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Rothenberg Spoils Possible Character Death in S3

by Evelyn Ulrich


The 100 01x06 His Sister's Keeper Courtesy of The CW Network

The 100 01×06 His Sister’s Keeper Courtesy of The CW           Network

Oh, who is still weeping over the mercy killing of Finn? *Raises hand* Jason Rothenberg, the mastermind of the fan-acclaimed series, The 100 has bombed us with yet another season three spoiler.  Now, truth be told here that I personally believe that any spoiler, good or dangerous, ruins the element of surprise.  With that being said, I try to dodge them as possible.  However, I just couldn’t avoid this one.  Rothenberg tweeted about how he wept over Bellamy Blake’s (portrayed by Bob Morley) emotional story frame in the up coming season three.  Hmm, could Bellamy grieving over a loss?  Or something else that might have shattered his heart, and leaves us fans hungry for more?  Oh, Jason! How you love to tease us with such graphic possibilities!  My heart cannot possibly take any more palpitations, as I am still recovering from the season two finale.  Well, I am 99.9% that it will not be Bellamy dying or his sister Octavia.  That is was what fans were panicking about over social media this weekend, but I am sure that isn’t the case.  Well, I certainly hope not!  So, let your hearts go down to normal levels, until the premiere.


Season three of The 100 will air January 2016 on The CW.

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