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The 100 The Garden Recap-Review

by Evelyn Ulrich
The Garden

We enter The Garden with a fresh new beginning for Octavia, along with the Three finding out on what’s on the Other Side.  The recap-review is up for your enjoyment and to catch up on what happened in this exciting episode!

The 100 The Garden Recap-Review

Eden It Is Not

Episode 702

Written by Jeff Vlaming; Directed by Dean White

Aired May 27th, 2020


Time is the capsule that captures life’s energy and parallels us with the moment.  Certain moments are meant to be captured and collected because they are meaningful to us in some significance.

It is insulting to our memory preservation and our existence as creatures if our memories were insignificant.

The Garden takes us on a whimsical path to far and time-dilating locations and well-preserved flashbacks.  We learned more about Hope, be reunited with a few fan faves, and see what is on the “Other Side”.

Let us dig into The Garden.


Hello Aunty O!

The Garden planted way for the introduction of infant Hope and her life before now.  One of the sweeter storylines that The 100 has unfolded was the relationship between Octavia and young Hope.  Just like six-year Bellamy, Octavia delivered Hope into the weird, yet beautiful world and formed an immediate bond.  From that point forward, Octavia was known to Hope as “Aunty O”, a role and life change that she honored and naturally aligned with.

The Garden

Diyoza, Hope, and Octavia have a seemingly happy family life on Planet Sky Ring-a throwback to Octavia’s first home on the ARK.  There is gardening, classroom teachings, sharing stories, and finally having no threats to destroy the amicable setting.

If only the latter was true.

As much as Octavia loves and adores Hope, (and gave her a reason to smile) she has a targeted goal in mind: to find Bellamy.  It has been years-according to Sky Ring’s time dilation-that she had last seen her big brother, and just like the rest of us, is greatly feeling his loss.

Believing that the Sanctum transit is at the bottom of the lake, Octavia struggles to swim to reach it.  After a sensible talk with Diyoza as she had experience as a former Colonial SEAL, the swimming was placed aside, but her tenacity is very much present.  After all, without that sharp-edged tenacity, there is no Octavia Blake.

The Garden

Octavia wants to attempt swimming again-this time in a Disciple suit and helmet that was unearthed (and on a corpse) during a gardening session with Hope.  Diyoza puts a stop to that though because she does not want her family circle to break.  In all due respect, Sky Ring is the perfect place to raise a family as you have fresh produce, jellyfish, plentiful water, and nature.  I can very easily see why Diyoza wants Octavia to stay with her and Hope.

However, Octavia is her own person, capable of making her own choices; Diyoza knows that, but Octavia also feels incomplete without her brother.

Which I can side with personally.

She wants him to know that she understands why he had to do what he had to do to protect her while she grew.  For one reason, Bellamy was given a responsibility and that ideology transferred onto Octavia in Hope’s upbringing.  Secondly, while the floor did not work accordingly with Bellamy, it certainly worked for Octavia as she saved Hope from the Disciples.

The Garden

Those strange Anomaly guys in the suits and odd hexagonal headgear.

Octavia penned an emotive 1etter to Bellamy, highlighting her love and her mission to be reunited, albeit having settled into an otherwise happy world.  It is another attempt to communicate with him, and even though that he may or may not get it, Octavia is allowing her side to flow through, instead of being bottled up.

Bellamy will never receive her tossed in the lake message-in-a-bottle because the action made the Disciples arrive-which they kidnap Diyoza and Octavia.

This leaves Hope all alone and no one to turn to.


The Power of Three

The last time that we saw Echo, Gabriel, and Hope was stepping into the Anomaly.  And now that they have, what is in store for them?  The three have different ideas when they arrive at Hope’s childhood home.  Echo is desperate and impatient to be with Bellamy again, Gabriel is all kinds of excited about cracking the Anomaly’s code, and Hope wants to be with her mother, while spending time at home.

As for Gabriel, whose falling into a comfortable pace for the show gets one step closer towards the Anomaly’s mystery.  Through a forest trip, they discover that Orlando (that hairy guy living in Hope’s home) has been keeping “friends” as company.  One of these “friends” happen to be called “Dev” and he hailed from the Eligius mission some time ago.

It is appalling and grotesque, but Gabriel (who seems to be fascinated by everything) extracts a mind drive from Dev and finds a new wave of information once it is injected into a tablet.

Familiar face ALIE appears on the screen, doing mind drive surgery on Dev. And they happen to be on Bardo-the planet which everyone wants to get to.

So, we have Earth, Bardo, Alpha, Beta when it comes to being everywhere.  And there will be more places to land on!

The code is nearly cracked, and they can cross the bridge to Bardo.  Until Orlando gets freaked out and smashes the tablet.   What a dagger to their plans.

Either Orlando is happy with his Neanderthal, sentenced lifestyle or he has other plans that include them.

And no matter how you mentally project the thought; it is not pretty.

Gabriel, this is the reason why to physically write things down in case of system and tech failure.  You never know when you will have one.

Shifting the focus onto Echo, she is being very focal and stoic about not wanting to spend five years on Sky Ring as it depletes finding Bellamy and bringing him back.

What is it about Bellamy that makes otherwise, sensible women want to die for him?  The answer is clear as day and accurate:  Bellamy has (and will continue once he is back) placed his life under while saving the women in his life and they are just reflecting the same light.

Perhaps Echo wants to prove to Hallucination Roan that Bellamy is not her leader and he is the love of her life.  Bellamy saved her from Mt. Weather, saved her from possible harm from the Arcadian guards in season three (Ye Who Enter Here), and from suicide in the season four finale.  He also defended her honor while sword fighting Octavia.

All-in-all, Bellamy saved her, shown her a better life than Azgeda, and opened her heart to love and family.  Things that she never thought she will have, but now that they are, she is not going to let them go.

So, it is explicable why Echo wants to be back with Bellamy.   I want him to be back too!

Call it an instinct of mine, but this girl will do whatever it will take to get him back.

Bonus Bullets

  • The Garden was Marie’s second solo episode. Her first was The Red Queen in season five.
  • For a character who is currently not present, he makes sure that he is unforgettable.
  • The scenery and landscape were breathtaking and saturated with color.
  • That Hope doll was just about the creepiest thing my eyes laid upon.
  • There is so much confusion and trying to comprehend the Anomaly Stone and its coding. Thus, I am not even going try to attempt explaining it.
  • If the helmets were not worn, will the memories disappear without them?
  • Not going to lie, but I missed Eliza’s face.
  • Gabriel’s childlike curiosity mixed with superior intelligence is a refreshment.
  • It was a tense startup for both Echo and Hope, but soon enough, the two women bonded.
  • Hope may feel a bit of jealousy towards Bellamy as he was/is the primary Octavia wanted to leave, and she felt less special as she could not match up to him. Hope, you must not worry about that as Aunty O loves you unconditionally.
  • Octavia went from Girl Under the Floor to Warrior to Skairipa to Wonkru Commander to Blodreina to being Octavia to being Aunty O. She had quite the changes.

What did you like or dislike about The Garden?  How do you feel about Octavia becoming an aunty?  Did you agree or not agree with Echo’s passiveness?


Next time on The 100, we revisit Sanctum in False Gods!

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