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Mike Dupod Cast As Villain For The 100 Season 5

by Evelyn Ulrich
Mike Dupod

When it comes to villains, The 100 has created some very multi-faceted and dimensional ones.  Who can forget Cage Wallace, who done some merciless deeds inside Mt. Weather? Or Charles Pike, the man who acted purely on vengeance?  Now, the people will have a new villain to be concerned about in the upcoming season five.  Canadian actor Mike Dupod will be joining the bad-guy line.

Mike Dupod has been cast as the ruthless and vicious serial killer, Vinson, who will be recurring.  He will be coming off the prisoner ship, Eligius-which landed right in front of Clarke in the season four finale.  Even the other prisoners (who are from our time after nearly 100 years of hypersleep) will be walking on broken glass when he is around.  The ironic thing about Vinson though is that he will have the appearance of a polished college professor.  Which will make him even more terrifying.  God help us.

Just how will Clarke, Bellamy, and the others think of this situation?  As if their lives are not already in danger and chaos.  And will Clarke go into very protective mother mode if Vinson dares to get in contact with Madi?  My answer is yes.  There is no greater heroin than a mother who has great devotion and love for her child.

Dupond will also be joining the other new cast additions for the fifth season, including Lola Flanery (Madi), Jordan Bolgar (Zeke), Ivana Milicevic (Charmaine), and William Miller (Robert McCreary).

What do you think of this new character Dupod will be portraying? Are you excited or scared?  Say your voice in the comments.

The 100 season 5 will premiere in spring 2018 on the CW.

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