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The 100 A Sort Of Homecoming Preview

by Evelyn Ulrich
A Sort Of Homecoming

It will be a difficult adjustment to move on from last week’s tailspin-us and the characters.  Now, that has been said, A Sort Of Homecoming will deal with the loss and saying hello again to another found character.  See some sneak peeks from tonight’s all-new episode, directed by Jessica Harmon.

Clarke and a few others from Sanctum will meet up with the ones who were transported to Earth.  After Bellamy’s death, (😔) however, their reunion will be more of the less bittersweet and odious.  Yet, there are new dangers looming about and no one is deemed safe-even on the safest said planet.

A Sort Of Homecoming Sneak Peek One

Gaia has made her return after being MIA for a good chunk of the season.  We will learn about her expedition as well seeing some grief from Clarke.

Sneak Peek Two

Sheidheda and Cadogan look over the disposed sketchbook-the one that Bellamy lost his life to.  Sheidheda also makes a negotiation, but Cadogan could use him in his war.

Sneak Peek Three

Raven has found an exit off of Earth, but Clarke has other plans.

The Inside the Episode video has been included in our A Sort of Homecoming promotional post.  It also has the photos and trailer, so be sure to check it out.

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