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A Partner In Crime: An Outlook On The 100 Ships

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Ships

The 100, a world consisted of blood-soaking violence, questionable morals, and death that often ends in an outburst (through the eyes and hearts of dedicated viewers).  If you compared and contrasted the overall conclusion, you can see that it is not much different from our world.  That is the primary focal point of the post-apocalyptic series, and I can give you all of their world/our world paradigms.  But, I am not.  Instead, let’s explore into a topic that I seldom talk about.  Shipping.  Shipping is an integral focus on The 100, and how having a certain person-platonic and romantic- can make living in a chaotic regime that much more interesting and strengthens the narrative.

There are a few reasons why I mainly stray away from the subject and all the reasons are feasible.  The first one is that shipping is not the main division.  Secondly, my opinion on the matter is pretty much neutral, meaning that I will appreciate and respect the ships and others’ insights.  Lastly, I feel like if I, or anyone voices about their ‘landed’ ship, they will get a fireball.  Which, is pretty much abhorrent because it should not be like that.  Fans came together for the show first, then it segued into the pairings.

Additionally, the shipping itself can cause great division and hostility in a fandom- that itself not advisable nor is it a positive situation.

It is only natural that people want to have another person by their side to share the good and bad.  To fight with them, to breathe with, to share the loss and pain, and everything else life curveballs at us.

The 100 has given us some substantial pairings, all the while fighting for the prize of survival.  That prize though, from what has been seen and heard, it’s a tough one to claim.  And once it’s claimed, the winner fights even harder to try to keep it.

Given what has been presented on The 100 thus far, we have seen a multitude of different cooperative and hostile exchanges, all while trying to keep matters and opinions civilized.  It’s how people should collaborate and structuralize a community.  Although, some outcomes are less favorable.

But that is part of the learning process and life.

I have listed some of the most in-depth ships on the show, both canon and platonic, past and present, how they worked together to band people together and live.  Now, you may not have to share the same perception(s) as I, but that is fine.  Everyone is entitled to theirs.  Let’s get to it.

Platonic Perfection

A close relationship between two persons in which sexual desire is nonexistent or has been suppressed or sublimated.

Zoning in on the “BFF’s” aura of the series, these friends came up with ideal solutions that would surely help their companions.  In total The 100 tradition, many were enemies before companions.

The 100 Ships

Clarke And Raven

When it came to Raven’s ingenious and inquisitive mind, Clarke was right in step to aid her.  Together, they mastered telecommunications to contact the ARK, Bellamy in season two, and made the dropship go “boom.”  They had the makeup of girl friends, and how it prevailed success.  I love their friendship, their minds, and how they seamlessly fit.  But like all close girl friends, a guy can cause a conflict.  Finn was that guy, and I think that he had done both Clarke and Raven dirty.

The loss of Finn however, caused Raven to lose her innocence and Clarke realizing hard that life is damn harsh than she ever thought possible.  In true Clarke mode, however, she soldiered on.

Progressing into season three, Raven was out of it for most of the season, being controlled by ALIE.  Clarke was persistent in helping her friend curing her illness, although the words exchanged were less than friendly.

Season four was a reflection of their season one friendship, and it was amazing to see them put their brains together once again.  Because of that, Raven, Bellamy, and the others were able to get to the Ring, with Clarke’s sacrifice.

Season five was a complete change of direction in the “Princess Mechanic” bond; Clarke transformed into a mom to Madi, and Raven (with good reason) didn’t recognize the friend that she once knew six years prior.  It was a sad shift, and hopefully, it will be mended in season six.  Because where will be without Princess Mechanic?


Monty and Jasper

If there was ever a definition of non-blood brothers, Monty and Jasper was that definition.  Together, they have gone through some horrific times and it placed a test on their bond.  The nightmare of Mt. Weather broken Jasper and since has been a spiral-down path.  Monty, although traumatized by the experience, done his best to save his friends.  I believe that with Jasper, Monty had the influence and inspiration to make life better.  After all, he did name his son after him. *Sob*

Monty was with Jasper up to the very end, and that gave Monty a powerful drive to do and be better.  His own inquisitive mind was the engine for surviving and saving the rest of humanity and Jasper’s spirit was the fuel to get it ignited.

