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The 100 Shifting Sands Recap-Review

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Shifting Sands

Sands, squgglies, sickness, shocks!  Oh, my! That would be the quick description of the action and the emotion intense episode of The 100 Shifting Sands.  Written by Nick Bragg, his premier on-air production, Shifting Sands gave us that there may be no line between the forces of good and evil,   Here is my recap-review for The 100 Shifting Sands*The following will contain massive spoilers.  Cross at your own risk.*

The 100 Shifting Sands Recap-Review

Who Do You Shift With?

Episode 505 Aired May 22nd, 2018


Alliances and loyalties shift gears in the heart-palpitating episode, Shifting Sands, and that is just putting it lightly.  There was so much tension between the characters, that we could sense it ourselves and that is a valuable mechanism because it makes us entuned to the program and shifts our focus into the riveting and foretelling narrative.   It drops us into their world, and while we cannot vocalize with the characters (screaming at your tv has no effect), we can try to emphasize where each individual is coming from and think about the reasoning behind the actions.  Once the viewer can accomplish that- if they absorbed everything provided, then they will have a better understanding of The 100’s world.

A world that can be dangerous, crazy, fun, loving, mentally and physically challenging, tough, joyed, treacherous, breathable.

Not that much different than ours.

The 100 Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands, written by Nick Bragg, his first produced piece (and currently only one), created a masterpiece when it came to imaginative storytelling, and pristine deliverance.  `It was everything a fan could ever ask for, and more than they could grasp.

But, that is all part of The 100 experience-to try to engage and interact whilst developing hard and soft emotions and reactions.  That was the essence of Shifting Sands, and it gave us plenty to comprehend.  Along with fast-fuel action and the occasional queasiness.

Shifting Sands also had tears of pearls (Savage Garden reference) that we expelled about certain pairings and the general mystique.  It also offered more depth and understanding about Eligius.  If that were possible, and it was.  This episode proves just that.

And one Queen who was so stubborn and set in her ways (and downright cruel) that you wanted to slap her to make her see straight.  If only one of them did…


Let’s Take a Walk On The Beach

And Get Shifted Up

There are no peaceful and transcendent beaches on The 100, but there are miles of sand.  Sands that contain internal infesting parasites, shards of glass that will slice and dice one up, and the annoyance of temporary, burning blindness when it blows in your eyes.

Things are about to get shifty and I ain’t talking about the damn sands.

And guess who wants to trek through it, not caring about these risks, or the fact that sandstorms will transpire, no matter what route?  Octavia.

The 100 Shifting Sands

The very fact that she believes that she is invincible, and nothing will happen is the anthem of every power-fueled and egotistic individual.  She is allowing herself-and others of her gladiator cult to fall into clear and present dangers, and everyone else is against it.  Well, except Cooper, and a few who worship the Blodreina.  The choice of going to war was made as quickly as one would decide what song to work out to.  Yes, Eligius took over the land and blasting away 400 Wonkru citizens, and wounding Octavia-but the bottom line is that choice alone created a whole new assembly of pretentious errors.

Don’t get me wrong, consequences should follow when intruders threaten the home that you made rightfully and threaten the core of existence. The absolutions should be made diplomatically as a whole and find the one that will work best for all.  Yet, Octavia has become impulsive and short-circuited, so much so that it makes the other characters impassive and lack importance.  Which is the total opposite of well-developed characters such as Bellamy (of whom will follow his sister anywhere) and Clarke.

This interplay is a very clever drive right into foreshadowing and how Bellamy and Clarke will find a way to intercept with Octavia and how they may bring her down.  For the moment, they allow Octavia to play her dirty game-just maybe to see for herself at just how irrational she is being.  A test of her true leadership is going to be scored on the exodus.

While on the journey to Eden, Wonkru, Bellamy, and Clarke encounter many of the plights mentioned, including the parasitic sandworms.  Miller’s partner, Otika, got infected with them, and Clarke had to perform an impromptu surgery to try to save the poor guy’s life.  In a gross explosion, worms went to and fro, endangering other possible victims.  One managed to squirm inside of Octavia’s arm, injecting its venom.  It is a perfect projection of Blodreina because she has produced an elevated level of toxicity and will “poison” anyone who is not at her stance.

Additionally, Octavia has become cold and stone-faced to Indra, her mentor and one-time idol, who is a bit taken aback.   Always one who has never enormously shown affection, Indra tells Octavia that she loves her, but Octavia dismisses the gesture.  It is painfully obvious that Indra does not approve of Octavia’s haunting persona-as this was not the same girl who took her under her wing and trained her.  She realizes that Octavia is following Gaia’s ill-advice of “love is weakness but Octavia is set in her ways.

