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The 100 Season Two Drops On Halloween 2015 On Netflix

by Evelyn Ulrich

Don’t know what to do on Halloween?  Are you too old for trick-or-treating?  Or not the partying type?  (Not a bad thing)  Well, you can live true terror and heart palpitations when you curl up on the couch with that big bowl of candy meant for the trick-or-treaters and watch The 100 Season Two on Netflix.

For months, The 100 fandom has been curious and waiting in anticipation for when the gripping second will stream on the popular streaming media service, Netflix.  The first season was up within a few weeks after the season finale, but for the second, this was not the case.  On October 21st, Jason Rothenberg, the executive producer and creator of the CW sci-fi drama, which stars Eliza Taylor and Bobby Morley, tweeted the good news.  On Halloween 2015, the show will be available to stream.

So, cosplay your favourite character,  grab a blanket, and spend the spookiest night of the year with The 100.  What is more perfect than that?

One of the reasons why I love Halloween is the unexpected.  Boo! ????

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