Now, that Monty has crossed “the other side”, he can be with his best friend again.

The 100 Ships

Roan and Echo

The bond between the Ice King and Spy was an intense one.  Echo serviced Roan by following his orders as a faithful second-in-command, along with even teaching him a few things.  As loyal and noble she was to him, she still made a few errors.  I think she was not as hardened as many painted her, because there were a few times she has shown expressions of remorse.  What is sad about this that she had done it to save what was left of Azgeda.

The 100 Ships

Wells and Clarke

Wells Jaha, we hardly knew ye.  Aside from being Clarke’s best friend, Wells was the pacifist for episodes one through three in season one.  He made more enemies (think Bellamy, Murphy, and his militia at the time) then friends, but he didn’t give a crap.  He committed an infraction just so that he can he can with Clarke and watch over her.  But we all know that Clarke can take care of herself, but when she realized that her friend covered up for her mom, she forgave him.  Sadly, Wells only lived long enough to grant forgiveness, but that whole dynamic between him and Clarke set off a more prevalent and solid foundation for the series.

However, if Wells would have survived, let’s say, up until now, the storyline, cohesiveness, and structure of The 100 would’ve been driven in a different direction.

Diyoza and Kane

When you think about a former Navy SEAL turned terrorist, ( though desiring to stop a fascist government) the idea of wanting peace among humanity doesn’t automatically click.  That is one of the surprising layers of Charmaine Diyoza, who embodied a fearless and empowering woman who just wanted something better for her unborn daughter.  Marcus Kane envisioned a new hope and resurrection to do better on Earth as life on the ARK deemed failure and doom.  Diyoza and Kane shared the same ideals and passions so it only seemed natural for them to converse on building a new community.  While this friendship was strictly innocent, it did break away some of Kane’s attention to Abby.  But nonetheless, it was such a sharp contrast to what Kane and Diyoza were beforehand, but in their own ways, they were just trying to save their people.

The 100

Bellamy and Raven

From their bantering in season one to their promised commitment as leaders in the season four finale, Bellamy and Raven epitomized a true friendship.  He always gave her the utmost confidence when she was feeling down, which signaled her genius mind.  Additionally, Bellamy was a comfort to Raven when she lost Finn, her first true love in season two.  Although that we didn’t see much progression of how Bellamy and Raven lead on the Ring, we can only speculate that the two were successful.

The 100

Jasper and Octavia

Jasper was the very first male character to do something remarkably daring.  When Octavia was a meal for a suspected sea serpent, Jasper dived right in to rescue her.  The two formed a special bond, even going as far as a budding romance.  Throughout season one, Octavia was Jasper’s second support system.  She helped him cope with his developing PTSD and gave him hope through a dark, self-doubting time.  In season three, Jasper and Octavia traveled back to the Mountain where they grieved over Maya.  It was such a sweet friendship of better times for both, accentuating innocence.  Jasper coursed through a downhill spiral in the latter half of the season succumbing to suicide as Octavia couldn’t let go of the demons that possessed her.  Not letting go and not granting forgiveness often leads to the creation of total madness and anger.  There is hope for Blodreina next season, as she will transcend down the path to self-redemption, along with hoping to gain forgiveness from those she did wrong.

The 100Raven and Luna

The beauty of ‘Sea Mechanic’ was true love and acceptance of Raven’s and Luna’s unique differences.  Both young women felt that their hardships were a barrier at first, but they learn to cope, became good friends, and were one another’s support system.  Additionally, Raven and Luna didn’t let their challenges hurdle their fight for others’ wellbeing.  Raven became the poster child with disability issues and chronic pain who can put her mind through just about anything for many; Luna reflected the strength and gentle demeanor of one who was rooted from a malevolent heritage.  In a great unfortunate twist, Luna’s perceptions of Skaikru turned when they just wanted her for her blood.  Because of this, she was outsmarted by Octavia in the Conclave, in which Luna met her maker.

Nonetheless, the two had a spectacular connection.

The 100

Bellamy and Murphy

One of the more complexed friendships on The 100 would have to be Bellamy Blake and John Murphy.  In the beginning, Murphy was the dedicated sidekick to the Rebel King, taking in his demand, and trying to emulate him.  That didn’t last very long as Murphy was banished from the camp after being falsely near-executed for a crime that he didn’t commit.  For his revengeful take, Murphy attempted to kill Bellamy in the same fashion by hanging.

