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The 100 A Sort Of Homecoming Promos

by Evelyn Ulrich
A Sort of Homecoming

I am not over the traumatic ending of the last episode, but there are three left and I feel like it would not be fair to dismiss them.  Clarke and the others will now be coping with a hard death and how they come to terms with their pain will be a turning point.  See the promotional material for A Sort Of Homecoming.

The 100 A Sort of Homecoming Promo

Echo and Octavia will have the most difficult time adjusting to their loss, but that is not the only problem that will be present on earth.  Sheidheda has made his way through the Stone, obviously continuing his evil trail.

Promo Stills

It is not going to be a fun party.  Gabriel playing piano and Hope and Jordan embracing are some soft touches.  Maybe it is to relieve the pain of Bellamy or something more poignant.  Either way, it is sweet and worth noting.

As always, you can access the high-resolution versions in the gallery.

High-res Stills

The 100 A Sort of Homecoming will air Wednesday

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