“If you don’t love, you can’t get hurt,” Octavia bites.  Does this mean then that her love faltered for Bellamy?  Her brother who practically raised her, tried to give her something in her life, risked his own life to protect her, and even became friends with Lincoln so she can be free and exuberant?  While most of this made his own life turbulent?  Did she ever thank Bellamy for any of this?


Octavia took her brother for granted and blamed him for her own mistakes.  This characteristic points into the direction of selfishness and irresponsibility and being one-sided.  During four seasons, her behavior was acceptable and tolerable-for the most part, because he loved her, and would do anything for his sister.  “My sister, my responsibility.”  He took her wrath because he felt like he had to.

The 100 Shifting Sands

He deserves better and an apology.

But now, I find it extremely difficult to tolerate Octavia-if I can tolerate her at all.  Or even accept her alter-ego, Blodreina.  I have always enjoyed and raved about the resilient Blake siblings as they’ve had to face the harsh circumstances on the ARK together and were for their people early on.

But things changed.  Octavia is a whole other leader while being broken and lost, whilst Bellamy takes caring pride with advising and leading his.  His family respects him.

In the contextual formulation, however, Octavia is not a poorly written character and to her benefit, the makeup of her this season is just as multifaceted as any of the villains depicted so far on The 100.  I like to think of her as Anakin Skywalker-the cherub-faced angelic little boy who became Darth Vader and switched to the Dark Side.  He let his anger take control, allowed him to be sculpted into this monster, and killed innocent people.

Unfortunately for Vader, he was not redeemed and was killed by Luke, his own son.

That is pretty much who Octavia is now.

I am very afraid for her because she might not be redeemed for her crimes.  And I am one of those people who strongly believe in redemption and compassion.  It is a fine line though because even if you could forgive, you can’t forget or could redeem yourself.  The perp must truly desire the positive changes.

Do I hate Octavia? While I may not stand her, that doesn’t reflect hatred.  She is still a human, a life, and there is a tiny sliver of hope for her.  If there is still is hope, then to give up is simply no option.

For those doubting that she can still be saved from this wretched nightmare, it was that non-vocal communication of the slight hand wave exchanged between Monty and her.  Though the gesture was simple, it reflected the season one bubbly Octavia who watched Monty innocently work on the wristbands.  Doesn’t anyone else miss that?

I sure the hell do.

A storm is a-brewing on the western front, and that puts a delay on the mission.  This is not your typical 1930s depression-era dustbowl storm; this one contains shards of razor glass and piercing winds.  The group is huddled in a tent that seems to offer little protection.

But it was not until AFTER the storm that things got real.

Including this quote in a very forbiddingly soft voice

“I’m glad you’re alive, Big Brother.

But if you ever speak out against Wonkru again,

then, you are an enemy of Wonkru.

And you are my enemy.”

Shortly after, Octavia gave Bellamy and Echo THE deadliest and lethal glare.

Oh, man.  If I were them, I’d start running towards the hills.  Or finally, stand up to her and put her in her place.

The 100 Shifting Sands

Boodles of Bellarke

The Head And The Heart

Shifting Sands zoomed in on the focus of Bellamy and Clarke and the fans could not have been happier.  The two caught up with what they’ve been doing the past six years, and it’s cool to see them working side-by-side once again.  The 100 has never driven their story away from the audience because the show mainly revolves around them.

The best discussions take place around a cozy, warm campfire, and dispersed from others.  Why?  This gives the perfect opportunity to catch up, talk personal matters, and not be concerned about interruptions.  I’ve always found Bellamy and Clarke sitting around a fire intimate because the two have the most deep-rooted conversations, and they try to figure out the best-case scenario for the issues presented.  Being alone this time represented that they are the outsiders looking into Wonkru, and that not being a devout part of the group foreshadowed on what their perspectives will be on it in future episodes.

Before Clarke truly comprehended Octavia’s shadows of darkness and death, she was impressed by how Octavia manages to group together the clans and become united and strong.

“So is surviving alone,” Bellamy adds.  He is impressed by this fact.

“I wasn’t alone.  I had Madi,” Clarke responds.  Along with radioing him for 2,199 days.  Diving into this, I can fully understand where she is coming from.  Clarke always had that unfathomable connection with Bellamy and speaking to him (even though he couldn’t hear) felt like he was alongside her, that he never left in the first place.  She could still feel him, have his attention, and confide, even though Bellamy wasn’t there physically.

It gave her hope and to have something to look forward to every day and to keep her balanced.

Bellamy and Clarke do balance each other out because the two of them have been through so much together.

They can also survive alone if the situation strikes.