As time wore on, the two did develop a friendship, allowing themselves to entrust.  In Eden, the season five premiere, Murphy was a shadow of his former self, but Bellamy reminded him that he was not worthless.  This is well meaningful coming from Bellamy as he was the one who detested Murphy after doing horrid things to their people.

What will season six bring for the two?  Bellamy offering Murphy guidance?  Murphy looking up to Bellamy and becoming his shadow once again?

The 100

Clarke and Anya

When these two bad-ass ladies met, it hit a very sour note.  Anya was pissed at the delinquents for launching missiles and crashing into their territory.  When Clarke explained that they had no idea that civilization was existent on earth, and that the missiles were to notify, Anya listened.  Additionally, Clarke promised that her people with high scientific and medical knowledge could help her people so that they can coexist.  Anya agreed to this, but all bets for amenity were dissolved as Jasper fired at the grounders in the trees, who were on watch.  The remainder of the first season, Anya became the enemy but was taken prisoner following the Grounder/delinquent conflict.

In season two, Anya and Clarke, both on uneasy sides still, were prisoners at Mt. Weather.  Clarke, a forced citizen, and Anya, used for medical purposes.  To try to beat the Mountain Men, they made an agreement at the end of Many Happy Returns to inform their people.  Tragically, Anya was killed by Major Byrne, thus she couldn’t get word to her Commander.

What was special about the pairing was that they were one of the firsts that developed from an enemy to ally.  If you want to survive in a problematic world, you must need more allies than friends.

The 100

Murphy and Raven

If you want to analyze, discuss a wonderfully dynamic friendship, and connected on a fun level, it would have to be Murphy and Raven.  Raven found it in her heart to forgive the man who made her disabled and cope with chronic pain.  Through his actions (he was actually trying to aim at Octavia) he felt remorse and deflated.  They moved past the pain and blame, established an understanding, and eventually became friends.  Their fun, playful banter gave plentiful classic moments, along with assisting one another to find solutions for survival.

Contented Canon 

“A pair or set of characters making their relationships romantically official.”

Several of these couples started off as not seeing eye-to-eye, on the other side, or simply just enemies.

The 100

Abby and Kane

Abby and Kane had moralizing and demoralizing values of survival when they were first introduced in season one.  Kane wanted to follow the Charter and the strict laws religiously for the Arkadians, as Abby wanted to take the better route.  Starting off, their relationship was very much of a clash, yet, despite their opposing views, Abby and Kane managed to work out their differences, and became one another’s backbone.

The 100

Finn and Clarke

For Finn, it was love at first sight. For Clarke, she had to be magnified to him.  The tension between the two leads in season one was developed rather quick but understandable because of the pressures of leading dissolved when they realized their feelings.  However, things dissipated just as quick when Clarke discovered that Finn had a girlfriend.  But his love for her only grew and would stop at nothing to get her back.  The latter though rings both true and devasting as Finn took on an aggressive search to find her.  His breakdown resulted in a massacre at TonDC, which eventually led to his death.  Finn was an example of how war and love can sculpt a person’s mindset.

The 100

Jasper and Maya

Maya Vie was purely innocent and captured Jasper’s heart.  For once, life didn’t seem so awful for him because he had something soft to look forward to.  Maya was living a nightmare inside Mt. Weather with the harvesting and experimenting.  With Jasper, Maya discovered that there can be good in life.  She showed him what was going on ‘behind the seeming peacefulness’ and together, they vowed to stop it.  While the revolution between the Mountain, Grounders, and Sky People, deemed successful, Maya was one of the victims.  For Jasper, his only thread of happiness was severed, thus leading down a dangerous road of PTSD and reckless behavior.  Jasper believed that there was no light at the end of the tunnel, just the tunnel, and he lost all hope.

