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Bobby Morley & Beyond Blue Campaign For Mental Health

by Evelyn Ulrich

We all know that mental health is incredibly important and is something worth fighting for.  It is also something that is a large part of my life personally as I cope with Major Depression, an eating disorder, self injury (I haven’t acted out on that in a decade, but still live with the impulses) and also fighting with it every day of my life.  So, with that out of the way, allow me to get to the point of this update. Okay, Bob Morley (who plays Bellamy Blake on The 100), tweeted this evening about how he designed a t-shirt to raise awareness for mental health and the nonprofit organisation, Beyond Blue that offers support and help for people living with depression in Australia.  Morley is Australian, in case you did not know, so it makes absolute sense to be representing his home country.  It seems to me that the Australian people are more genuine and considerate about mental health, then here in the States.  I should not dis my country, but it is mostly true. People don’t want to acknowledge it, and by the time that they do, it’s often too late.  Here is something that you should know: IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE!  Getting help whether it is by the affected, or their loves for the affected will decrease the chances of despair.   With that being said, here are the details of the campaign Bobby is holding is right here at this link: Bob’s Shirt and using the hashtag, #Bobsshirt on social media will aide in the cause.  I know that lots of people from all different backgrounds, colours, regions, prosperity, family affairs all have some degree of mental illness.  This is nothing to be ashamed of, and addressing it is one step up to getting treatment.  For those who cannot/not able to purchase a shirt, just spreading the word helps just much!  Together, we can all fight for mental health, and spread hope for those who are affected.  I am leaving you off here, but before I go, here is the video of Bob Morley sharing and telling us about his Beyond Blue Campaign on Twitter earlier this evening.

Aww, isn’t he the most sweetest thing?  Sorry!  I lost myself there in a ‘fangirl’ moment, but it is for a fantastic cause. I will embed the link in a sidebar on the site so that people can get quick access.  Again, if you are not able to buy a shirt, just spreading the word helps as well.  To try to make up for the ‘States’ jab, I will post a few helpful links that is right here in my country.

Beyond Blue The non profit organisation located in Victoria, Australia that offers help and support for the Australian people who have mental illnesses.  It is also the organisation that Bob is raising awareness for.

 S.A.F.E Alternatives Also known as ‘Self abuse finally ends.’ This is for individuals who want to get help and treatment for their self harm.  It is a thirty day in-patient and out-patient program that provides group therapy sessions, one on one support, and tools to help your illness.  I actually went in for the program a decade ago and it really turned my life around.  I still have the impulses (always will) but at least I have a much better option than to act upon myself.  It does cater to people outside of the United States, so do not fret if you think you cannot get help because you can.

∞ Suicide Prevention Lifeline The US National 24/7 hotline for suicide prevention, and to help prevent a tragedy.  A qualified counsellor will talk to the one in crisis, and bring them hope for life again.

 N.E.D.A National Eating Disorders Association is a non-profit organisation in the States that help people who are struggling with eating disorders.  It offers treatment facility options, 24/7 support, activities, and programs.  I find it to be very helpful for myself, and it provides hope.  Embrace your body, not hate it!  As a woman with society projecting a ‘certain‘ image of how we should look, it can be difficult, why not focus on how we should empower?

∞ National Alliance On Mental Illness or ‘N.A.M.I‘ provides information regarding on many mental health issues, support, and raising awareness.  This is also non-profit and was used for the May theme for The 100 Charity Project.  #MayWeMeetAgain

Hopefully, you all find this post and its information helpful and it may just save your life or your loved one’s.  You are NOT alone!

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