The 100 Shifting Sands

As for Bellamy’s character dynamic this season, there are some that are saying that he has become cold and closed-off.  That he is not the same reckless guy ready to jump into whatever new mess or predicament that may destroy or save lives.

But if Clarke is impressed by this latest version of Bellamy, then we should trust her instinct.

My take is that Bellamy has grown up and matured.  He has taken Clarke’s advice of “becoming the head, instead of the heart” and used it to his best knowledge.  He used his head to not murder Cryo whereas the pre-Praimfaya Bellamy would have done so, and probably would have doomed them all.  He also used his head to negotiate with Diyoza, and she pretty much kept her word.

Then, she betrayed him because she is the villain here.  And what good is the villain without betrayal?

There is that chance though that Bellamy may use his heart again to save everyone.  You still have a piece of your old self no matter after how many years have passed.

He has not become cold and closed off, just careful, cautious, matured, and more leveled.  People may not be used to this version of Bellamy, but nonetheless, he IS still Bellamy.  He is not out-of-character-he is simply grown up.

If Bellamy is now the Head, is Clarke the Heart? It is conceivable because she now has Madi and must look out for her.  Furthermore, Clarke is allowing herself to feel all these nurturing and loving emotions because she is now a mom, and it is the best feeling in the world to her.  Just like how Bellamy felt when he was raising his sister.

If there is a likely chance that Bellamy will use his heart again, then there is also the chance in which Clarke will use her head again.

The Head cannot function with the Heart and vice-versa.

As for becoming canonically paired, time will be the determining factor.  Bellamy and Clarke have shared and will continue to share some incredible times together, and the corrupt ones.  They have built their trust and sincerity with each other over these experiences, even though it did create some tension between them.  But there were moments where one couldn’t function without the other, and that became a learning process.  I think the season three time-jump also foreshadowed the six-year jump, but the difference between them is that Bellamy and Clarke did fine because of what they learned from one another, and there may be a future jump or shift that may divide them once again.

Then there was the slightly shocked expression on Clarke’s face when she witnesses Bellamy kiss his girlfriend, Echo.  She is probably curious about how’d it happened though, along with why Bellamy didn’t share his relationship with Clarke.   She is respecting his privacy and if Bellamy decides on whether to divulge on the topic with her, then he will.  I don’t believe it was jealousy as she has never been a jealous person, nor has she ever displayed it.

It will be interesting to see how this will unfold.  Nonetheless, using a person to initiate feeling or emotion to further the romance sub-plot is not grandeur.  The method has been used consistently, and nearly all attempts have failed.

Remember the Finn/Clarke/Raven triangle in season one? Yeah, let’s not have a repeat of that.  All three were wounded in the process.  If there is one thing I can’t fully tolerate, it’s a triangle. It may add that escalated drama and reaction, but the outcomes are nearly all dire.

Realistically, Clarke’s main priority is Madi and her vow of keeping her safe.  The camera focuses on them, not just to gain’s Clarke reaction to Echo, but maybe to indicate the bond that she and Madi share will be tested. It would not come as a surprise to me if this was one of the cases.

The 100 Shifting Sands

And that test will be Octavia as Madi admires her so.  God, I certainly hope Madi doesn’t follow in her footsteps.

Back to Bellamy and Clarke.  I wouldn’t mind if the two became a couple as they do have years of development and are comfortable with one another.  But if a strong, close and meaningful friendship is just patterned in the stars for them, then that is fine too.

Nothing wrong with being platonic soulmates.

We will see though.

 Road Trip

Spacekru Style

I love the start of Madi’s and Murphy’s blossoming friendship; Madi just may be his match in the snark department.  I am looking forward to more of the interaction, and whether Murphy will be a good influence on her.

It looks like Memori may be on the rebound, and my heart sings at the possibility!  Even though that Emori is still very much aggrieved by their breakup, she still watches out for Murphy, and even accompanies him when he had to stay behind due to the shock collar’s location restriction.   I bet that the two will have a heavy discussion, sort out their feelings, and hopefully mend the beautiful relationship that they once had.  These two are destined for one another and I think Emori should give Murphy a second chance.

The 100 Shifting Sands

Why hasn’t Monty and Harper run up to Clarke to reunite and hug her?  I was expecting a bigger turnout when they saw her again.

Echo running into Bellamy’s arms was just about the sweetest thing (don’t hate me on this) ever. I see a woman who is in love, and happy.  It is a genuine sign that Echo has changed and wants to do better.  She probably never had this type of emotion in her life, and it is lifting and freeing.  Why should we deny anyone of love if it brings out the best in them and they help the needs of the other?  Though Bellamy and Echo are a ‘hidden’ development, I have a theory of how they may have come together.

