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The Ice Nation Reveals Its Queen

by Evelyn Ulrich

It looks like that the Ice Nation, one of the twelve Grounder Clans will embrace their Queen in the upcoming season three of The 100.  The Ice Nation has been thrown around productively throughout season two, and this particular group seems to be the more ‘malicious.’  As if the Grounders cannot achieve that even more.

Meet Nia, Queen of the Ice Nation. She may look like your average, pretty faced super model, but Brenda+Strong+Desperate+Housewives+DVD+launch+630IST_HgsmxNia will rule with hardcore ‘ruthlessness’ and will put others’ lives on the line to maintain her reign.  Will she cross paths with another fearless, leader, say Lexa? I cannot say, but if you seen the Grounders in action, than you could probably fathom what could happen.  Jus dain, jus daun!

Nia will be portrayed by ABC’s ‘Desperate Housewives’ alum, and revived ‘Dalla’s’ star, Brenda Strong.



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