The 100

Raven and Wick

While the relationship between Raven and Wick was short, it was also very sweet. Wick helped Raven come to term with her new disability, how she can really plow through anything despite having a less than useful leg.  He even constructed a brace so that the crutches will no longer be a problem and that she can move with some ease.  I felt that with Wick, Raven was truly exuberant and her ingenuity was peak high as she had someone to share that with.  Such an example when they risked their lives together (then captured) in Blood Must Have Blood Part One in the dam.  Raven pushed Wick away as she was afraid of getting close.

The 100

Bellamy and Gina

Poor Gina.  She was so filled with sweetness and undefined heroism.  There wasn’t very much screentime of Gina Martin, but what we were given show a fierce and noble woman.   She released a softness in Bellamy, giving him light and support during a dark and oppressing time.  Yet, all too quickly, Gina dies without any warning due to the Ice Nation bombing at Mt. Weather.  With this, Bellamy joined the Dark Side with Pike’s army, assisting in the killing of 300 Grounders, then greatly regretting it.  But, I believe with Gina, Bellamy understood more about loss and how it can transform a person in a short-circuit.

The 100

Octavia and Ilian

With Ilian, Octavia opened herself to have intimate contact once again after Lincoln.  It was to see if she can still feel, and Ilian gave her that.  Later on, they both were fighting in the Conclave, and Illian is killed after helping her.

The 100

Miller and Bryan

Miller was revealed in the season three premiere as a gay man (the first one on the show) after it was shared that Lexa would die later in the season.  Miller and Bryan were a couple before lockup, then reunited after the rescue of Farm Station.  Though they were the first male couple on The 100, they had some political differences.  Yet, after witnessing some of Pike’s inhumane actions, Bryan flipped over to Kane’s party.  Things seem to go smoothly for the two of them until a disagreement about destroying the hydro-generator ended their tale.  I hope wherever Bryan is now (hopefully, in cryo), he is happy.

The 100

Clarke and Niylah

After the irradiation at Mat. Weather, Clarke went on a journey to clear her own traumas.  However, she was on the hunt by Azgeda and had to change her appearance.  With help from the kind and gentle Niylah, Clarke was able to hide at her trading post.  Clarke was very much haunted by the aftermath of Mt. Weather and seeking companionship was a comfort.  Niylarke was also created to further elaborate Clarke’s bisexuality, but to be honest, I didn’t think that it needed any more clarification.  Clarke is an amazing character; her bisexuality is just one of her many assets.  But, they did make a cute couple.

The 100  Finn and Raven

To be honest, I didn’t thoroughly enjoy the dynamic of Finn and Raven.  It had a lot to do with Finn’s infidelity with Raven, the girl he supposedly loved and had a history with.  In Spacewalker (one of the most tearful episodes), their story was shared through flashbacks on the ARK.  All very heart wrenching and meaningful as they symbolized true adolescent love.  Yet, by the same token, Finn did fail of telling Clarke that he had a girlfriend, thus the action left Clarke broken-hearted, while Raven wound up breaking up with Finn.  That is the toxicity of love triangles because all three members are harmed in some way.  Additionally, as a viewer, it is difficult to watch at times because you witness the pain someone is going through.  Yet, it does create evidence that certain feelings about certain people can emerge.  With Finn dying, Raven lost all of her innocence, but that doesn’t drop her headstrong nature.

The 100Octavia and Lincon 

These two met through an odd abductor/hostage situation, but other than that, Octavia and Lincoln had a profound and remarkable love.  They both wanted peace among their people, and supported each other, despite what others thought.  Octavia embraced her Grounder Warrior persona and taking in all of its dimensional offerings.  Lincoln also taught not only her but all of us that you can be a kind and gentle human, and a strong warrior, regardless of background.   Lincoln also gave Octavia freedom, along with confidence, though she had plenty prior.  With Lincoln’s passing, the girl under the floor became despondent, revitalizing into somebody dark, and eventually, into the formidable Blodreina.  Like her older brother (of whom she blamed for his death), Octavia used her grief to lash out, but the similarities stop there.  While Bellamy’s grief did catapult monstrous actions, Octavia swirled deep down into the abyss, only showing the tiniest flickers of remorse.  She had no intention of stopping unless somebody stopped her first, and from herself.

Yet, I believe with only one mention of Lincoln in season 5, she would have snapped back.  There is evidence to support this speculation.  Reflecting back to season four, it was Kane who reminded her of Lincoln’s death and how she was about to execute Ilian in the exact same fashion would make Octavia the opposite of who Lincoln was.

