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Con-Geda 2018 Has Been Cancelled

by Evelyn Ulrich
Con-Geda 2018

It is with a heavy heart and morose that Con-Geda 2018, The 100 convention that was to take place in June has been cancelled.

The interest and support for the event has been overwhelming, positive, and gratifying, and we cannot thank the fans and attendees enough.  Yet, certain matters came into place and cannot be avoided.  It was an honor and love to cover and report news and updates for Con-Geda as well as going to be covering press at the convention.

To get a more straightforward answer of the reasoning, please go to the Con-Geda Twitter account.  I am in no legal position to answer any questions regarding it.

Thank you to those who fully expressed and shared their passion and support for the Con-Geda team and the event, including IDDS Management.

All updates made about Con-Geda 2018 will be still posted for historical purposes, but defunct.  I am sorry to say that.

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