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The 100 Acceptable Losses Official Trailer And Photos

The 100 Acceptable Losses

The 100 Acceptable Losses may be a bit away and that sucks.  Really sucks. Luckily though, the promotional photos were released early so we can get a bite of what is to come.  Additionally, the quick-paced trailer features a very distraught Abby and a blood-thirsty Octavia.  And you thought the Blodreina couldn’t get any worse.  Continue below to see the photos and trailer for The 100 Acceptable Losses.

The 100 Acceptable Losses Official Trailer


The 100 Acceptable Losses Promotional Photos

Access the Full Album


Access the Full Album

Hopefully, there will be more photos after the airing, but for now, these look incredible.  By the way, why are they putting the women through so much?

The 100 Acceptable Losses will air June 19th.

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