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The 100 Echoes Recap And Review

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Echoes

Here is my written recap and review of The 100 “Echoes.”  Personally, I loved every moment of it.  But what do you think?  Please bear in mind that all of my recaps and reviews will contain major spoilers, so read at your own risk.

The 100 “Echoes”  Recap and Review

The World will Be  An Echo If Not Saved

Episode 04×01

Aired February 1st,2017

Evelyn Ulrich


The long wait is finally over!  The season four premiere of The 100 has got me in a “feels” overload.  It was perfection in all definition of the word, and I want more!  But, alas, my Grounders, I shall fill you in with Echoes first.

First of all, after meeting and hanging out with The 100 cast at Unity Days, watching the show now deepens my love and appreciation even more.  It is really a fantastic feeling, and I am blessed.  Now, on with it.

I think what made Echoes remarkable is the synchronicity of the characters and just how every moment was precise.  From Bellamy’s inactions with Clarke, Echo, and Kane, to Murphy and Emori, to Abby and Clarke, Octavia slaying everything in sight, Roan making the first order as King, and so much more.

Echoes started at the precise point where season three ended, and Octavia saves Indra from being crucified. Clarke and Bellamy are walking through the courtyard of Polis, where death is everywhere.  Clarke is contemplating whether or not to tell the people that the world will end in six months.  Bellamy decided once they figure out a plan, then it will be revealed.  It is best not to panic the people, but soon everyone knows that Clarke was the one who took away the City of Light. And they are not happy.

After a quick reunion with Abby and Kane, and cries of help, they find newly appointed King Roan very close to death, and they offer to help him.  Yet, Echo takes Clarke and holds a sword to her throat, saying to step away from the King.  She is livid that Ontari is dead because of Skaikru.  Yet, Kane steps in to say that Clarke has saved both Grounder and Skaikru, but she ain’t having it.  Azgeda takes rules of Polis, after a Grounder ambassador gets her throat slashed by Echo when she says that clan ambassadors should rule the capital.

Jaha is stricken with guilt, so he makes the attempt to comfort a young Grounder woman sobbing and clutching her dead infant.  Turns out that she does not want anything to do with Jaha, and she makes it very clear.  Well, Murphy wants nothing to do with Jaha either and goes over to Emori.  He offers her to come back with him to Arkadia after she tells him that her kind is not welcome amongst other people.


Inside the Worship Chapel, Clarke bears the bad news of the radiation to Abby, Kane, Octavia, and Indra, and why the City of Light was created.   Naturally, everyone is in disbelief and to make matters worse, Azgeda wants to fight with everyone to gain power. The only way to survive rather than being slaughtered is to surrender.

One of the highlights in Echoes was Octavia being completely on “warrior” mode, and slaying, slaying, slaying!  In part of a plan by Kane, Jaha, and the rest of Skaikru, Jaha disguises Octavia as the dead Ontari in a covered sheet and carries her inside the tower where King Roan is, along with Echo and the Azgeda guards.  Jaha drops off Octavia by the other dead as ordered, and tells Echo of the plans of surrender.  She escorts him out, and as soon as there is clearance, Octavia slits the sheet and pops out. Using her kick-ass fighting techniques, she kills the two guardsmen and threw her spear at the Azgeda’s healer, also killing him.  This allows Clarke and Abby to enter in and work on Roan.

Echo leads Jaha out back to Kane and the others and only wanting to speak with Bellamy.  He obliges, and before he goes, he and Kane have a discussion about how to handle the situation.  At the same time, Murphy decided that it was best to leave with Emori due to the circumstances.  Back to Bellamy and Echo.  Bellamy tells her of the surrender and will teach her and the other clans how to use firearms.  She does not accept it, and if Skaikru does not drop their weapons, she will kill him.  Yikes! Is that a way to treat the man who saved your life, girl?  Anyways, Abby and Clarke are discovered and are to be killed, but Roan rises up at the nick at the of time.  He seems to be recovering rather quickly after Clarke and Abby have been working on him.  Instead of killing them, Echo has them locked up.

Echo tells Roan that in order for his people to accept him back, he has to decapitate Clarke and show the people her head.  Then, he will be a greater leader than his mother Nia, and Ontari.  Azgeda will have a ruler, even if it is not in the traditional terms.

In the lockup, Abby sees the sad look in her daughter’s eyes and knows that look.  Clarke confides to her that she loved Lexa and Abby knew this.  Also, everyone else in the cell hears it too, but I think it was respected.  I didn’t think that there was any kind of jealousy.  Echo comes back and takes Clarke with her, and Bellamy is screaming at her to come back.  Yet, she does not answer him.  Roan dismisses Echo once they reach him in the throne room and Clarke is left along with him.  She tells Roan about the radiation wave that will kill everything in its wrath.  Lexa called it Pramfaiya, and if Roan does not accept help from Skaikru, it will wipe them all out.  He does and makes his first official order that under Lexa’s coalition, Skaikru is the 13th Clan, and anyone who attacks them will be an attack on all people.

Echo gives Bellamy the medal and asks him if they could ever have trust between them again.  Bellamy doubts it, but Echo I think still does trust him. She even told him before that she was very loyal to her people, and was just following her Queen’s orders.   Don’t hate me, but I like their relationship, even if it does have some toxicity.  With the allies in place, Clarke tells Bellamy, “Now we survive.”

Whilst in Arkadia, Raven is scanning the computers to find truth in ALIE’s story, and to find a way to stop the radiation.  However, things look very bleak.  Jasper nearly commits suicide if it was not for Monty coming into his room to tell him to meet Raven in engineering.  After realizing that there is no way to stop the storm, Jasper takes off to watch the sunrise.

To wrap just how serious the radiation issue just is in the episode, in Egypt, a woman is sobbing over her dead loved one.  She climbs up the hill and looks out to the horizon.  The radiation rolls up and completely entombs her, melting her away.  In just short six months, this could happen to everyone else.

The premiere was a great way to start off season four, and the performances were immaculate.  There was a lot of logic in the episode as well, with how the nuclear plants were melting down and the choreography was well delivered.  I highly enjoyed it.

Now, if I can only breathe again afterward.  However, it is an exhilarating feeling.

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