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The 100 Red Queen Top 5 OMGs

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Red Queen

The 100 Red Queen gave us plenty of bone-chilling and blood-curdling scenes to analyze and observe, along with some tears.  It was one of the best The 100 episodes by far (despite the violence), and it catapulted a new style of writing television.  Whilst there were some very iconic moments, only five made it to be an OMG.  Can you guess what they were?  Do not fret if you can’t, because they’ll be listed below!

The Top 5 OMGs From The 100 Red Queen


5.  Kara’s Klash (Misspelled intentionally)

New character Kara Cooper is pissed with the leaders of Skaikru and has had it.  She chains Abby and Kane in the garden, and leads a revolution against them.  Yet, her tactics do not resonate with Octavia and she sentences her to death, along with other offenders against Wonkru.  The sentence is not the traditional death sentence-it’s the ancient Roman gladiator games.  Which if you truly think about it, it is much more brutal and inhumane (yep, I went there) than lethal or floating. Lucky for Kara as she is the first champion and survives.  This affirms the fact that she will be present in future episodes.

Red Queen

4.  Abby+Kane=True Love

After not speaking for a month, Kane and Abby broke the silent treatment and Kane proclaimed his feelings for her once again.  However, they were said during their chain-up, but that did not make it any less authentic or special.  Kane’s proclamation of his love actually strengthened their relationship because I believe that he was letting out his vulnerabilities to Abby.   Like many of the couples on The 100, they started off on the wrong foot.  Yet, they worked out their differences and learned from one another.  The definition of true love.

Red Queen


3. I Sail The Ship Of Mackson

Ever since we got subtle interaction between the healer (Jackson) and the guard (Miller) last season, we selfishly desired more.  That wish was granted and Mackson is one the most pure and real pairings on the show.  The two men accept one another for their souls and would probably go to the ends of the earth for one another.  What is also sweet about this deal is that we get to see more of Jackson’s arc and being in a relationship will expand his growth.  Hopefully, the pair will not meet any bumps or banter because we want Mackson to go on  forever!

The 100 Red Queen


2.  “You Are Wonkru, or You Are the Enemy Of Wonkru…Choose”

Octavia’s new solution-or one of her new solutions to keep the peace is certainly a bloody one.  To be honest, I do not support it, but in Octavia’s eyes, it was the only way to stop the revolution.  Yet, to see her go from chasing glowing butterflies to killing people is a drastic change.  The questions that I have for her behavior are tough ones to answer.  How did she get like this, and is it a shape of her anger and grief?  I am dying to know if the latter is relevant to the case, because it’d make a lot of sense.  It is understandable to have set laws for survival, but I don’t think this is the way to go.  I do hope when Bellamy finally reunites with her, he’ll slap some sense and logic into his sister, or that she redeems herself before the season is over.

The 100 Red Queen1.   Jaha Out

It was no secret that actor Isaiah Washington was leaving the series in season five, so the writers planned his death accordingly.  Jaha was always for his people, despite controversies and opinion.  It was no surprise that Jaha was for his people at the very end, and to have Octavia there in his presence just added emphasis.  He had the solution to stop the revolution by rewiring the electrical doors, and releasing people back into the cafeteria.  As a price for his integrity and the wellbeing, he lost his life, but passed as a hero.  He will be finally reunited with his son Wells and can finally be free and in peace.  Also, just how sweet and loving was Jaha to orphan Ethan?  I am going to miss that!

The 100 Red Queen


There you have it!  The Top 5 OMG’s From Red Queen! What was your pick?  And, be sure to check back to see what was chosen for Sleeping Giants!

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