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The 100 Damocles Part One Official Trailer And Promo Photos

The 100 Damocles Part One

The 100 Damocles Part One is the beginning of the season 5 finale.  Airing this Tuesday (July 31st), Damocles Part One will scope out the birth of the Shallow Valley war between the five factions of people: Wonkru, Clarke and Madi, Eligius, Spacekru, and Kane, Abby, and Diyoza.  It’s unfortunate that war seems to be the solution to inhabitant the last stretch of green on earth.  Despite this, I am curious how everyone will work and coordinate together.  But, a nipping feeling on the back of my neck tells me that the odds are going to be less favorable.  You can fill in the blanks there.  To get revved up, here is the official trailer for Damocles Part One, followed by the promo photos.

 The 100 Damocles Part One Official Trailer


Promotional Photos

There are only two, but hopefully, more will come.

Access the full album




Check back tomorrow for the sneak peeks and Inside the Episode!

The 100 Damocles Part One will air this Tuesday at 8/7 CT on the CW.

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