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The 100 Season 6 Secrets: What We Know Thus Far

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 season 6

The 100‘s Bob Morley, Eliza Taylor, and Jason Rothenberg made their way into the Big Apple for New York Comic Con October 6th.  They shared what is to come in The 100 Season 6, and according to Rothenberg, the new season will be like a brand new volume.  With Monty Green (RIP beloved character of whom I will miss so much) cracking the encryption of Eligius III, he saved the lives of many after the third apocalypse.  Now, presented with a new “Earth-like” planet with the two suns, the survivors will venture and start fresh.  Yet, the burden of the past issues amongst the people will still be on the table.  They will try to find ways to cope and forgive, even though it will be difficult.  Yet, with a new Earth, there will be a new hope.

Clarke and Bellamy Will Lead Once Again

Monty assigned Jordan (his and Harper’s son) to wake Bellamy and Clarke up first for a specific purpose; he knew that they will manage to lead on the new planet with synchronicity, just like they always have had in the past.   He knows that they will repair and move past their mistakes so that they can save their friends and the people that they love.  It will be very much like “season one” in terms of partnering.  The two has been the core constitution of the show, despite some heartbreaking separations that shook up their strengths in one another.  Clarke herself will deal with the repercussions of her choices that she has made, as well as being clouded with new issues.

As for the romance for these two, it may not happen in season six, but that does not define who these two are.  Bellamy and Clarke have their own special aura that only they can create, and I am not quite sure how to even categorize it just yet.   I do think that their feelings need to be spilled out, as it would relieve a multitude of tension and strife.  Revealing as such would not only be beneficial, satisfying, and reassuring to their character developments but give additionally a solidified and hopefully, a contented response from those who ship them canonically.

The 100 season 6

It is a common trope to pair off and romanticize the two leads, and it’s a gamble.  For one thing, (there is a very little chance) that the friendship will fall apart and the chemistry between them would evaporate.  Would it make sense for Bellamy and Clarke to be together if that was the initial goal?  Of course, it would because they have all of these wonderful and structuralized developments and dynamics.  It’s a true and strong friendship/mutuality and seeing one how it came-despite a few road bumps-is amazing.  We just have to see if it turns out that way.  Maybe not soon, but maybe in the future.   I would love them to be together, but I am satisfied with the “friendship”.

Additionally, Eliza Taylor shares that Clarke will go on a rather tough journey herself.  But when hasn’t she not?

“Clarke definitely changes a lot, so I’m kind of freaking out. But it’s gonna be really cool for people to watch.”

Aside from Clarke’s dilemma, Taylor would also like to see her character have a romance as she is the only one singled out.  However, her main priority will still be on her daughter, and it somewhat out rules romance.  I just want to see Clarke smile once again and be joyous.  Everyone deserves that.

Additionally, a new leader of the planet will be a part of Clarke’s journey in season 6 and will impact Clarke a lot.

Echo’s Echo

Last season, whether you love or hate her, love to hate her, or hate to love her, Echo had a prominent and strong storyline.  She is in a relationship with Bellamy Blake (something that fans are divided on), explored new grounds, and protected those who were once her rivals.  While all of this is fine, it did lack back story and explanation of how Echo changed so drastically.  To make sense of a character’s meaningful and purposeful arc transition, they need to have some reflection of how it came to be.

Let’s begin with her and Bellamy’s relationship.  I love them together as I believe he melted her icy heart and she cooled him down, and their relationship in my belief is one of forgiveness.  Continuing on, Bellamy was the first person to offer kindness to her when they were potential bleeding bags in Mt. Weather, and he saved her life (for the first time) by taking her spot.  Echo probably never had this human gesture before, and she held it within her.  With that, it’s probable that the relationship rooted from this, which is understandable.

The 100 season 6

After Mt.  Weather, it was likely that we would not see Echo again.  That was not true; she appeared in season three, episode three, Ye Who Enter Here as the servant following her Queen’s orders, betrayed Bellamy, and is partially responsible for killing 49 people inside Mt. Weather, including the very short-term girlfriend, Gina.

Yet, in an indirect way, Echo saved Bellamy’s life by leading them to Polis as he wanted to go to Mt. Weather earlier.

Season four brought out the very polarizing sides of each person.  Bellamy with Skaikru, and Echo with Azgeda; both factions along with several other factions battling for the bunker.  In the midst of it all, Echo who attempted to take Octavia peaceably, wound up being stabbed and falling off a cliff.  Then, she again tried to end her in the Conclave, along with the other participants.

If you study the entire summary of The 100, all the characters ave all done their fair share of sins.  They’re just trying to survive, trying to get another day of breath, and it can cost them unspeakable horrors.

In Echo’s case, she is not really that much different from the others, as stated by Bellamy in 506.  We just needed a backup of Echo’s redemption to elaborate her perspective on the situations.

Season six would give Echo’s story, as well as her and Bellamy became a couple.  Yet, I always felt that there were some sparks between them, even when they were enemies.  Echo herself will be reminded of her past and Bellamy will be her rock and support system to help her through it.  It will be an emotional point for them in their relationship, and I, for one, am looking forward to it.  However, in my opinion, both as a writer and a fan, I felt that her story should have been told in Exit Wounds, as that particular episode penetrated on her and Bellamy.

It may be a bit late for her redemption arc, but at least we are getting an understanding (just like the others) of Echo.  According to Morley, people will get an understanding of where she is from and her side of things.

Echo may be on of the more controversial characters on the show, but she is nonetheless interesting.

