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The 100 Blood Giant Recap-Review

by Evelyn Ulrich
Blood Giant

In The 100 Blood Giant, the drama escalates in Sanctum and an unexpected travesty occurred.  Normally, my excitement for this show overflows, but it dissipated to an unrecognizable plateau.  It is a horrible feeling and when this happens, it will be a difficult climb.  Read the review for Blood Giant.

The 100 Blood Giant Recap-Review

Burn On Top Of Burn On Top Of Despair

Episode 713 Aired September 9th, 2020

Written by Ross Knight; Directed by Michael Cliett


Ninety-seven down, only three to go.  In Blood Giant, Clarke finds out that Sanctum is in a complete mess and Bill has taken over the once seemingly peaceful environment.

But everything is not as simple.  Tensions arise when the Red Sun toxins intersperse with the air and makes people go crazy in the midst of the Great Key Search.

The special effects in Blood Giant paved the way to a beautiful “eyescape” while keeping the intense storyline in focus.

Except for that ending.

Then came the heart-shattering and frozen-esque conclusion, by which I am still drowning in tears.  Then within a matter of two minutes, everything just became a crushing blow; it was not the show that I grew to love and obsess over seven years; it drew storms and now damning the legacy of a character that was unjustifiable.  A near fall from grace.

Blood Giant

And when I do not like something, I will be open about it.  I just hope that I am wrong on the near fall from grace prediction, though in my heart of hearts, I know that it is the incorrect answer.

Sigh.  It was a difficult and trying obstacle to write this review, whilst trying to keep it collected and calm.  There was not a moment where I felt defeated and psychologically drained.

It just felt like a huge kick in the arsch because of the wasted potential and seasoned development.

When you literally have a diamond of a show (I know, they are plentiful, relatively speaking) would you then turn it into coal dust?

Was it all really worth it?

Red Sun 2.0

Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, Bill, and The Disciples could not have picked a worse time to make the stopover in Sanctum.  Their main purpose is to retrieve the Key so they can start the Last War and save “All Mankind”.

Damn.  If only they did not.

Clarke and Cadogan are not on the same wavelength, that much is for certain.  She just wants to give what he wants and get back to her daughter and free her friends.  She does not buy any of the Disciples’ beliefs, nor attempts to understand it, but maybe if she should have heard even the smallest fraction of it, things would have gone better.  If only she listened to Bellamy, her best friend, it would have been avoided.  If only she was not so angry and hurt.

But it is too late to say that, even when we wish to go back and change events.

Blood Giant

As we go deeper into the darkness, Gabriel has a hallucination of his former love, Josie (Hello there Sara!) who guides him in a rather intellectual assignment of getting the code through the Key by using an age-old computer-looking device.  However, despite that this would have pleased Cadogan and made the trip short, Gabriel went with the righteous path and shot the key.

This obviously takes a few steps back, but I applaud Gabriel for his truth.  He knows that starting a war to save humanity is wrong and what thesis he mentalizes about “The Last War” reflects in the destruction.  Cadogan might have a word with him later about his choice.

It is not to be pulled from Josie’s remarkable appearance because last season she brought so much to the narrative and how well it weaved Clarke’s and Bellamy’s own personal journey.

Blood Giant

Besides Clarke and her group encountering problems, other factions were having their own.  Red sun bugs eating up Sheidheda’s army, Nikki finally encountering Raven for her sins, Sheidheda and Indra’s interaction while being tied up, and Murphy and Emori trying to keep everyone safe, despite the looming chaos, and blackout.

The Nikki and Raven storyline was probably one of the most interesting scenes.  Nikki going with the option of having Raven live with the moral consequences rather than go with her original plan of killing her threw a curveball.  I honestly believed that she was going to kill her, but the punishment of allowing her to live with what she had done is oftentimes more effective than death.  Raven poured her soul and guilt out, emphasizing WHY she killed him.  Nikki may have had a change of heart after finding out the story, so I am going with that on why she did not follow through with murder.


Anyone who has not taken the antitoxin will experience the wrath of the eclipse. One such person is Indra, who hallucinated her mother kneeling to Sheidheda.  It is a sentimental moment as she gets to see her mother again, but it is also heartbreaking because she is kneeling to the enemy and he was the reason for her death.

Blood Giant

At this point, Sheidheda has been mortally stabbed, but no one treats him.  Indra, of whom had to live through his terror as a child and now lives with it presently should have just killed him then and there.  Why she went with the same route as Nikki, I do not know.

Indra-though I love her, made a mistake.  Not only did Sheidheda killed an infinite number of people, has a compound hatred towards Trikru, and is not a nice guy.

You would think that Indra would at least do the action to protect her daughter, albeit that Gaia is not on Sanctum.  Leaving him to die on his own terms will only add to the issue.

And I wish that she would have killed Cadogan too.

But we cannot have nice things, now can we?

Bellamy’s Transcendence

Where does one begin a eulogy on one of the greatest and well-developed characters?  How can Bellamy Blake–who carried The 100 for nearly seven seasons, wind up with such a devoid ending?  And to have Clarke-the other half of one of the most composed and memorable pairings to do the deed?

Yes, Bellamy may have lost his way as he had done in seasons past, but rebounded and paved the way to become the epitome of the “good guy.”  The man with the quick-witted mind and warm heart.

Blood Giant

Everything that he has done through was for the survival of Octavia or that he allowed his grief to manifest his actions.  He was always the man who acted on poor thinking but shown remorse after the fact.

