will accept her.  To make their stay worthwhile, they will have to be “useful.”  Why do I get the feeling that there may bit a bit of trouble in this?

Now Jaha is a totally different character as he holds a light to possible salvation.  At first, Bellamy and Clarke (Pure, magical, and mind-escaping companionship in The Four Horsemen), are skeptical about his annotations.   Who wouldn’t be especially when he went cuckoo and thought he was Jesus?  Jaha tells them that there could be a bunker designed to save five times the people from the radiation.  It was founded by a doomsday cult leader who had a rough past?  Anyways, despite Raven’s protests, Bellamy and Clarke decide to embark on Jaha’s journey.  There is a thread of hope as Bellamy drives the rover with Clarke in the shotgun and Jaha in the back.  As they ride through the forest, Jaha educates them both about the cult leader, Bill Cadogan.  This guy can be pretty much anything, and if you study the history of famous cults, you can guess that most of them had terrible endings.  Nonetheless, possible salvation for hundreds can deduce a lot of stress and elimination.  Here is the scene where it makes me reminiscent about 01×08, Day Trip.  The three of them are in the woods together.  It’s a little different as there are no Jobi nuts involved, but it has that aura.  Clarke and Bellamy are venturing throughout the forest together, trying to find the way to save their people.  Jaha comments on how Bellamy keeps Clarke centered, but Bellamy tells him the opposite.  I must say that I do like Bellamy and Clarke together.  They need one another, and they balance out one another’s dilemmas.  They have this almost perfect synchrony, and who wants to destroy that?  Whether Bellamy and Clarke’s ‘powership’ will develop into a romantic one, I won’t be going “insane” as I put it before.  However, witnessing the development and structure of Bellamy and Clarke during three years has been remarkable.

Back to the seeking of the bunker.  After a few moments of scouring, the three of them finally find the bunker.  Not surprisingly, it is sealed so it can do its job and protect people from the radiation.  Bellamy decided to open the door with the rover, which proved to be a success.  Down the web-infused stairs, Clarke and crew see a dead man who did not make in time to the bunker.  *Insert scary gasp here* They make it down to the last stop, which are the doors to the “safe-haven.”  I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, (I really do), but the radiation has seeped through the doors, thus killing everyone inside.  They have not survived the cataclysm, and that really sucks.  Now, Skaikru have to come up with another strategy to save people, or just go with patching up the ship.

In Polis, Octavia is given an order by King Roan to kill that someone who had taken the Flame.  He cannot rule successfully without it.  She obliges, and Indra takes pride in Octavia’s training.  The most interesting arc of Octavia so far is the ability to shun out her emotions this season. With Octavia on her way to get the Fame back, Roan makes a remark on how people have been calling Octavia “Skairipa,” and Indra is proud of her.  “Killing one person to save thousands is good politics.”  Hmm, the more I think about this, the more it makes absolute sense.

Later, looters are overtaking Polis, and like looters do, they trash the city.  Ilian is the heart of the looters, and now he has a vendetta on tech.  His hate went from Skaikru to tech quickly.  We soon find out that the Flame is in the hands of a Flamekeeper.  Octavia follows her inside the Worship, and she puts up a great fight with.  Just when Octavia is about to kill her, Indra pops in from the door.  Indra tells Octavia to stop because she is her daughter?  The Flamekeeper’s name is Gaia, and she is indeed Indra’s daughter.  Indra and she have parted ways due to Gaia’s devout commitment ti theFlame and her belief.  Indra wanted her to lead Trikru, something that doesn’t faze Gaia.   This was a very interesting twist in the show, and I wonder where this will go.

Ilian and the looters find their way inside the Worship, and ravage through it.   They knock over cabinets, candles, and other stuff.  Ilian takes the Flame away from Gaia and destroys it, and the Flame is gone!  Don’t be alarmed though.  It was just a clever ruse by Gaia.  Ilian smashed the one that was in Gaia’s necklace, and the real one is safe!  When Octavia presents the broken fake Flame to Roan, naturally he is upset as now it will be a lot harder to rule.  And of course, Octavia brought in a dead looter to “authenticate” that she’d done the job.  She saved Gaia’s life because she was family.

Back in Arkadia, Clarke is watching Bellamy sleep on the couch as she writes out the dreaded “List.”  She writes Bellamy as the ninety-ninth person, but does not put herself.  Clarke feels that she is not at all deserving to live.  Yet, Bellamy knows better.  He tells her that is she does not put her name down, he will do it himself.  And that he did.  Then she asks him the question:

“Do you still have hope?”

“We’re still breathing,” Bellamy replies.  Oh, the feels! ?   At this point, the hope is strong!

Clarke goes into the medical wing, and where she spots Luna.  Unbelievably, she is quickly healing and recovering from the poisoning.  Why is she getting better, and all of her other people had passed?  Abby and Jackson notices it too, and then they find out WHY Luna recovered when it should have killed her.

“Nightblood,” confirms Clarke.  And now, the saga to salvation and survival will continue.  From the ashes, we will RISE.

This concludes the review.  Honestly, I loved everything about the episode.  The writers had outdone themselves once again to deliver an epic one.  Plus, the performances were once again out of this world and everyone was truly connected.


Key Scenes

  • Jaha is really going out of his way and trying to redeem for his actions.
  • Bellamy and Clarke proved to be stronger than ever, and both vital to the plot.
  • Raven was a little bit of a sour puss, but when she realized that she made a mistake, it was raw and pure.
  • Murphy put his thieving skills to good use. Who knew?  Abby did.
  • Luna so far has been the only character to deeply grieve and let it out.
  • Octavia continues down the dark path.
  • Indra has a daughter.
  • Heda was mentioned.
  • Nightblood may be a token to salvation.


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