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Lola Flanery To Be Cast In The 100 Season 5

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100

It seems like The 100 will have a  new cast member in the upcoming season 5.  However, though, it has only been speculated through social media and the fandom.   The news has not been officially confirmed, but the posts were done by the actress herself.


Lola Flanery (Shadowhunters, Mary Kills People), has been hinting through her social media profiles that she may be cast in the fifth season of the sci-fi drama.  Here is the tweet, and screencaps of Flanery’s Instagram story:

Lola Flanery on Twitter

Want me to tell you a story? 😏🤗👊🏼🌟💯❤️ #the100 #madi https://t.co/LVfAODttKE via @youtube


The 100The 100



Fans are speculating that she may play Madi, Clarke’s adopted Nightblooded daughter, but I am skeptical.  Imogen Tear has been confirmed to play the character in Eden, the first episode of season five.  However, the actress has been omitted from the episode according to IMDB.com.  Yet, the website is known to be edited by outsiders, and not the editors of the site.  That makes it hard to determine if the information is plausible or not.   Transitioning of performers during a current season airing is not plausible and not always the wisest choice as it may confuse viewers.   Unless, Flanery is playing Madi in flashbacks, as we will have them in the upcoming season.  Then, it’s very possible.  Or, another speculation is recasting of the character, but as I stated, that can cause confusion.

The 100

Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin, Imogen Tear as Madi. Screencap by E. Ulrich

Flanery may be playing the character of the Eligius ship leader, who happens to be fierce and female.  Showrunner Jason Rothenberg has confirmed this spoiler at Comic Con 2017.   Just how many episodes of the season five 13-episode block will she be in has not been confirmed.  However, the leader will be a very important and vast character to the season’s narrative.   However, upon further investigation and questioning, Flanery as the leader may not be palatable as she is very young, (Twelve years) and the leaders on The 100 are a bit older.

I believe now that she will be Madi in flashbacks when Clarke found her and became a mother.  Until the official confirmation, this is only an educated guess.

Update:  The 100 Writers on Twitter tonight has confirmed that Lola will indeed be portraying Madi.

The 100 Writers Room on Twitter

Hey Twitter, Meet Madi! (@LolaFlanery) https://t.co/IMBpAhbsWv

Via tvserieshub.tv

The 100, have you watched it all? What role will you play and what should we
expect from your character?

I have watched The 100, all of it in fact. After I found out I got the part I had a full binge session. I’ll be playing Madi , she and Clarke seem to be the last people on earth after Priamfaya. Clarke has become somewhat of a mother figure for Madi , so I think that means Madi will also be a badass ?

Can you tease some spoilers for the fans for next season?

No !!

 The 100 will return for its fifth season in February 2018.

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