Then, he allowed forgiveness in his heart when he became the caring and loving boyfriend of Echo.  Though they had a frosty beginning and had the “my side/your side” spectacle, their relationship became something much more.  They learn to trust one another, be open and honest, fought for their survival together, and most importantly, woven a unique love that deepened with time.

Even when they made that journey to the ground in Eden, it was Bellamy that said nothing will change.  And nothing changed again with their second journey to Sanctum.

Echo was given a special gift from him and she spent nearly the entire season trying to get back to him because only he can fill the hole in her heart.  After witnessing his fake death, she went on a flight of grief, pretending to fall in with the Disciples so she can have blind vengeance.  Through her darkest time, Raven and Octavia comforted her, that she was not alone.

Blood Giant

Once she was reunited with the man that she loves, she has seen a completely different version of him.  It was not the man that she knew and although she was not there with him on his religious wake up, she knew that such brainwashing could destroy.  She was only trying to help him see that, only to have it thrown back at her.  It was the biggest betrayal and heartbreak to her and even though it was not confirmed it was a breakup, it caused a major tide in their relationship.

Echo hoped to be reunited with Bellamy once more because he meant so much to her, and you do not give up on the one you love.  But now, that will never be, and I am afraid that she will lose it.

Poor Echo.  She does not deserve this.

Octavia will never get the chance now to say her goodbyes or to hug him again.  Bellamy was her big brother-the person that she admired the most, despite their mishaps.  He tried to give her a good life, try to give memorable experiences, and always looked out for her.  His major disproval of her becoming the formidable Blodeina tore their resilient bond, even as going as far sentencing Bellamy to death.

It took a time stretch for the Blake siblings to have a resolution, but it was not the same.

He will never hear the letter that she wrote to him or hug him again.  I just hope that she finds her peace and remembers Bellamy for who he was-her brother.

And then there is Clarke.

The Bellamy/Clarke saga should have gone on forever as it was built upon love and supremacy.   All the scenes that they spent “together”, more paradisical than the last.  They held that magic for so long, and I will be damned for it to be evaporated just like that.  His death does not erase all the moments they spent together, the significant development, and its value.  It should not erase the fans’ memories and joys.

Blood Giant

It is painful to believe that Clarke-his best friend and partner in crime killed Bellamy in such a senseless and callous way and for what?  A sketchbook that she left behind, after stating that it was a dangerous piece that would threaten Madi?

Bellamy would never put Madi in harm’s way, even being under someone else’s manipulation because he knows that she is everything to Clarke.  He hoped that she would place her trust in him once more, that transcendence is the only way to find peace.

Instead, Bellamy died thinking that all hated him, alone, and heartbroken.

This was not the way it was supposed to happen; his death was to be one of heroism and alongside his family.  He was the one who was going to save them all.  To save his family.

I know that death is commonplace in The 100’s world, but Bellamy deserved so much more than what he was given.  In fact, nearly all the characters deserve better deaths.

Blood Giant

Like in life, we deserve a better something and that is why we are continuously fighting for it.  Bellamy fought for that too and it hurts.

Clarke may have done the worst possible act and while I admire her strength as a mother, there were other avenues for Bellamy’s demise, each one more logical and fitting.  It did not have to be fatal and poorly executed.

Speaking of which, holding Bellamy hostage on Earth would have made sense and a better storyline.  Just imagine the scenes from that alternative.  I am seeing all three women working their hardest to get Bellamy to get back on track and that Cadogan’s brainwashing has careened him off course.

It has to be done delicately and they need to hear his side too.  Part of the issue was that no one took the time to listen.  Have they, then maybe situations would have a more favorable outcome.

I was prepared to say good-bye to Bellamy with his death this season as it is the most realistic ideology, but this completely threw me off-guard and just upset.

Bellamy Blake may not have received an honorable exit, but he will always be the heart of the hero.


Bonus Bullets

  • So, the offline planet is Earth huh? Kudos to Raven for getting Bill to enter its code, but it was a no brainer.
  • The ring. The “Trust Bellamy” note.  The bigger “fascination” than Bellamy himself.  Where are the closures to these major plot points?
  • The only way that I can accept Bellamy’s passing is that
  • I liked Doucette and he should not have died so carelessly. I also think he had a thing for Bellamy.  Would have loved to see that.  Again, we have been erased from nice things!
  • Shooting through the heart is the most interpersonal way to die by the hands of one who is close to you. You can just hear the break when it happened.
  • Bellamy may be the major player now for the series conclusion. Please tell me that I am correct.
  • Nikki acting all gangster again, only to be knocked out by a child.
  • Picasso was the only reason why I smiled. When she barked, my two little dogs barked, which wound up with them having one of their famous barking contests.
  • There is something eerie about Clarke being involved with all three of her loves’ deaths.
  • Echo and Octavia, you have my permission to go full throttle on Clarke right now.
  • I hope Madi yells at her mother.
  • Bellamy, please give the biggest hugs to everyone on the Other Side.
  • Emori was the sweetest one of all and we do not deserve her.
  • I did not get to watch the last two minutes live due to my Wi-Fi glitching. I may have suffered a massive heart attack or anxiety attack if I did.  Still had the latter.
  • What is the point of going back to earth when the most important and deserving person will not be there?
  • I just want to say adoption is completely valid and authentic. As long as you provide the child with the utmost care, love, support, and understanding and only want the very best for them, then you are amazing parents.
  • Please do not allow your anger to create toxicity online or elsewhere. Critiquing is perfectly fine and natural.  Spreading unkindness when it is most needed is the worst thing you can do.

Next time on The 100, A Sort of Homecoming.  Going back to Earth will be a sentimental voyage.

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