The 100 ships

Jackson and Miller

There was a romance foreshadowing between the gentle doctor and sassy Guardsman towards the end of season four.  Jackson, who debuted as the second gay male character found his soul mate in Miller, and his first on-screen partner.  Though, he could have very much had other partners offscreen in past seasons.  But, that is beside the point.  The two men have a mutual understanding, something special.  Sadly enough, there was not much focus on them in season 5, but what was shown was a very loving, supportive, and devoted couple.  While their actions of following Blodreina took a moral toll, (assuming so) Mackson is still going strong.  With the new earth approaching, there is no doubt in my mind that the two men will stay solid in their relationship.

The 100

Murphy and Emori

These two survivalists met while Emori was artificially befriending and stealing from Murphy and his traveling troupe in the Dead Zone.  In true The 100 tradition, they were antagonists prior to becoming lovers.  Emori unleashed a side of Murphy that gave him growth.  He learned to love and care for somebody else than himself.  As for Emori, she had someone who didn’t see her disability as a smear and treated her any less than.   He loved and accepted her for who she was.  When it comes to developing relationships in the television and film mediums, there is hardly any healthy or well-developed relationships with a disabled partner.  The reasoning behind this is that many do not believe that the disabled are incapable of loving, which is definitely untrue.  Furthermore, it is also very offensive and degrading to one who does has a disability, their esteem whittled down because love is not accurately portrayed on the screen.   Murphy and Emori broke the barrier when their relationship came full frontal into the narrative.

There were numerous occasions where they both professed their unconditional love; delivering more emotion each time.  During the six-year time jump, Memori took a break, due to Emori trying to better herself as a person.  Murphy felt left out, sulking about the matter, but not disclosing his feelings until Exit Wounds.  At the end of season 5, they reestablished their relationship.  Hopefully, their love will become even tighter in season 6.

The 100

Clarke and Lexa

When Lexa kom Trikru was introduced in season two, she was an immediate fan favorite.  She was the first LGBT character, encompassing strong visionary and idolism for the LGBT community.  Lexa was the leader who wanted a better future not just for her people, but for all people.  She was the perfect lesbian representation in a fictional setting as she empowered resiliency, honesty, and was not ashamed of who she was.  In fact, she openly embraced it, and no one gave a damn.  Clarke loved her for the beautiful and wonderful woman who Lexa was, along with supporting her aspirations and dreams of peace.  Following Lexa’s death, Clarke held her close to her heart, never forgetting her love.


The 100 Ships

Monty and Harper

What could be said about Monty and Harper?  Lots.  They were pure;  they aspired to bring harmony and peace to others; they wanted to live better and be better; they brought joy to humanity, even though they were pushed aside.   The magical thing about Marper is that they never gave up.  Harper was Monty’s biggest cheerleader throughout most of his journey, and together, they worked to find ways to save the human race.  That is all that this couple truly wanted in the world- despite it being pretty much doomed-and a piece of happiness.  After the third apocalypse happened (thank you McCreary) and the earth will never again be filled with life, Monty and Harper dedicated the rest of their lives seeking an answer on Eligius IV whilst the rest of their comrades were asleep in cryo, unbeknownst of the situations.  During their research, they birthed a son, Jordan, a spitting image of the two of them, along with Jasper’s memory.

It took three decades for Monty to crack the Eligius III code, which was a habitable Earth-like planet with two suns.  The Elgius Corp. sent the miner there; now, Clarke and crew will embrace the same transient voyage, in hopes of a better life.

While Monty’s and Harper’s story may seem sad (and it was), they received a happy ending. They saved humanity, while their son will continue their legacy of bringing goodwill to others.

The 100 Ships

Bellamy and Echo

Bellamy and Echo are one of the more controversial couples on The 100, according to some viewers.  Now, I have no shame of admitting that I love them together and could smell and feel a potential relationship when they first meant in Coup de Grace.  Echo has done her share of deception and disgraceful transgressions following their first meeting in a cage, as has Bellamy.  Both were under the influence of evil dictators; Bellamy with Pike and Echo with Queen Nia of Azgeda.  It was almost like a reflection of the two characters, brainwashed and manipulated into believing that they were “doing the right thing” for their people.  In season four, Echo had a more prominent role, being the royal espionage for King Roan, a role that she held with pride and ferocity.  She held her head and sword high with loyalty.   Despite this, she did show small measures of remorse.  One such example was after her sword fight with Octavia, her eyes under the foreboding “panda” mask held a flicker of pain and disbelief.  It was a polarizing switch of emotion as we’re used to her frigid hardness.