I believed that Bellamy and Echo had a lengthy shared discussion of the things that they felt that they had to do to save their people.  The heavy guilt, the aftermath, and the how they had to learn to get along and renew themselves up in space.  It was an arduous process, no doubt, but eventually, a friendship formed and that transpired into romance.   They learned to be open and trusting, and discover each other as a person.

And if Bellamy is exultant and happy, and wants to be with Echo, then who are we to judge?


Diyoza’s Depth

And Her Merry Crew

The more plunged into Charmaine Diyoza, the more and more that I like her.  I think that she may be the perfect villain yet on The 100 as she is rational, but still sinister, has a full history to piece apart, and she is calm.

And you know what they say: “It’s always the calm ones to look out for.”

We learned of Diyoza’s fanciful and lucrative military SEAL background, and how the most wanted criminal in the world had her share of personal issues. During her (and rather seductive) discussion with Kane (and having shots), Diyoza reveals that she nearly decapitated herself to escape felony charges.  Her own father was executed by her own SEAL team and that impacted her greatly.

The 100 Shifting Sands

Talk about the ultimate betrayal.  But, then again, you can’t fuck with the United States government.

Another valuable asset about Diyoza is that she actually listens and protects her people.  She may be the ‘bad guy’ but her motives are not quick impulses, and she has the structure to keep things focused and grounded.

Did anyone else grab the season one episode 12 “We Are Grounders Part One” parallel at the beginning of Shifting Sands?  Diyoza gave a speech to her team about the incoming army, very much like Bellamy’s.  It was eerie and maybe of what is to come with the collapse of Wonkru or Eligius?


For Raven and Zeke (Miles Ezekial Shaw) finally meeting eye-to-eye, it was not the occasion follow Zavenators were hoping for.  However, though, Zeke has compassion for both Raven and Murphy and gave protection when McCreary was being sadistic and torturous.

Is Zeke a ‘back-stabbing, double-crosser”?  If he was, he probably would have had McCreary killed the two of them.   Additionally, Zeke listens to Raven’s plan of the missiles, and how operating together just might boom a romance.

The girl is entitled to happiness, am I right?

The 100 Shifting Sands

It seems like cannibalism does exist on The 100 as we were officially introduced to Vinson (Mike Dupod)  a “generally pleasant” person” with sometimes uncontrollable primal urges.  Diyoza wants Abby to treat with whatever lung disease that he and most of the miners have acclimated to.  It is not cancer, and it may not be pneumoconiosis, but some other deadly ailment.

But Abby wants something in return: her pills.  And Diyoza will do so if she can treat the patients properly.

Enabler much?  Especially when Abby is fighting to get sober?

The most on point scene was when McCreary asked Abby if she could save him and asked if she should.  Is McCreary worth saving?  I am divided by this.  One half of me says that he is a person, and we should not have the power of dealing with someone’s life in our hands.  The other half says that the world would be better off without McCreary because he is a serial killer and maybe more.

Yet, that is why The 100 is so pivotal; it makes us envision and challenge the situations that are given.  There is no correct way, nor is there an incorrect way of setting things or making choices that are random.

We just must try to do what is right and take the responsibility for our actions.


Bonus Bullets:

  • “Who’s the hobbit?” Classic Murphy. Of course, there is going to be a J.R.R Tolkien reference.
  • Mackson! Need more Mackson!
  • If Octavia is the cult leader, then Kyra Cooper is worse.
  • Kane is really trying to help Abby battle her addictions, but it seems like he cannot.
  • Vinson may be one of the most dangerous Eligius prisoners. If he has a taste for human flesh…
  • Someone should kick Octavia’s ass.
  • How come no one got sunburned crossing the desert?
  • Where is Niylah?
  • Abby was not pleased when Diyoza confiscated Clarke’s and Madi’s house. I wasn’t-and still not happy about it.
  • Along with sandstorms, aggravated buggery, and obstinacy, foreshadowing will also be in the forecast.
  • “All of me for all of you” is sentimental and beautiful, if creepy.
  • Clarke and Madi are everything.
  • This is only the tip of the iceberg for Blodreina.  We haven’t seen her full force yet.
  • McCreary stripping in front of Abby for his checkup like it was no biggie.
  • Also, Diyoza and McCreary were an item on the mothership.  Well, that solves the mystery of why McCreary follows her around like a puppy.
  • Clarke should keep Madi far away from Octavia as possible.
  • Thanks to Blodreina’s foolishness and hard-headedness, Indra now has glass in her lungs.
  • Mature Bellamy.  Enough said.

What did you think of Shifting Sands?  Were you blown away?  Or was it too ‘shifty’ for you?

The 100 Shifting Sands

ICYMI: The 100 will be a repeat of Eden May 28tth.  The new episode, Exit Wounds will air June 5th.

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