Break of the Blakes (Again)

Will the Blake siblings ever go back to their loving and special bond?  I am afraid that will be a long way down the road for them to get to those days.  Bellamy is still livid about the fact the Octavia sent him to the fighting pits, and the other stuff that she had done as Blodreina.  Octavia will have to ” discover herself once again” sans the “mask” and “that’s something that Bellamy has to let her do,” says Bob Morley at a press room interview.

The 100 season 6

Octavia has done some pretty hardcore shit last season (slaughter, cannibalism, no remorse.  Not to mention, sentencing him to die.) and it will be a while for her to pick up the pieces and try to make amends. If she wants to be valued again as a sister, she needs to repair and strengthen to Bellamy.

If Octavia quickly transformed into the Red Queen, there is hope yet she will see the error of her ways and ‘glow up’.  It will take a while, but eventually, she and her big brother will be on good terms once again.

A Whole New World

It’s no secret that the gang will land on a new “Earth” much different, more beautiful and cleaner (It went through three nuclear wars), than the previous one.  Although it was difficult to make it new, and challenging as The 100 is shot in Vancouver, Rothenberg is confident that fans will get excited over the newest wonders.  And speaking of “newest” we will get a multitude of new faces!  You can be sure to bet that there will be a new faction of “earthlings” on the new planet.  For a couple of new ones, JR Bourne (Teen Wolf alumni) will play Russell, a charismatic leader of a peaceful society, and of course, Shannon Kook who made his The 100 début in the season five finale as Jordan Jasper Green, Harper’s and Monty’s son and only child.  There will be more as production continues and more releases announced.

Another thing about the new world is that not everyone will be stepping on it for at least a few episodes.  Bellamy, Echo, Clarke, Jackson, Miller, and few others will be the first ones to do the exploring on the territory.  Meanwhile, Octavia, Diyoza, Abby, Kane, Raven, Madi, and Jordan will stay on the ship.  Abby would more than likely tend to Kane’s medical needs, and it might be too big of a risk for Raven to go down due to her leg.

Damn, I so wanted those season one parallels!  “We’re back bitches!” anyone?  That would have been iconic!

Plus, expect a lot of “weird stuff” according to Taylor on the new home.

Madi will adjust to being a Commander to a limited number and dealing with the previous commanders’ spirits.  This will be a difficult obstacle for her, and Mama Bear Clarke will try to help her daughter out, as well as respecting her choice of becoming the commander.

Speaking of commanders, Indra will have a position of whether to follow Octavia, her trained warrior, or Madi, as she is from a similar background, and the natural choice to follow.  Indra will be devoted to her tribe, no matter who the Commander is.  Octavia on the other hand, may not give up her leadership quite so easily and may have a difficult adjustment.  We will just have see just who Indra will choose.

There will also be opportunities for the characters to discuss problems and animosities that occur between them last season.  One of the more pressing issues will be the subject of Clarke leaving Bellamy to die back in Polis.  Another element will probably be the radio calls that Clarke made throughout 2199 days after Praimfaya.  This will be a huge dynamic as it will put the *platonic* pair in more “eye-to-eye” perspective.  It will certainly straighten them out, will be a big weight lifted, and they can move forward.

Hopefully, everyone will honor Monty’s promise of “be the good guys” and there will be no incriminating wars on earth.  But this is The 100, so you’ll never truly know.

A Look In Photographs

A new season comes with new stills!  Thanks to TVLine, we are getting an emotional glimpse of season 6.  Let’s check them out.

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW
The 100 season 6
Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

After an assuming precarious and exciting landing to explore the grounds, there are cuddles around a fire.  Bellamy and Echo embrace intimately, seemingly lost within themselves; Clarke looks contemplative; Miller and Jackson are comforting each other.  Just what is everyone thinking about?  And why haven’t we gotten photos of the rest of the cast?  I would love to see their expressions/reactions to life on the ship.

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Directorial Debut

This is not new news, but Morley announced at Raleigh Supercon that he will be making his directing debut in season 6!  He will be directing 6×11 (title yet to be determined) and he revealed at New York Comic Con that “it’s an exciting and terrifying prospect” on the venture, but no doubt that he will succeed.  Information on Bob’s episode will be announced as soon as more is available.

The 100 season 6

A Few Questions

Before we head out, here are some questions that will further escalate the season six stimulation.

  • Will Kane survive?  God, I hope so.
  • Will Diyoza finally give birth to Baby Hope after being pregnant for over 200 (!!!) years?
  • Will Jackson and Miller stay together?
  • Will there be any more pregnancies? This would be before everyone was placed in the pods.
  • Will Raven have leg and pain issues after that high impact fighting she done last season?
  • What will be the name of the new planet?
  • Will Jordan stay collected and sweet or will he turn?
  • How will Marper’s legacy (other than their son) be carried out?
  • Why does Clarke look so concerned and afraid while Emori looks so happy in one of the photos?
  • Will Lexa, Ontari, and Becca make an appearance if Madi is haunted by their spirits?
  • Will Abby and Kane finally get married?
  • Will Echo and Octavia become friends?
  • Will Murphy still deliver his classic one-liners?
  • What other new things will be discovered in the new world?
  • Will Madi find a friend in Jordan?
  • How will Indra like space?  And Gaia?
  • Will Clarke make new friends?
  • Will Lincoln be mentioned?


UPDATE 10.11:

The gallery has been updated with photos from New York Comic Con.

Click on the link to see them!

New York Comic Con Photos


This wraps ups the latest updates for The 100 season 6 for now.   Please share your thoughts if you are excited or anxious about the upcoming season!

The 100 season 6 is premiering midseason on the CW in 2019

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