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The 100 Welcomes Aussie Actress Rhiannon Fish

by Evelyn Ulrich

On Wednesday, November 4th, Canadian-born Australian actress and former Home & Away star, Rhiannon Fish will have a reappearing role on the upcoming third season of the post apocalyptic drama, The 100.   The 24 year-old will play Warrior Grounder Ontari, who will be ‘fiercely and dangerously‘ devoted to her people.   I have several viewpoints on this new character, but in risk of spoilers, here are two.


  1. Ontari may or may not impact Clarke’s journey.  If she does, then it is more likely that she will not be all ‘roses and tea.’
  2. She may turn against her own people to help out The 100 in some form or another.


Anyways, welcome to The 100 family, Rhiannon!

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