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The 100 The Last War Promotions

by Evelyn Ulrich
The Last War

Here we are Fankru: Awaiting the series finale of The 100.  Entitled The Last War, it will be the ultimate race for humanity.  It is a morose feeling as we have been attached to the series for seven years.  Becoming partially detached will not be without its difficulty, but surely changed the life course-no matter how you interpret it.

With that,  check out the promo material for The Last War, airing this Wednesday.

The 100 The Last War Promo Trailer

“We’re selfish and we’re violent, but we survived.”  Raven Reyes states factually.  And she has a point.  Sometimes, we must take questionable choices to save those we love, even though those choices are painful and deflective of our own character.  Even though we can lose someone that we love.

Clarke may have to be faced with losing her daughter after she suffered a massive stroke following an M-cap session.  The event left her immobilized, but not eliminated her sight and hearing senses, as well as emotion.

But The Last War will be pillage as people embark against one another-just as they always had done.  The only difference is that the outcome may have a happy ending.

Extended Promo

This is the last chance for Clarke to shine through and learn from all that she had done.  Will she be the one to take the final test or will she fail?  She can go either way.

We also got to see flashbacks or what I believe that they are, of the ARK.  If the continuous loop/dreamlike/simulation theories are true, then none of the storylines, character arcs, and events occurred.   That it was just a mind painting of what could.

Also, when did Sheidheda become a good guy?

And in case that you didn’t know, the finale will have an extra minute, so set your DVR’s accordingly.

Promo Photos

I love Echo’s new look and Octavia is reeling back to her season four persona.  These are also that last promotional photos that we will ever get for The 100.

You can always check out the high resolution version of these photos in the gallery!

Access To Gallery

What are your thoughts on The 100 ending?  Who do you think will survive or pass on?  Will characters transcend and finally have their peace?

The 100 Series Finale Wil Aire Wednesday

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