Con-Geda Adds Another Guest To Lineup, Along With Workshop

Con-Geda is going to be a The 100 convention that fans certainly don’t want to miss out on.  Yesterday, End of the World Events announced their final regular guest to the star line-up, and most recently, they’ve set up a workshop with two of the show’s producers so that participants can get a “hands-on” experience about the screenwriting process.  Along with dining with the guests, panels, and more fun activities that will complete the weekend.

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The 100 Season 5 Trailer

New Stills From The 100 Season 5 Trailer

The 100 season 5 trailer may only be days away, but a few more images have been “leaked” by Jason Rothenberg this past Saturday.  Though the wait is excruciatingly hard, the stills soften the anticipation and suspense (somewhat).  But until the trailer is officially released by Warner Brothers and the CW (the showrunner has no power over release), I can say that I am satisfied for now that we get these fun tastes.  Continue on to see the stills from the trailer.

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Media Partnership With Conageddon

Grounders Source is thrilled to announce that they’ve established a mutual media partnership with the first ever US The 100 convention, Conageddon!  This unique convention will be held during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, March 16th-18th in Boston, Massachusetts.  The venue will be on the harbor, at the Hilton Logan Boston Airport Hotel.   There will be parties, the whole VIP treatment, and so much more.

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The 100 Season 5

The 100 Season 5 Episode 5×11 Title Name

We have just learned the official title of the eleventh episode of The 100 season 5, the last one to be revealed.  Yet, there is a fluke with one of the episode titles-meaning that one of them has been leaked incorrectly.  But, which one it is, can you take a  guess?  Continuing on, you can find out the title of 05×11 below.

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The 100 Season 5

New Sequences From The 100 Season 5 Opening

With The 100 season 5 premiere still two and a half months away, it has been a dry spell with any new updates about it.  GRATEFULLY, (I do mean that in all bold caps) executive producer Jason Rothenberg has been tweeting full-heartedly behind-the-scenes photos, trailer caps, and reassuring patience for the hardcore The 100 fandom.  And today,  was such an example.

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Con-Geda 2018

Con-Geda 2018 Updates Announcement

It has been a while since Grounders Source shared any Con-Geda 2018 news, but now we have some very exciting updates.  Not only has End of the World Events booked another great guest, but they also have gotten two of The 100‘s writers!  Having the writers at Con-Geda is a special opportunity for the fanbase, as it will offer insight into the work that goes on behind-the-scenes.  Additionally, the wonderful planners at EOTW Events have put together a special cast event that fans won’t want to miss out on.  Continue reading to find out what the announcements are and to learn more details about the convention, taking place in June.

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