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Without a doubt, The 100 has proved itself time and time again to be one of the most successful shows on television.  It pushes the brink of traditional narratives to deliver a  powerful and potent message.   It has several and meaningful messages-but it all strips down to one-survival. The 100 just does not only entertains its dedicated fanbase and its viewers but creates an electrifying brainstorm to synchronize with its plot.  That staple is what makes the drama unique, and sets it apart from others.  But with the 2018 new year now in force, the fifth season is set to premiere-but when?

Showrunner and creator Jason Rothenberg has been sharing screen captures from the season five trailer throughout his Twitter page.  This is only giving a tiny taste of what the new season will bring, and from the looks of the photos, it is apparent that there will be lots of reunions.  Just today, Rothenberg released one of Abby (Paige Turco) and Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) embracing one another in a tearful hug.

Jason Rothenberg on Twitter

Are you in it for the hugs? @hicusick @ItsPaigeTurco #The100

Kabby is a popular ‘ship’ in The 100 fandom, along with Bellarke and Memori,  the fans are eagerly (among myself) waiting for their return.  Yet, the CW has declared midseason premiere dates for its other shows- supernatural, Valor, Riverdale, and its new superhero series, Black Lightning, but not The 100 and IZombie. While it’s somewhat nice to sort of have a “hidden gem” on the network-it gives that surprise when people discover it for the first time, it’s bad on network politics as poor promotion and having legions of people wait.  Not having a solidified premiere date for a series is also poor for the press as they are the ones engaging and notifying the public firsthand about the show.  The fans and viewers follow through and are ready to see the new season.  Which begs the question, why is it taking so long to release it?

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I cannot say what the reasoning is behind the long wait-as if nine months was not sufficient enough- but there is no logic to it.  Additionally, the TCA press day for the CW will be January 7th.  If we do not get a date then, it will be most likely to be a topic of discussion for the panel-that is if The 100 will have its panel.  It’s a strong possibility though.

Meanwhile, until the trailer has its release, we can enjoy these photos from the trailer, behind the scenes,  and the season wrap-up.

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The 100 will return spring 2018 on the CW.

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