Merry Christmas!

I hope that you all had an awesome, lovely, and SAFE Christmas!  I am grateful for the gifts that I received, and they are mostly of you guys!  So, thank you!  For your gifts this year, I made two exclusive albums under The 100 category in the gallery.  One is entitled, is The 100 Fandom where you can submit your selfie with the cast.  They can be from anywhere.  The other is Fan Art, where you can also submit your The 100 themed artwork of any kind or theme.  My only rule on that is not to have very sexually obscene.  Otherwise, it’s your reign.  You can send your photos & art through a DM on the official Twitter or email at!


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Today (12,20) is Bobby Morley’s 31st birthday!  Make sure that you wish this very special and talented man a very special birthday on Twitter!  He

truly deserves it!  Plus, a few of The 100 fans sent in pieces for his birthday, and I have collaborated them into a poster!







It is pretty basic, but I think it truly gets the message out.


New The 100 Season Three Poster Revealed!

This week was definitely filled with surprises, and it is not over yet!  Today, the official The 100 season three poster was released!  It has a very simple layout, but it is straight to the point.  The burning city in the Clarke is gazing at looks a little bit like Chicago.  Could be New York, could be Los Angeles, or any city in the world.  It is absolutely amazing and very cool!

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