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The 100 Perverse Instantiation Part Two Review

by Evelyn Ulrich

Here is my review of the season finale, Perverse Instantiation. Part Two.  You can check it out and relive its “epic-ness!”

The 100 Perverse Instantiation Part Two Review

“Our Fight Is Not Over”

03×16 Aired May 19th, 2016

Evelyn Ulrich


What a spectacular way to end a suspenseful season!  My heart is still in my stomach, and the tears are still staining my cheeks.  I felt that everything was building up to this stop point.  It could not have been any better.

Clarke destroys the chip in Abby using the EMP, and her mom is beside herself at the horrible things that she has done.  Clarke consoles her that it was not her, and Abby seems to feel a little bit better.   When Clarke tells her mother about her plan of going into the City of Light to stop ALIE, naturally Abby is against it.  However, there is a bigger problem brewing when Bellamy, Murphy, Octavia, and Pike notify them that chipped Skaikru and Grounders are climbing the tower walls with Kane leading them. Yikes!  How long will it take for them to reach the top?   Everyone rushes out to the balcony to investigate, and the out outlook is not good.  Clarke acts on her plan, as there is no other option.  So, with brain dead Ontari, Abby hooks up a transfusion so the Flame would not be so rejecting in Clarke.  Yet, she also needs to take the Key in order to fully get in.

Meanwhile, Bellamy, Pike, and Octavia team up to stop the chipped people from coming into the tower.  Octavia has not gotten over his killing of Lincoln, and so she cuts his leg in anger.  Um, I get that you are angry Octavia, but that does not help matters.   Bellamy is a bit surprised by her action, and like any big brother, he is worried for her wellbeing.  It turns out that the chipped people had made it to the top of the tower, (So quickly) and now Bellamy, Pike, and Octavia are trying to barricade the doors, and Bellamy realizes (Although he was already) that he has to live with what he has done, even though he thought that he was in the right.  This is about major perception, and experiences.

Kane, Emori, and a bunch of other chipped people are coming through the corridor, and Octavia halts them.  Kane tells her that Indra is up on the cross, because she refused the Key.  Despite her closeness with Indra, O does not flinch, and screams out, “NOW!”  Bellamy and Pike toss the charged shock batons in to the water, and they mildly electrocute Kane and his mess of zombies.  I have to admit though, how did they not get injured though?  Even it was mild, they would have still gotten at least an insignificant burn.

In Arkadia, Raven, Monty, and Harper are reading ALIE’s code and are astonished that Clarke is in the City of Light.  Jasper is tied up as he is still being mind-controlled by ALIE, but he really can’t do anything except share ALIE’s impudent thoughts.  Raven could use the Kill Switch as version two will disable it.

Clarke is in the City of Light, but she has to hurry because her body is rejecting the Flame.   Abby had to open up Ontari’s chest so that she can pump blood movement from her heart so that Clarke can go on.  The people around cannot see her; it is like she is a hidden virus, but she can see them.  And she sees Jasper eating an ice cream cone.  However, that somewhat softens the darkness of her journey.  Then, as the AI is downloading updates in Clarke, the people now can see her, and they know what she is up to.   Weak Clarke struggles to run, but who to come to her rescue but the one and only Lexa?  That’s right!  Lexa!  My Lexa!  Our Lexa!  So, what does she do other than stating, that her spirit chose well, and their fight is not over?  Well, Lexa is going to assist Clarke in getting to the Kill Switch, and she does just this by slaying people off, and protecting Clarke.  When they reached a firewall, Clark is disappointed, and they have to figure out something before it is too late.  When Jasper appears like a creepster, Lexa is ready to attack him, but Clarke holds her back. A group of crazed people are inching their way up to the girls, and Lexa goes to fight them off.  Damn, I hope that she will come back.  Her actions and purpose in the finale makes up for the death she had received.  I understand that nobody is safe from a bullet, especially one that has swiped the side of the stomach artery, but Lexa deserved something more.  Then again, all the characters, no matter who they are, race, disability, female, or male, or status, all deserved better.   But, we have to appreciate what goodness we have, and learn from the lost.

Back on the track ball.  With Lexa slaying off the people, Clarke manages to get into the Polaris Station where the Kill Switch is.  There, she meets Becca Pramheda, ALIE’s creator.  She tells Clarke that she needs to stop ALIE, and she tells ALLIE that she was sorry for not teaching her certain things about her purpose.  That stopping overpopulation by killing 6.5 billion people was wrong.  In a cool perspective in the real world Bellamy, and Octavia, and Pike, and Abby are fighting off chipped people, Becca tells ALIE to define “Perverse Instantiation.”

ALIE tries to stray Clarke and spills that if she pulls the lever (What is with the fascination with levers?) that the world will end in short six months.  The nuclear plants will melt down, releasing dangerous levels of radiation, only having a 4% habitable area.  Even the people born on the ARK won’t be able to survive.   How much of it is true, we do not know.  Clarke takes all of this in, and is shocked.  But, she must fulfill her quest, and pulling that lever.  To gain back everyone’s free will, and consent.  ALIE took that away from the people that she and Jaha manipulated to join their “cause.”   Clarke tells her off that they will find a way, they always do.  Clarke ended ALIE’s reign, and for those who did join just so, they got their consciences and pain back in an eruptive rush.  Kane, who was trying to choke Bellamy stopped in a state of shock, Jaha felt pain like he never had before, and Emori is in great emotion and runs to Murphy and embraces him.  Jasper once again feels pain, and tells Raven, Harper, and Monty that he was finally happy.  Monty consoles him that life is worth living, even though the world is harsh.  At the end, Jasper smiles.  Everything is what it should be, or is it?

One of the darker parts in the finale was the relationship between Octavia and Pike.  It was more complex, and took a completely different direction in the end.  He saved her life earlier when she was trying to fight off a chipped guard, and he shot him.  When Pike approaches her, perhaps to bid her in good faith, and gives a small nod, she stabs him.  It was quit the unexpected event, and I know that Pike has done horrible things (None of them are innocent), but I would not have killed him.  In some opinions, killing someone who killed another is justifiable, but to me, it won’t change the circumstances.  But, contrary to my personal belief, Octavia did get her justice after she lost Lincoln.  My only fear is that she is embarking on a dangerous path.

When Clarke is “transported” back to reality, she clearly is still distraught and stunned about the altercations that occurred back on the Polaris Station.  Bellamy sees her crestfallen expression, and states in a concerned way:

“You don’t look like someone who just saved the world.”

“Because we haven’t,” Clarke replies dismally.

Bellamy gives her an apprehensive look, and then looks over at his sister, who walks out of the throne room, in grave concern.  It seems like Octavia is on a dangerous path.


Some key highlights of Perverse Instantiation, Part Two:

  • The episode had lots of both ship interactions to satisfy both Bellarke and Clexa fans. There were also traces of other ships: Kabby, Memori, Murphamy, and Monper.
  • Eliza Taylor said that this was one of her favorite episodes.
  • Like the prior season finales, the ending will give us a glimpse of the next season.
  • Perverse Instantiation basically means is to stop a digital virus.
  • Despite the heavy action and violence, there was only one death, if you don’t count Lexa’s slays.

The only thing that I did not practically like this season was the death count.  However, I did not accept them much in seasons one and two. Some were needed, some were not, but in life we don’t choose who survives.


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