She was drawn (still very much is) to Bellamy throughout her season three appearance and four because he was the only one that gave her kindness and empathy.  Echo probably never have had this before, so she never has forgotten his humane gestures, when all through her life, it was anything but humane.  Bellamy figuratively chipped away some of her iciness, igniting a genuine warmth.  He also unlocked a window of love towards her, though it wasn’t amorous yet.  Something else that Echo has not had or felt before.  Bellamy transformed her to become a better person, as well as him.

As for Bellamy and Echo becoming a romantic couple, there is a bit of a question of how it was developed during the time jump.   However, my theory is that they both had to sort out their demons therapeutically together, opening up old wounds in the midst, finding comfort, then finally getting to know one another as people, rather than forced enemies.  There is something kindred, and auratic between them, whether one likes it or not.  No matter how hard one tries to intervene with that, it’s unbreakable and their privacy.  Somehow, throughout what they have been through, Bellamy’s forgiveness, and Echo’s redemption, they eventually formed a relationship.  Though, I believe that it was underlying all along.

They also share the connection of the Mountain horrors, as Echo sensitively pointed out in Exit Wounds before they departed for a while.

Their history may have been toxic under the “kill or be killed” ground philosophy, but their relationship is certainly not toxic.  They worked out their issues, learned to trust, forgave, supported and protected one another, and have a strong mutual love and respect.  They grew as characters, as human beings.

Next season, we will learn more about Echo’s past, with Bellamy there to guide and comfort her.  Additionally, we will also learn more about their relationship history.

The Head and The Heart

The 100 Ships

Bellamy and Clarke

What? Did you actually think that I would forget about the iconic duo, Bellamy and Clarke?  The Head and the Heart?  Nope.  Bellamy and Clarke are the core of the show, and to exclude them would be pretty ignorant.  These two have a category all their own when it comes to terms of “shipping.”  They’re best friends who endured through pretty much everything and encountered nearly every obstacle survival has thrown at them.  Starting off as enemies, like several of the ships on The 100, they managed to find common ground to work together for the sake of others.  Clarke, who resented Bellamy in season one due to his carefree and obstinant ways of thinking, came to fall in perfect synchronization with him.  In numerous situations, expressions of admiration and affection have been equally displayed by the two; whether or not these fall under the canon or platonic persuasions, that remains up to the viewer.

The love between them runs deep; there is nothing that will ever erase that, or the mutual care and support they continuously give.

The story of Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin and their development to fit the context and omnipresent narrative is certainly one of-if not-the best-created ones on television.  They offer the tiniest specks of hope in the gravest of times, reflecting that there could be something better in the future.

In season five was not the most Bellarke-eccentric as our King and Princess formed different lives and priorities, different beliefs, and their leadership taking a back stand.  However, there were still moments between them that perpetuated excitement and the feels.  Yet, they always found each other when it was needed most, especially at the end.  This may be strong foreshadowing that romanticism is in their destinies or just the emphasization of “platonic soulmates.”  Though the latter is not a bad thing, and for Bellarke, it magically works.

Where will season six mark for them?  Will they be estranged once again on the “planet with two suns” even though they’ll be leading?  Will they fulfill Monty’s promise of “be the guys” so that the same mistakes WILL NOT be repeated?

Wherever life has in store for the Head and Heart, it will always be poetic and dynamic.

In Closure

It is always a good idea to have someone by your side when you are playing the life-or-death game of survival.  They will always watch over you and be your best partner in accounts that you should never be alone.  We cannot wait for even more relationships to form next season and see how the new crew will correspond with the older crew.


What do you think of the ships that were chosen?  Or do you have one in mind that wasn’t?  You can share your opinions and thoughts below in the comments section!


The 100 season 6 will air midseason on The CW.

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