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2015 Super Megafest Con Update

by Evelyn Ulrich

In case that you did not know already, Bobby Morley will be attending the 2015 Super Megafest Convention that is held biannually (there is a spring convention) in Framingham, Massachusetts which is about thirty miles west of Boston.  Bobby will be there Saturday, November 21st, and Sunday, November 22nd.  As soon as I received info about his panel/photo schedule, I will post them, and here they are.  Keep in mind that these times could be subjected to change.

Saturday, November 21st

1:00-1:45 PM EST Bobby’s Q&A Session

11:00 AM EST Photo Session  (Be sure to arrive fifteen minutes before the scheduled time.)

Sunday, November 22nd

11:00 AM EST Photo Session (Be sure to arrive fifteen minutes before the scheduled time.)


If there are any more panels, I will add them as soon as they are or if they become available.  If you go and want to share photos and encounters with fans, you can always send them to Grounders Source either through email or Tweet.  They will be treated with the utmost respect.



Ricky Whittle will be joining Bobby at Super Megafest November 21st and 22nd!  As soon as I get his schedules, I will post them!  AWESOME!




I will also be adding a new category on the site in the next few days!  So, keep your eyes peeled!


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