Just a quick update that I have uploaded several photos this week (never ending) in the gallery!  I made the decision to add social media pictures to add for those who do not have access to them *ahem* my mother for example. 😛 I did ask if it was alright to use them, of course, and they allowed it with open arms.  Any promotion and support is beyond appreciative! Here are the updates thus far:

  • Photoshoots: Bob Morley for Amanda Rebholz
  • Events: Shawn Mendes receiving surfboard for ‘Choice Web Star: Music‘ from the Teen Choice Awards 2015
  • Social Media: Facebook photos.  Twitter and Instagram will be up shortly, although some will be limited, meaning, if I feel like they’re too ‘personal’ then they are a ‘no go.


As for me adding the ‘Fan Frenzy’ section of the site, this is totally up to the fans.  Fans can contribute their fan encounters, photos, artwork, articles, or fictions in the forum.  Photos will be automatically added to the gallery.  All they have to do is drop me an email, and I will place it on the site, with credits.


I have been crazy busy with work this week and been staying up to early morning hours completely the daily updates.  I know that I keep promising you all The 100 Top 10 post, the activity that we all done last weekend on Twitter, and that will be next! I want to mould it into a ‘GIF Image’ post to make it truly stand out.

Next week, I have some relief, so I will be doing the site more.  Until my next journey…(tomorrow).

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